(Minghui.org) My body developed sickness karma in June, 2018. It continued for some time. While I often sent forth righteous thoughts, I was perplexed upon not seeing any improvement.

Then I remembered another practitioner's experience. One day, he suddenly could not stand up. He then sat and began to send forth righteous thoughts. Thirty minutes after he began, he saw a patch of green through his third eye. Later, as the green patch was diminishing, he could see black around the green. In the end, he realized it was a big centipede. The green and black colors were the pattern on its skin.

He continued sending forth righteous thoughts. That centipede became smaller and smaller and eventually disappeared. After two hours, he stood up and his back was completely healed.

Enlightened by his experience, I decided to send forth righteous thoughts for a longer time. I began at 1 p.m. I was comfortable and so continued to send righteous thoughts until 5 p.m. I then stood up and my body felt light with no symptoms of illness.

My suggestion is that those practitioners who are being interfered with by sickness karma should extend the time they send forth righteous thoughts. It is my understanding that sickness karma can be caused by an intelligent being in another dimension, or things like insects or even bacteria.

When we send forth righteous thoughts and clear out these things, the sickness karma will naturally disappear. Some things cannot be eliminated quickly, and it will take a process to clear them out completely. Furthermore, evil specters in other dimensions can come to supplement that being. So we need to extend the time for sending forth righteous thoughts.