(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa was introduced to our city in 1995. People from all walks of life attended the introductory classes. After watching Teacher Li's lecture videos, we shared our experiences and established the first group practice site in our region.

Our Practice Site

Over 100 of us did the Falun Dafa exercises in the courtyard of the local government compound every morning. When our group grew too big to fit in the courtyard, we split into several groups that practiced at different locations throughout the metropolitan area.

The soothing exercise music filled the courtyard at dawn. We lined up and practiced the four standing exercises. People stopped to watch us. In winter, our hands froze, but that did not stop us from practicing outdoors.

Some practitioners could see that the area around us was illuminated with red light. Some saw countless rows of people in white shirts practicing the exercises in other dimensions, Teacher Li's law bodies, and countless spinning Falun.

We read the Dafa teachings at night inside the bicycle shed in the courtyard, and after that, we did the fifth exercise every day. Then we watched Teacher's lecture videos or shared our experiences. The atmosphere was always positive and harmonious, and all of us liked to participate in the group exercises and study.

When meditating with our legs crossed, some practitioners' legs or backs hurt, and some even sweat from the pain, but none of us took our legs down.

When we watched the lecture videos, some saw that many divine beings in other dimensions were watching Teacher's lectures with us.

In this environment, we all cultivated and improved together. Every time Teacher's new lectures came out, we immediately memorized them. We witnessed the miracles of Dafa, gained new understandings, and shared our experiences.

When we came across physical karma or difficulties, we shared with one another. In the complicated human world, we joyfully accepted loss and hardship, and thus we strode forward by leaps and bounds in our cultivation. Miracles of Dafa quickly spread by word of mouth, and more and more people began to learn Dafa.

A Lost Bicycle Returned

A man could not find his bicycle that he'd parked in the shed, so he yelled at Mr. Xu, the bike caretaker, “You're responsible for my lost bicycle! You should not have let so many people gather in the shed every day.”

A few practitioners and I were present when this happened. We thought that if his bike was indeed lost, Mr. Xu would be responsible. It would also have a negative impact on people's opinion about Dafa.

We all helped to look for the bicycle but still could not find it. I talked to the bike owner to comfort him, “Don't worry. If you still cannot find the bike tomorrow, we'll buy you a new one.” After he left, we asked Teacher Li to help us.

Early next morning, Mr. Xu was surprised to find his bicycle right where he'd left it. He asked me, “What happened? After you left last night, I checked again, but it wasn't there. Nobody came inside at night, so how did the bike get back?”

“It must be Teacher Li who helped us,” I said to him.

Miraculous Health Benefits

Ms. Min

Ms. Min was in her 70s. Before cultivating in Dafa, she suffered from pain in the lumbar spine that had left her paralyzed. She visited different hospitals, but none of them could cure her. She was bedridden for six years and suffered miserably.

In the winter of 1995, a neighbor shared with Ms. Min the benefits that she gained from practicing Dafa. Ms. Min's son also told her about the healing powers of Falun Dafa. Many of her friends, as well as some government officials, were Dafa practitioners.

She sighed, “I know the exercises are good, but being paralyzed in bed, how do I practice?”

Her neighbor said, “Falun Dafa is different from ordinary qigong practices. It focuses on one's mind, which means that improving one's mental health comes first.”

Her neighbor brought her a copy of Zhuan Falun. After reading a few dozen pages, Ms. Min felt that the pressure in her mind was cleared, and her physical suffering seemed to be lessened.

In the spring of 1996, Ms. Min asked her son to take her to the practice site on a bike. Unable to stand, she learned the exercises on a chair. A few days later, she walked on crutches to the exercise site by herself. Her feet were swollen, so she wore slippers. A few days after that, she was able to walk in regular shoes without the crutches. Twelve days after she began to practice, she was cured of the paralysis that had lasted for six years.

Witnessing the magical power of Dafa, her husband and caretaker also began to learn Dafa.

An Engineer

An engineer was suffering from the aftereffects of a stroke and had hyperthyroidism, severe cerebellar atrophy, and amnesia. He walked slowly and often drooled. After practicing for a month, he was completely healed, and after that, he talked and laughed like a normal person. His colleagues started to practice after they witnessed his amazing recovery.

An 80-year-old Woman

An 80-year-old woman with cardiac ischemic necrosis needed help just to walk and often fainted. Her family worried about her constantly. She was cured not long after she began to cultivate. She could even climb the stairs up to the fourth floor by herself every day. Her family and neighbors were all amazed and said that she had regained her youth.

Ms. Xiao Jing

Ms. Xiao Jing, a government employee in her 30s, was beautiful and stylish. She had received individual instruction in singing, dancing, calligraphy, and public speaking from expert instructors from the time she was a child. She spoke softly and had elegant manners. Her husband and parents-in-law all treated her like a “princess.” Unfortunately, her health was poor and she relied on heavy doses of drugs to alleviate the pain.

In 1995, Ms. Xiao became a Dafa cultivator, and shortly after that, she was cured. She understood that the glories of the human world are temporary and that the true purpose of one's life is to assimilate to Dafa and return to heaven.

She stopped expecting people to treat her like a “princess” and changed from being overly obsessed with her appearance to focusing wholeheartedly on the cultivation of her mind and body. She was sincere and reliable and treated everyone with compassion and kindness.

One thing that was particularly difficult was helping her mother-in-law when she had severe constipation, which involved removing impacted feces by hand. Her mother-in-law was deeply touched and so grateful that she told people that Xiao Jing was the best daughter-in-law and that Dafa had brought her good fortune and happiness.


Before I practiced Falun Dafa, I was in physically poor condition. I'd incurred multiple comminuted fractures in a serious car accident and couldn't return to work afterward. My life was miserable. A friend of mine took me to learn Falun Dafa. Over a month later, my blood pressure returned to normal, and all kinds of ailments disappeared.

A Former Gang Member

Xiao Xian, in his 30s, was unemployed after he retired from the army. He had no income and became very narrow minded. He resorted to violence to solve his conflicts, however minor. He once chased the manager where his wife worked to beat him up over some trivial matter. Terrified, the manager knelt down and begged him for mercy. When he and his brother-in-law disagreed on something, Xiao took out a knife and threatened to kill him.

After cultivating in Falun Dafa, however, Xiao Xian changed. One day, he was waiting for someone outside his house. A young man on a motorcycle suddenly dashed from his back to the front, stumbled, and almost fell. The young man blamed Xiao Xian for blocking the road, so he jumped off the motorcycle and threatened to beat him.

Xiao Xian realized that this was a test, so instead of getting angry, he apologized to the young man. However, the young man was still not content. Xiao Xian said to him, “Don't raise your voice. This is my home. My family will have a problem with you if they hear you making all this racket.”

The young man continued yelling and attacking him verbally. Just then, Xiao Xian's uncle, a gangster, came by. Just the sight of him intimidated the young man.

Xiao Xian let the young man go and explained to his uncle that everything was fine, “As a Dafa practitioner, I should be forgiving, and I can’t do what I used to, using violence to solve everything.”

Later, Xiao Xian’s uncle also became a Dafa cultivator.

The Story of Dr. Tang

Dr. Tang was a family physician. Before she took up Falun Dafa, she pursued fame and fortune but was left feeling discontented and exhausted. She had all kinds of ailments and suffered from a chronic high fever and inflammation.

After she started cultivating Dafa, she became very healthy. Fame and material gain did not matter to her anymore. She put her patients first and did not recommend unnecessary tests. She also prescribed traditional medicines that cost less and worked better. Although she made less than before, she was happy about it.

When she worked in the emergency room, if patients did not have enough money to pay for treatment or to buy medication, she lent them what they needed so as not to delay treatment.

Once, the family of one of her patients did not have enough money to buy tickets home since they had spent everything on their relative's treatment. Dr. Tang gave them the 70 yuan she had so that they could buy their tickets.

A chief nurse of the hospital said, “Of the hundreds of employees in our hospital, the one I admire the most is Dr. Tang.”

Government Officials and Elites Cultivating Dafa

Among the people who joined our group practice were Communist Party officials. Many officials searched for Dafa books and quietly stood behind us to watch us do the exercises. Government officials who cultivated in Dafa became honest and refused to take bribes and were well respected in the community.

A high-ranking official was known to be a person with integrity and was kind. An assistant of his introduced Dafa to him. He also talked to more than a dozen practitioners, all of whom experienced tremendous health improvement.

Their stories so inspired him that he decided to practice. He joined the morning exercises and also came to the bicycle shed at night to read the teachings with us. His cultivation had a very positive impact on our community.

A company executive and his wife both became cultivators. In the past, people often gave him gifts in return for favors. After he started cultivating, he never accepted any more gifts.

A person gave him 20,000 yuan and begged for a promotion. “No one else will know anything about this,” he whispered.

The executive smiled and said, “But Heaven knows.”

Later, this person tried to bribe the executive's 80-year-old mother. But she also refused to accept the money because she also cultivated in Dafa.

A practitioner was a chief judge of an Intermediate Court. After becoming a practitioner, he became a fair and impartial judge. He would not take money from anyone and handled their cases fairly. Some people commented, “It would be great if all judges practiced Falun Dafa!”


Cultivators follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to become good people. They are leaders in valuing morality, compassion, and tradition.

When the persecution began, a high-ranking government official in our city said, “It is completely wrong to persecute good people!”

The secretary of the Discipline Inspection Bureau also told his friend, “It is absolutely wrong to persecute Falun Dafa.”

A retired county party secretary said frankly, “Eradicating Falun Gong is impossible! In 20 years, Falun Gong will still be here!”

A county official was promoted to work in the city level 610 Office to persecute Dafa practitioners. A month later, he transferred to another position. He said, “How could I persecute such good people? I'd rather return to a lower position in the countryside than have to persecute Dafa practitioners.”

When he went to the countryside to inspect the work there, he gave the order to release all the Dafa practitioners illegally detained in the local detention center.

If the communist regime didn't persecute Falun Dafa, many more people would have benefited from the practice. With so many social problems, harmful foods, and the corruption of people's hearts, the Chinese nation is paying a tremendous moral price by persecuting Falun Dafa and its universal values of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance.