(Minghui.org) Throughout the years that I’ve practiced Falun Dafa, I’ve truly experienced that as long as we focus on saving people, all our conflicts and tribulations become trivial. If other practitioners were ordinary people, I wouldn’t judge them based on their shortcomings and insist that they meet certain requirements.

When we break down the invisible barriers between practitioners or help those who stopped practicing, we sometimes don’t need to do much. Our sincerity and our compassion are enough. My understanding is that the inner meaning of saving people is profound.

Master said,

“The goal of some of the activities and projects that our students run is to save people and help Master validate the Fa, but time and again the only people it reaches are our own students, rendering these as internal things. We can’t go on like this. For one thing, those efforts cannot save people, and secondly, they interfere with our students’ cultivation and saving of sentient beings. At the very least such efforts consume a great deal of manpower.” (“Cleaning Up”, The Essentials of Diligent Progress Vol. III)

I understand that helping Master rectify the Fa is reflected in every little thing in our lives. In addition to participating in Dafa projects, we interact with people every day and have opportunities to save them. I always bring information about Falun Dafa with me and clarify the truth wherever I go, such as applying for a driver’s license or even passing through a highway toll booth. When I go to the grocery store, I chat with the cashier and the customers waiting in line. When I took the citizen's test, I gave Shen Yun Performing Arts brochures to the immigration officials. I try to talk to everyone I meet.

I also understand that as long as our main focus is saving people, we can break through any tribulations or difficulties. I used to drive for a ride-sharing service. People told me how to make money and how to get a higher rating, but I didn't do what they suggested. Instead, I clarified the truth to all my passengers.

For a while my rating dropped. I thought, “I need to make a living in order to save people.” I understand each profession corresponds to a huge system of sentient beings. After I had that thought, my rating gradually improved and I earned more tips. I also saved more people.

When I first moved to the city where I now live, I attended an English class. When the teacher asked how I came to the U.S. I told him that I practice Falun Dafa. The teacher searched the Internet and found the Falun Dafa videos. One day he told our class that he would discuss Falun Dafa. He played an eight-minute video he found and we discussed Falun Dafa and the persecution. My work shift changed after that, so I could no longer attend the class. I understood that I went there not to learn English, but to save my classmates and the teacher.

Master said,

“Validate the Fa with rationality, clarify the truth with wisdom, spread the Fa and save people with mercy—this is establishing the mighty virtue of an Enlightened Being.” (“Rationality”, Essentials for Further Advancement II)

Clarifying the truth effectively in a short time is not easy. However as long as we pay attention to our everyday cultivation, we will be strengthened by Master and our good ideas will flow.

When I met a Chinese man I asked what he did for a living. He told me he was a masseuse. I told him, “I think it would be better to do something else. Speaking English and being able to drive are two essential skills here in the U.S. With those you can find a good job.” My sincerity touched him and I was able to clarify the truth to him.

Another time a practitioner and I went into a store to put in materials about Shen Yun. The Chinese owner of the store drove the other practitioner out. She asked me to try. As soon as I walked in, the owner said nervously, “We did not do anything bad to her.”

I said, “I appreciate your being honest with a stranger like me.” A few words brought us closer and then I started to clarify the truth to her. In the end she agreed to watch Shen Yun Performing Arts and allowed me to put the materials in her store.

All the Shen Yun performers are strengthened by gods when they perform. Although I don’t perform on stage, I can feel Master’s strengthening from other dimensions. I don’t have any special power, but I have pure compassion for people and wish to save them. Master saw my wish. As soon as I improved a little, all the beings connected to me also changed for the better. The Fa-rectification is still going and we have greater responsibilities waiting for us. We should truly cherish this opportunity and cherish our predestined relationship.