(Minghui.org) As the persecution lessens, more and more practitioners are emigrating from mainland China to other countries. The problems brought about by some of these people have become more and more prominent, not only hindering themselves but also interfering with the environment of cultivating and saving sentient beings outside of China.

For example, some practitioners who recently moved from China to New York City installed an app on their cell phones and have been spreading rumors that the app was passed to them from the mountain and that when encountering interference, studying the Fa, or doing things, opening the app and pointing the phone screen at one's face can prevent interference and obtain energy.

Such irrational, ridiculous, and absurd claims and behaviors, however, have managed to attract more practitioners who have just moved out of China to install and use the app. The app-users have also been snubbing practitioners who object to the app and refusing to reveal details of the app to the latter.

Those who installed the app of unknown origin are mostly practitioners who hadn't done well in cultivation while in China. After they moved to other countries, they not only failed to hurry up to improve themselves and make up for the lost opportunities but are also still clinging to their strong human notions and attachments. They are hindering themselves and also interfering with the surrounding environment.

Actually, many educated people who can see things objectively and rationally know that mobile apps, including WeChat and QQ, all have security risks. The cell phones manufactured by companies in mainland China are even more susceptible to security breaches than WeChat and QQ.

Those practitioners who have the above-mentioned app have been using their phones anytime and anywhere as they wish. They have failed to realize that having those mobile apps is what the Chinese spies need most.

The Chinese Communist Party's persecution of Falun Gong will hit a 20-year mark on July 20 this year. During the past two decades, Dafa disciples outside of China have come a long way to achieve the environment to cultivate and validate the Fa that we have today.

We hope practitioners who just left mainland China respect themselves and pay attention to eliminating the CCP-instilled thinking and notions in their minds and behaviors. We hope that they learn to look within and find their true selves and to cherish and treat with righteous thoughts the environment outside of China to save sentient beings.

Minghui Editorial BoardJuly 14, 2019