(Minghui.org) I became a Falun Dafa practitioner many years ago. Along the way, I have often failed to be diligent in all aspects of cultivation practice. I would like to share a recent realization that has helped me in this regard and which was inspired by Fa study and daily practice.

The Analogy of Cultivation Practice to Driving

Teacher has always emphasized that both cultivating our character and practicing the exercises are equally indispensable. Although I understood the superficial meaning of this concept, I could not put it into practice. Until one day when driving a car, I suddenly grasped the relationship between the two. For example, perfecting character is like changing gears and doing the exercises is like stepping on the gas pedal. The car can only accelerate smoothly when the driver does both simultaneously.

While driving, if we only step on the gas pedal without shifting the gears, the car’s performance will be severely constrained. Likewise, practitioners cannot advance to the next level if they only focus on doing the exercise movements without improving their character and applying the teachings on a daily basis.

Reflections for Improvement

I compare what a car engine needs to run smoothly to someone cultivating themselves. It is a common issue for some practitioners to neglect following the Fa due to laziness or the tendency to avoid discomfort. This, in turn, may interrupt their gong (energy) potency and delay the transformation of their innate bodies. As a result, these practitioners cannot advance to a higher realm.

I experienced both states in my cultivation. Sometimes I studied the Fa more, but did the exercises less. Other times, I spent more time doing the movements, but did not pay attention to studying the Fa and improving my character.

From my recent thoughts on the analogy of driving a car, I gained a more profound comprehension of cultivation. I need to improve myself, have true faith, and strictly follow Teacher’s guidance.