(Minghui.org) In a residential community in a city in northeast China, rental households were required to be registered in June 2019. It was harassment from the community staff members. Some Dafa practitioners insisted on not opening their doors for them. Others couldn’t stand the community staff members constantly knocking on their doors, and later opened the door, and registered under the name of a non-practitioner member in the family. One practitioner remembered something Master said.

Master said, “...they seal their caves with supernormal powers so that you cannot see them.” (Lecture Five, Zhuan Falun)

The practitioner thought that since those cultivators in the past who would cultivate in a cave could use supernormal powers to seal their caves, why can’t I as a Dafa practitioner seal my door with supernormal powers? Then he sent a righteous thought, “I am a disciple of Master Hongzhi Li. I don’t allow other arrangements. I will negate all the old forces’ arrangements and take the path that Master Li (the founder) has arranged. I will now use my supernormal powers to seal my door. Evil cannot interfere!”

After a few days, when the practitioner opened his door to bring some things inside, a person from the community came with a notebook in her hand. She looked up the house number, read it, then pointed to the neighbor’s door, and asked the practitioner if there was anyone living there. After the practitioner said, “I don’t know,” she knocked on the neighbor’s door without even asking for the practitioner’s information at all, as if she had skipped over the practitioner's place. It seemed that the practitioner’s home door had actually been sealed by his righteous thoughts.