(Minghui.org) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner from Jiamusi who was fortunate enough to attend Master Li Hongzhi’s last lectures in China. It was then that I came to understand why, when I was very sick, that I heard Bodhisattva Guanyin tell me, “Forget about your name, call yourself Zhang Qiuyu from now on.”After this experience, I changed my name to Zhang Qiuyu. I didn’t know what it meant at the time. I just knew that whatever Bodhisattva Guanyin told me had to be good for me.

After attending Master’s lectures I understood that these were the teachings I had searched for all my life. I am a disciple of Master who had direct teachings from him! How lucky I was! Only by becoming more diligent can I pay back Master’s grace.

How My Cultivation Path Began

I am a 70 year old woman who had many ailments prior to obtaining the Fa. I had hemorrhoids, arthritis, severe skin rashes and Meniere’s Syndrome. Due to atrial fibrillation I often passed out. I was diagnosed with stomach cancer that did not respond to medication. The hospital refused to admit me for surgery because they were worried that I might die during the procedure.

I used to run a photography shop. Because I became too sick to manage it, I handed it over to my younger brother and stayed home to get well. I could only eat small amounts of millet porridge due to nausea and vomiting.

My husband died years ago and my son lived some distance away from me. I was so depressed that I wanted to kill myself. One day, I jumped from the 5th floor of my building, but did not die. I just scraped myself a bit. My brother hired someone to watch me for fear that I would try to kill myself again.

One day in March 1994, I wanted to go to the waterfront. So my brother asked a driver to take me there. I saw people practicing Falun Gong and the music sounded very nice. I could not speak, but gestured to the driver to take me there. So he carried me on his back to the site. The driver told the practitioners that I had stomach cancer and had been given only 20 days to live. The practitioner said, “Miracles may happen. Please start by watching or listening to Master Li’s lectures.”

My brother bought me the best cassette player/recorder made in Japan so that I could listen to Master’s lectures. Day and night, as long as I was awake, I listened to the lectures. Three days later, I felt hungry and wanted to have eggs and milk. My brother did not think I would be able to eat such food, so he gave me half a steamed bun soaked in porridge and mixed with brown sugar.

On the fourth day, I had some strength to get up and walk about, so I went to the waterfront to do the exercises. On the seventh day, I didn’t go to exercise and some people thought I had died. One practitioner came to see me and saw on my body a bump the size of a rice bowl, filled with yellow blisters. She said that I had a good foundation and that I was developing energy. She encouraged me to go do the exercises. On the following morning, I went to the practice site and in the evening, I went to the study group. Since I was illiterate, a practitioner gave me a ruler to guide me along in the book while others were reading.

Memories of a Lifetime at the Guangzhou Lectures

Two months later, I heard that Master was teaching in Guangzhou and it would be the last chance to attend a lecture. I wanted to go and asked a fellow practitioner to book a ticket for me. I was refused, as they said that very sick people were not allowed in the lectures and I had stomach cancer. All I could do was plead with Master while I was studying the Fa at home, “Master, please let me go to see you so I will have no regrets in life!” Looking back, I was really ashamed of myself. I had obtained the Fa, but I still had dying on my mind.

I also asked Master for help, “Master, please help me learn to read so that I can study the Fa.” I knelt down in front of Master's photo every day with Zhuan Falun in my hands. One day, I fell asleep and saw the characters in Zhuan Falun become golden tops that came flying into my mind. When I woke up, I could read all the characters, including the traditional styles. Thank you Master, for your gift!

December 21, 1994 was the date scheduled for the Guangzhou Lectures. On December 13, I had a dream in which a bearded old man said to me three times, “Don’t you miss the opportunity! Don’t you miss the opportunity! Don’t you miss the opportunity!” Then he left.

I didn’t know what the dream was about. In the evening, when I went to my study group Ms. Wang said, “Come with me to my home. My husband wants to see you.” I immediately understood and I thanked her with my hands pressed in front of me. I said, “This is about me going to the lectures!” Ms. Wang wondered how I knew. Then she told me that her husband had a dream in which a bearded man told him to give up his ticket for someone who was desperate to go. What happened was that Ms. Wang bought two tickets and wanted to invite her husband to go with her, so that they could also visit their hometown on the way. However, after the dream, the husband said, “ I won’t go. Let Zhang Qiuyu go. Save her all the crying!” Prior to this, Ms. Wang had told her husband about me and how I wanted so much to attend Master’s lectures in Guangzhou.

Ms. Wang took me to her home to meet her husband. I pressed my hands in front of me to thank him. Then I told him my dream about the bearded man. He gave me the ticket and told me not to say it was from him and that he would not be responsible for anything. He was afraid that I might die on the way there.

I was very excited. I told another practitioner who was going to Guangzhou that I now had a ticket also. She was very happy for me and suggested, “Your health is not so good. Let’s leave a week early.” My brother gave me 4,000 yuan so that I could hire two people to go with me, all of their expenses covered.

On the night I arrived in Guangzhou, the bearded man came into my dream again. He said, “Zhang, come over here, come over here.” I saw that I was in front of a crematorium, with messy hair, my hands overlapping covering my stomach, and standing at ease. I was fourth in line. Upon hearing the man’s voice, I stepped out of the line and looked in his direction. I saw five trucks each loaded with five tons of shiny, black coal. The he left.

I woke up and felt fine; all my discomfort was gone! Master had taken all my karma away and my illnesses disappeared. I told the other practitioners about my dream. I knew that the five truckloads were my karma. Master saved me from the crematorium.

This occurred before I even met Master in person. He had already been looking after me! Tears ran down my cheeks as I talked to them. They had tears in their eyes as well. From then on I was completely changed and disease-free, as if I had been reborn!

On the day before Master started his lecture, he asked us to think about the questions that we had and he would try to help us. He also listed some items that had been found, including watches and 1,000 yuan in cash, and asked people to claim them. At these lectures expensive items had been turned in to find the rightful owners!

Master divided the attendees into two sections and went about treating the two groups of people separately. He asked us to have in mind one illness of ours or our relatives. He then asked us to stomp our feet after he counted one, two and three. I was thinking to myself, “ I am from Jiamusi, Heilongjiang province. I came here carrying only a box of instant noodles. I have stomach cancer and can Master please take it away?” I was sitting in Row 5, Seat 5. I saw Master grabbing things in the air and dropping them on the ground. I could see they were all black and insect-like. Master stepped on them and they were gone. He did it once on the left and once on the right.

At that time, I did not have good enlightenment quality and wanted Master to treat me one more time. So I said to the person next to me, “ I have stomach cancer. Can I have one more treatment with Master?” She let me go ahead of her and I had another treatment.

Afterwards, I became so clear minded and happy that my body felt very light. In the past, I could not even lift my legs, but for the past 25 years, I have always felt very light when walking.

During the nine lectures in Guangzhou, I was asleep throughout and had severe continuous nasal discharge. After nine days, I was very clear-headed. On my way to Guangzhou, I was assisted by two people; however, on our way back, I was helping the others to carry stuff!

Letting Go of Resentment

After I got home, I realized that Master had saved my life. I remembered that Master asked us to be a good person, someone who put others first. The first person I thought about was my stepmother. When I was little, she abused me. She hit me and would not let me go to school. She forced me to do housework to support the family when I was only nine years old.

My sister was forced to get married when she was only 15 years old. My stepmother demanded a lot of grain from her husband’s family, as if she had sold her for a price. She forced my brother to go off to work when he was only 16. He vomited blood from overwork.

I hated her so much that I wanted to hire someone to kill her when I grew up. After I learned Falun Dafa, I let go of my resentment towards her. I treated her with kindness. When she could not look after herself, I brought her to my home to care for her. I bought new bed sheets and gave her showers twice a day when it was hot. I played Master’s lectures for her to listen to. Three months later, she walked away healthy and happy. Many of my friends and relatives learned Falun Dafa after they witnessed this.

Time flies! It has been 25 years since I spent nine happy days with Master Li. Master has put much effort into caring for me as I cultivated on my path. As I recall Master’s grace, tears well up in my eyes and my heart is filled with happiness. I must advance diligently and save people to fulfill my vows and return with Master to my home.