(Minghui.org) If you see a demon sitting next to you, and know that it is there to harm you, I believe you would not do anything it tells you to do, and you may even do the opposite of what it requests.

However, demons cannot be seen with our naked eye. Still, they urge you to do all sorts of things, and some of the things may even appear to be good for you.

For example, when you experience sickness karma and are feeling miserable, a demon would beat some notions into your head: Sitting is better than standing, lying down is more comfortable than sitting up, resting and sleeping are more relaxing than doing the exercises.

It instills all these human notions and thoughts into your mind when you are in a vulnerable state. Since you cannot see it, you may think that all those thoughts are your own and they are reasonable. When this happens, you will unwittingly follow the demon's arrangements. If you fail to realize what is happening and keep going the way arranged by the demon, you will fall into its trap in the end.

A Personal Experience

Once I fell from my electric bicycle and injured my wrist. A bone on my wrist was sticking out and several pebbles were deeply embedded into the skin of my other hand. I also had a few bruises here and there.

Immediately I realized that a demon had arranged all this. Although I might have done things that were not on the Fa in the past, I could find my shortcomings and correct them. I knew what I must do was to break away from the thinking process imposed upon me by the demon or the old forces.

I didn't think about cleaning my wounds, or letting my injured hands rest for a few days. Instead, I started to practice the five sets of exercises straight away. My hands and feet felt rather awkward due to the injuries, but I tried to do every movement properly.

Although it was in early spring, I was drenched in cold sweats from the pain. But, I took no notice of any physical pain and discomforts. At night when I was kept awake by pain, I refused to allow my mind to wander by listening to Fa lectures, doing the exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts.

Within four days, all my “serious injuries” were completely healed, and because I never thought of myself as “being sick” I was able to go to work as normal during those four days.

Be Aware of “Traps” Set by Demons

Sickness karma is only one form of demonic arrangements. All of the xinxing tests we encounter in our family, our workplace or other social environments and gaps between practitioners are all arranged by “demons” we cannot see.

There is a practitioner whose family members are all Dafa practitioners, but they are in constant conflicts. When they share, they try to judge who is right and who is wrong on a particular issue, or if this one has said something too hurtful or that one's behavior is a bit over the top.

There is a common saying even in everyday people's society: It's impossible to figure out who is right and who is wrong when it comes to family affairs.

However, some practitioners insist on getting a “judgment.” They use the Fa to measure others and try to convince others with the principles that fit their own notions. Sometimes they manage to keep superficial calmness by holding an attitude: “Don't criticize me, and I will leave you alone too.”

All these warped ways of thinking had been arranged by demons with the purpose of exhausting us by making us argue among ourselves or dragging us down directly.

I have also seen practitioners who are doing very well. In their family, the daughter-in-law or the mother-in-law is the only practitioner. They study the Fa well and also follow the principles in their daily lives. They always look within unconditionally, cultivate themselves well and make an effort to improve their family situation no matter how difficult it is. As a result, they were able to turn their entire family around from opposing Dafa to supporting Dafa. Some of their family members have also become practitioners. These practitioners really deserve our respect.

If we are all aware of the destruction “demons” intend to bring us and reject their ways of thinking, and if we all listen to Master, look within and cultivate to improve ourselves, then we would reach a different cultivation realm.

How can we break away from the arrangements made by demons? It is actually not difficult. As long as there is at least one practitioner, either in a family or among practitioners, who rejects the ways of thinking arranged by the demon and cultivates him/herself completely according to Master's Fa principles, the demonic traps would become disorganized or disappear, and there would be great improvement in the situation. If other practitioners also become aware of the issue and catch up in their cultivation, the whole body of practitioners would improve together.