(Minghui.org) A few years ago I started helping with Clear Harmony, then with Minghui. I translate practitioners' experience sharing articles. I was one of only two people practicing Falun Dafa in my city for many years, with few opportunities to meet one another. So, cooperating with Minghui was an opportunity for me to make up for the lack of sharing as well as the possibility of doing the three things that Master asks of Dafa practitioners.

The first translations concerned articles about practitioners’ cultivation experiences. When I translated them, it seemed to me that those stories alluded to my own cultivation or answered the questions I was asking myself at that time, and for which I was struggling to find an answer.

The experiences of those practitioners, as well as being surprising, appeared to show me the way I had to follow. It seemed curious to me, in fact. I also flipped through several pages on the Minghui website to read several articles that might interest me most, but they didn’t have the same effect as those I translated. I believed that Master wanted to encourage me in my cultivation and that I continue to work on translations.

Later, I also realized that the reworking of words and grammatical structures in the translation process involves a commitment not only technical, but also of cultivation. Those who translate have more than one opportunity to reflect on the experiences of cultivation and on the moments of elevation of their xinxing.

Moreover, before joining the group of translators, I was struggling to find my attachments and human notions, but at the moment I still couldn't manage to understand the countless attachments and bad thoughts that I still have.

Every time I translate an article, I am enthralled by the magnificence of the practitioners in China. I let myself be carried away by history, and very easily get to empathize with the author. Sometime the practitioner's experience is so strong and deep that it moves me, sometimes for the joy that others transmit, sometimes for the suffering one feels.

Thus, his experience also becomes mine and opens up a new perspective that I did not know before, or makes a hypothesis of actions that I previously felt only as being theoretical, and it becomes more concrete. In practice, the translations allowed me to proceed on my cultivation path with more confidence and determination in removing those attachments or thoughts I recognized as negative.

In fact, during my work as a translator, I also learned how important it is to look inside, to dig inside of oneself to find the deepest and most hidden thoughts that result in behaviors not in accordance with Dafa.

But the practitioners' lawsuit stories in China, challenging the repression to end it, and clarifying the truth and the goodness of Dafa are not less important. When I read these articles I feel a great admiration for these people. I always ask myself how I would behave in their situation, then I think I’m lucky to live on this side of the world. But from the perspective of a practitioner, after all, the luckiest ones are they. I realize that from this side of the world my cultivation must be as diligent and constant as possible to be worthy and above all not in vain of the sacrifices of Master and our fellow practitioners in China.

Working with Minghui also means working with other Dafa practitioners and then sharing personal cultivation experiences, learning a method of work in accordance with Dafa's teachings, and learning the awareness of a one-to-one relationship between work performance and Fa study. It’s something that I find as surprising as true.

Also, this has positively influenced my determination in cultivation, thanks to the support of the colleagues who have followed me in my activity, helping and correcting me. Thanks to the results deriving from a serious and constant study and practice of Dafa, I no longer feel like a solitary practitioner.

Since a short time, new people are coming during our meeting in the park to do the exercises and find out about our discipline, Now there are no longer only two practitioners doing the exercises, but we are six people. In addition, since almost a year we meet every week to study Zhuan Falun. I really believe that the articles on Minghui gave me a good push to continue in the right direction. I am deeply grateful to Master and to all the cultivators who follow His teachings.

(Presented at the Minghui’s 20th Anniversary Fa Conference – selected and edited)