(Minghui.org) Math teacher Ms. Chen smiled at me and said how nice my classroom looked. Ms. Chen wasn’t like this when I started working with her a few years ago. She used to be very stern and often scolded her students. One child even skipped school because he was so afraid of her.

I felt there was an invisible barrier between Ms. Chen and I. I noticed that she, like many other teachers, was full of resentment due to the heavy and tedious work. Her teaching style was to control the students by using a strong authoritarian approach. I often heard her yelling at the students. They were all very afraid of her. She complained a lot about how hard the work was.

In fact, as the head teacher my workload was even heavier. I didn’t only need to teach the subject well, but I also needed to be responsible for everything in the class. The students were too young to take care of class chores. The head teacher had to take care of everything. The students had just started school, so they knew nothing of the school rules. They were very noisy and naughty. I had to stay in the class every moment to maintain discipline and everyone’s safety.

It was the first time I taught the first grade. I felt very tired. However, I reminded myself that I was a cultivator, and I should follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I kept trying to figure out how to improve my teaching methods.

Young children like to report others’ faults. Some head teachers just hastily skip the issues, and some won’t allow students to report on others. I believe every problem is a chance to educate and guide the students. I reason things out with them and ask them to treat others kindly. I collect stories that inspire people to be kind, honest, and tolerant, and I tell them to my students. The students all love listening to these stories, which helps educate them.

One day, a student’s money was missing from his pencil box. I guessed that some student in the class may have stolen it. I didn’t search for the money. Instead, I told the class a story, about how people should not take what does not belong to them. I gave examples of what happened to people who did this. I also pointed out that the one who realized their mistake could always put the money back.

The next day, the student whose money was missing happily told me that his money was returned. I was so glad that the student who took the money corrected their mistake, and that the other students were able to learn from the experience.

I always treat my students with kindness, but when they make mistakes, I’m also strict so that they can learn the rules. However, I never say anything that might hurt them. I always convince them with reason. I try my best to guide them to be honest, kind, and tolerant. The students trust me and listen to me.

Gradually, the class has become well organized, and the students always look happy. Many teachers have asked me, “You never yell at the students. How are your students so obedient?”

The students also ask me questions about things in their life. Even when I’m tired, I patiently listen to them. I feel children’s innocent hearts are so precious and I must nurture them.

Once, a parent told me that the math teacher, Ms. Chen, scolded the students saying, “Your math is not good, because your teacher Ms. Li is too gentle with you!” I comforted the parent, but I wasn’t upset with Ms. Chen.

Putting the Teachings Into Action

Master requires cultivators to always think of others first. I understood that Ms. Chen was stressed about our students’ math scores. Also, she could sense that the students liked me but not her. So she had a complaint against me. However, I continued to treat her nicely and cooperated with her. I told her about my education method and philosophy. I also pointed out the students’ good points.

Over time, our students received compliments from the other teachers, and they said they enjoyed teaching our class.

Ms. Chen was once giving instructions before a math test, and I was there by chance. So, I added some requirements. After the scores came out, Ms. Chen told me excitedly, “Your words were so powerful. We have many more high scores this time!” Since then, every time there’s an important math test, Ms. Chen asks me to give a talk to the students.

I watched her change, and now she trusts me. She often tells me with pride, “Our students are the sunniest kids.”

She finally realized that the students under strict control were troublesome, and they often looked upset too. The parents often said, “Our children are so fortunate to have you as their teacher!”

Falun Dafa guides me not to follow society’s negative flow. If I didn’t practice Dafa, I would have probably been like many other teachers who take bribes from the parents. I would have put my benefits first. My righteous behavior has gained the parents’ trust. They never have to worry about bribing me to take better care of their children, because I always treat every child fairly. The parents actively participate in school and class activities. The other teachers admire me, and say, “The parents in your class are the most warm-hearted!”

Ms. Chen has changed a lot since we started working together. She is not stern any more. She once said at a parents meeting, “Our class has gotten better and better under Ms. Li’s management, and our students have been more enthusiastic about learning!” In the district exam, our class ranked among the top in the district Chinese exam, and their math has improved a lot too.

When our class graduated from elementary school, the students and parents were reluctant to leave. The parents organized a grand graduation ceremony in appreciation of the teachers’ efforts. All the school leaders were touched by the graduation ceremony. They saw my selfless devotion to my work.

For many years, no matter how well I’ve done my work, I’ve never been promoted or given an “A” at my year’s performance assessment because I’m a Falun Dafa practitioner. I believe when the school leaders watched the graduation ceremony, they must have given me a big “A” in their heart.

After graduation Ms. Chen and I were assigned to work together again. Now, Ms. Chen walks into the classroom with a smile on her face. She always has gifts in her desk drawer to reward the students. Seeing her positive changes, I’m happy for her from the bottom of my heart. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance not only purifies my heart, but also benefits the people around me. It is true that,

“Bathed in divine light, conduct and thought become right.” (The Third Talk, Zhuan Falun)