(Minghui.org) In traditional Chinese culture, thunder and lightning are divine powers that oversee justice in the human world. When officials and civilians value virtue and morality, they will be blessed with good weather and adequate rainfall. But if people act against their own humanity and commit bad deeds, thunder and lightning could serve as a warning to punish the evildoers.

It has been the same from ancient times up until today.

Examples from Ancient Times

In Shang Shu (The Book of History), we find the statement, “Thunder is like a king. Acting inward, it eliminates viciousness; acting outward, it benefits surroundings.” In Chunqiu Hecheng Tu (Joining the Perfect Diagrams) it says, “Huangdi (Yellow Emperor) is a god in charge of thunder and rain.”

People in ancient times believed that thunder and lightning were how the heavens warned people and punished bad deeds. Those who were struck by lightning were those who ignored advice and continued to do wrong. Below are some examples.

Wu Yi

Wu Yi was a king in the Shang Dynasty between 1147 BC and 1112 BC. He was arrogant, reckless, and cruel. His officials advised him to respect the divine and nature, but he refused to listen. Instead, he made an effigy and called it a “divinity.” He then played chess with an official who acted on behalf of the “divinity.” Fearful of upsetting the king, the official always lost. Wu Yi then humiliated the “divinity” for his failure.

In addition, Wu Yi hung a leather bag filled with blood high in the air and shot it with an arrow, calling it “shooting the divine.”

In the fifth year of Wu Yi’s reign, he went hunting between the Yellow River and the Wei River. The sky suddenly became cloudy, and he was struck by lightning and died.

A Sinister Midwife

Assisted by a midwife, a son was born to a couple in Liaoning Province in the 57th year of the Qianlong Period in the Qing Dynasty (1792 AD). The next morning, the father discovered that the four ingots of silver he had put under a pillow were missing.

Suspecting the midwife had taken them, he said to her, “Two ingots of silver were for you. If you also took the other two, would you return them to me so that I can use them to worship the divine and celebrate the newborn?” Furious, the midwife cursed him, saying, “If you have wronged me, your son will die; if I stole the silver, I will be struck to death by lightning.”

The father returned home emptyhanded. Three days later, the family asked the midwife to come and give the baby a bath. The midwife did not come, but her daughter did. That night, the baby died suddenly. The couple consoled each other as they sobbed in grief. They then buried the baby in an open field. Their neighbors, who’d heard what had transpired and what the midwife had threatened, were saying to one another, “It seems the midwife was right.”

Not long after that, there were strange patterns of thunder and lightning, followed by a strong smell of sulfur in the air. Following the smell, people went to an open field where they found the midwife and her daughter, both kneeling on the ground, both struck to death by lightning. Each held two ingots of silver in her hands.

Then they heard crying coming from where the baby had been buried. They found the baby, now very much alive, with a needle sticking out of his belly button. Only then did the parents discover that the midwife’s daughter had stabbed the baby with a needle while giving it a bath, inducing temporary paralysis.

Villagers who witnessed the event or heard about it were surprised and in awe, and they now knew who was really right and who was really wrong.

Struck by Lightning While Trying to Deliver the Blueprint for Communism

Modern researchers have discovered that communism was derived from the Illuminati, a secret society founded in Bavaria in 1776. Its founder, Adam Weishaupt, was actively preparing for the French Revolution. In July 1785, he wrote up his plan in a book and asked Jacob Lanze to deliver it to the Illuminati members in France.

On the way to deliver the book, however, Lanze was struck by lightning and died. Authorities found the document and handed it over to the government. Many books, documents, and correspondence were thus confiscated. In 1786, the Bavarian government published these documents in a book, which was then disseminated to other governments in Europe, including France, to alert them of the impending danger.

Follow-up testimonies by Illuminati leaders confirmed that their intent was to overthrow church and state. But the public did not pay much attention to this, thinking it was too unbelievable to be true. Nonetheless, Illuminati leaders were later arrested, and in 1787 a proclamation was issued that anyone found guilty of recruiting members would be executed. Unfortunately, the Illuminati secretly spread to France in 1787 and later caused the French Revolution in 1789.

The Illuminati controlled the Jacobin Club where the French revolutionists gathered, and Nikolai Lenin later claimed, “We, the Bolsheviks, are the Jacobins of the twentieth century...”

Those Who Persecute Falun Gong Struck by Lightning

From France to Russia to China, communism has harmed people wherever it has spread. Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, a book published in 2004, detailed the disasters that have taken place in China since the Party came to power, including the persecution of Falun Gong.

Similar to what happened in ancient times, those who persecute Falun Gong and its principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance also face serious consequences.

A Judiciary Deputy Director Killed at 48

Chen Jingqiang was the former deputy director of Kangping Court in Liaoning Province. The police arrested Falun Gong practitioners Wang Jinfeng, Wang Xuekun, and Li Xiaoping in Kangping County on November 12, 2009. Chen and Fan Bin, the chief of the Criminal Court, collaborated to sentence Wang Jinfeng to seven years in prison, Li Xiaoping to three years, and Wang Xuekun to three years with five years on parole.

Both Chen and Fan were arrested and detained in 2010 for bribery. Chen used all his connections but was still sentenced to three years in prison with three years on parole, plus removal from public office. On August 15, 2014, he was fishing on a nearby reservoir when he was struck by lightning and killed. He was only 48 at the time.

“Heaven Will Not Strike the Wrong Person”

Wang Qiuping was secretary of the Xingzi County Political and Legal Affairs Committee (PLAC) as well as the director of the county police department. He participated in the persecution and was responsible for Shen Qingxiu and several other practitioners being sent to prison. In addition, practitioner Wu Weiping was sent to a forced labor camp because of him.

Wang was struck by lightning in Sujiadang Town on July 20, 2010. He was injured and taken to a hospital. “Heaven will not strike the wrong person,” said one elderly village resident.

Learning the Lesson

Bing Guitang of Sikou Town, Shandong Province, reported a practitioner to the police, which led to the practitioner's arrest.

He also kept Liu Yulian from studying the Falun Gong teachings by taking her copy of Zhuan Falun from her and ripping it apart, although Liu and another practitioner cried, begging him not to.

In 2000, while 56-year-old Bing and his wife were working in the field, a bolt of lightning struck both of them. “I must have done something that violated the heaven's laws!” cried Bing.

Probably because Bing realized his wrongdoings, the couple were burnt on the fronts of their bodies but lived.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has caused the deaths of at least 80 million Chinese in numerous political campaigns. As of now, over 330 million Chinese have distanced themselves from the regime by resigning from the Party for a better future.