(Minghui.org) Part 5: Traditional Chinese Culture (Part 5 of Filial Obedience): Colorful Clothing of Lao Laizi

Tanzi was known for his filial obedience from the time he was a child. His parents grew old and blind. When he learned that deer milk might cure blindness, Tanzi borrowed a piece of clothing made of deerskin. After dressing himself to look like a deer, he went deep into the mountains and hid in a group of deer to take their milk.

A hunter saw a deer not moving like the others and was about to shoot it with an arrow. Tanzi hurriedly stood up, removed the deerskin, and explained what he was doing. Touched by his story, the hunter gave Tanzi some of his deer milk.

Tanzi's parents regained their vision after they drank the deer milk.

Tanzi was later selected to be the king of the region. Despite its small size, this kingdom was well known in the area due to Tanzi's skills, accomplishments, and virtue. Its citizens were well educated, and its culture remained viable from generation to generation.

Tanzi was well respected by later emperors for his virtue, talents, dignity, and grace. After he died, people put up a statue in his image in a temple to remember him.

(To be continued)