(Minghui.org) A few days ago, I ran into a person who has lived abroad for more than 10 years. I tried to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa, also called Falun Gong, to him, but he was reluctant to listen to me, because he thought it involved politics.

I smiled and said: “This is not a political issue. Why does the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) persecute Falun Gong? In fact, communism is something foreign to China. If it does not destroy the Chinese tradition, it cannot become a part of Chinese society.

“Chinese traditional culture speaks of the reverence of gods, but the CCP promotes atheism. Traditional culture speaks of respecting heaven and earth, but the Party speaks of fighting with heaven and earth. Traditional culture talks about taking care of neighbors and seniors, but the Party wants the Party's evil spirit to destroy humanity and forces you to be separated from your loved ones. It is contrary to our Chinese traditions. Besides, the guiding principles of Falun Gong, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, are the essence of Chinese tradition. We represent genuine Chinese culture.”

Wake-up Call

He was shocked. Perhaps he never thought about it from this angle. Perhaps he did not expect a person who has been persecuted would speak up and tell him all this. We became friends after some time. He often sends me text messages and asks me to tell him more about Falun Gong.

In fact, it took me a long time before I could talk about Dafa like this. Growing up in China, I was brainwashed by the indoctrination perpetrated by the Party. Although I have felt disdain for politics since a young age, and have had contempt for the Party, I was still brainwashed with the notion that “criticizing the Communist Party is getting involved in politics.” Although I knew that the notion is not right, I could not tell why it was not until I read an interview by a Taiwanese scholar. His discussion helped me differentiate right from wrong.

In the interview, he talked about the tyranny of the CCP. The reporter interrupted him and said, “Are you saying that the Party is not good?” He looked at the reporter with dignity and said: “Yes, I just want to say that the Communist Party is not good. It is not good, so why can't I say that?”

This sentence was just like a wake-up call and disintegrated all my wrong notions. It is so true. One can say that garbage is dirty, and robbers are bad, because they are just like that. Then, why can't we say what the Party is like? Even an everyday person—the scholar—can calmly say this. What am I worried about?

Communist Theory Is Wrong

Later, at my job, I had to read a lot of documents about communist theory and the Party's history. Soon, I realized that this is a precious opportunity in my cultivation, which helped me tell right from wrong, and clarify the truth better.

From reading those documents, I saw the absurdity of the communist theory. For example, it claims to eliminate “private ownership.” But having money is not a sin. Being greedy for money is. What the Party incited was the greed for other people's property. The Party calls it “revolution.” Actually it was to condone the demonic side of human nature, so that people would unscrupulously rob and kill.

It is also wrong that Marx claimed that “working class” and “capitalists” are irreconcilable. The so-called “proletarian revolution” did not happen in the developed capitalist countries as he predicted, but instead occurred in Russia, a relatively undeveloped agricultural country.

I realized that this was so because communism was full of hatred. It ignored the goodness of human nature and refused to admit that conflicts between people can be resolved through negotiation and compromise. Instead, communists instill people with hate and deceive them by saying that their personal interests are at stake. To not lose out, they even kill.

I finally figured out that the so-called “good” in the CCP's terms is not good at all. It is hatred, greed, and wickedness. It is the darkest part of human nature, the demonic side. These understandings have become the good examples when I clarify the truth. I try to use simple language and examples to make it easy for people to understand and remember.

It Is Urgent to Let People Know the Party Evil

When I thought that I fully understood the evil nature of the Party, the new book The Ultimate Goal of Communism was published by the editors of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Every article was shocking. It turns out that communism is an evil spirit that has spread throughout the whole world. Being “socialism” or “capitalism” does not matter to that specter, as long as it can reach its ultimate goal - destroying humanity.

I further could distinguish the difference between good and bad, and understood how evil the communist spirit is. It has destroyed the divine culture to such a degree. Therefore, it is urgent and important to explain the truth about the Party to people now.

The conclusion of the new book “The Ultimate Goal of Communism, the chapter on China” says: “God wants to save people, and the communist evil spirit's intention is to destroy people. This moment of history is of the highest importance, because it is related to the survival of civilization and the destiny of mankind. At this moment, crisis and hope are in the same place. People who are in the maze are not able to see this at a glance.”

Therefore, we should no longer be confused by the indoctrination of the Party, and no longer be afraid of pointing it out. Let us cherish the time, and rationally clarify the truth to the world. That is the true compassion of cultivators, and that is truly saving people from the communist specter.