(Minghui.org) My non-practitioner husband has been quite mean to me lately, so I began avoiding him.

If he ate at the table, I stayed in the bedroom. When he left the kitchen, I moved to the living room.

I talked with him about respect and I explained the difference between Communist Party culture and the culture in the normal society. I treated him with kindness, but pointed out that his attitude was overbearing. He toned down a bit.

I thought that if I didn’t live with him, my life would be relaxed and quiet. My environment would be sacred, ethereal, and clean.

I did not know how to change his negative attitude towards everyone. I felt I was the only one trying to make the atmosphere bearable for both of us.

This morning I realized, “My husband and I have a sacred relationship!”

I noticed that I placed him at the level of “ordinary people,” and not within the “sacred” level. That’s why I felt the space my husband occupied was “ordinary.” No wonder I complained that my environment was not entirely “sacred”.

Although my husband is not a practitioner, he came to this world to be saved by Dafa, and that is why our relationship is sacred. Have I treated him that way?

After I understood that we had a “sacred relationship”, my husband stopped getting angry as soon as he saw me. He seemed to be touched by something, and his attitude became cordial. I did not sense the irritability and hostility he had before.

This experience helped me reconsider my relationship with people and the things around me.