(Minghui.org) I began practicing Falun Dafa along with my mother when I was four-years-old. At the time, my grandmother was weak, often had a headache and easily caught a cold. She couldn't eat or sleep and the hospital couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. Then her friends told her about Falun Dafa. Ever since she's practiced it, her health has greatly improved. As my mother suffered from insomnia and was often sick too, she followed in the footsteps of my grandmother and became a practitioner as well.

When I was born, I was also very weak. I frequently made visits to the hospital to get an IV and other injections. After my mother began practicing Falun Dafa, she brought me along whenever she went to the practice site. Since then, I no longer went to the hospital or took any medication. I did the exercises like everyone else. When people shared their cultivation experiences, I listened quietly. My mother often reminded me to be a good person by following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance.

I was brought up in such an environment. Therefore, I was perceived as a good kid who listened to adults, didn't fight back when being taken advantage of and was treated unfairly.

When I was in elementary school, there were all kinds of lies being spread everywhere when the persecution of Falun Dafa began on July 20, 1999. At the time, I didn't understand why the television slandered Falun Dafa. Then I saw the propaganda of the self-immolation incident and became scared. I was puzzled because the propaganda was completely opposite to what I learned in Dafa. None of the practitioners that I knew behaved liked what the government's rumors claimed. Those rumors were nonsense! During that period of time, I didn't know that all these occurred because the Jiang gang, out of jealousy, made up lies inciting the Chinese people to fear and hate Falun Dafa. Nonetheless, practitioners didn't falter in their faith.

Being Lost in the Human World

Ever since I enrolled in school, the schoolwork got heavier and heavier. I watched television and played computer games. Gradually, I found mother's reminders annoying. I only studied the Fa and did the exercises when I was sick. Once the illness was gone, I went back to ordinary things. This repeated many times. Once I had a stomach ache and was constipated. I didn't go to school and my mother tried a lot of remedies, but none of them worked. She said, “You can either go to the hospital or believe in Master and Dafa.” I chose to stay home and study the Fa with her and did the exercises. Soon, things went back to normal.

There were many similar magical things that happened. It was compassionate Master who endured and resolved these ailments for me. Yet, I had many excuses for not persisting in Fa study such as too much homework and schoolwork to attend to. I knew Falun Dafa was good, but I didn't conduct myself according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Gradually, I became lost in society's big dye vat.

During my adolescent years, I became rebellious, secretly fell in love and deliberately procrastinated. The stricter my parents were, the more rebellious I became. I often quarreled with them. I felt a lot pressure to do well and also felt inferior. As a result, I didn't do well in school. Having finished junior high school, I went to Australia to continue my studies. There, the study environment and the studying style were quite different, which was what I liked the most. I decided to stay there thanks to my family's support.

When I first arrived in Australia, I didn't have my parents trying to control me. I felt as free as a bird because I could do what I liked. During the regular phone conversations, my mother often told me to study the Fa and behave accordingly. I did study, but not consistently. Therefore, I was gradually driven by notions, bad thoughts and behaviors. I was intrusive, talked behind people's backs and even watched pornography on my classmate's computer. Little by little, I slipped away.

Then I went to college. Because so much school work was done on the computer, I began to indulge in watching various TV shows on the computer, then moving onto smartphones and getting involved in various social networks. I wasted lots of time. My schoolwork was delayed over and over again.

Then I met a man who I eventually married back in China after I graduated from college. Because there was a lot of free time, we were bored and began to download a popular mobile online game. It was a first-person shooting game for collecting guns and ammunition, and involved killing as many enemies as possible. At first I vaguely knew that it wasn't a good thing, but boredom and curiosity made me continue playing the game. With the mentality of trying it out, bit by bit, I became addicted. I played the game for hours until the battery ran out. I charged the phone while playing until my fingers and eyes got really sore.

When I returned to Australia, I continued to play. I was so absorbed by the game that I didn't want to cook, do any chores at home, or even sleep. I knew it wasn't right, but I couldn't control myself. At night, I even dreamed about playing mobile games and couldn't rest well. During the day, I had illusions; when I heard the sound of cars, I thought it was the enemy driving, and when I saw airplanes fly by, I felt that the airborne bag in the game was coming. At this time, I realized that I couldn't continue like that anymore. I decided to quit. But it was extremely difficult. I deleted it but downloaded it again; this repeated many times. I couldn't completely quit.

Last year, right after my 25th birthday, I got pregnant. I had to check what I needed to pay attention to every day, such as food. Soon I discovered that I had a small amount of bleeding, and then came the strong nausea. From the moment I opened my eyes in the morning until I closed my eyes to go to bed at night, I was constantly dizzy and sick. I waited until eight weeks of pregnancy to get an ultrasound. The result was that it was a partial mole, and the fetal heart was gone; I needed to have it surgically removed. I couldn't help, but cry at the doctor's office. When I got home, I continued crying. All my life things went smoothly and now something like this happened to me. After the operation, the doctor told me that I lost five litres of blood and needed to have iron.

Returning to Cultivation

Laying on the hospital bed, all of a sudden, I remembered Dafa and remembered Master. I began listening to Dafa music. After some time, I started to cry. I regretted for all the time that I have wasted over the past many years. I understood that only Dafa could change my current state. Anyway, it happened to be the time to have an iron transfusion. I had an allergic reaction, so my whole body was itchy. The doctor gave me an anti-allergic medicine and then wanted to monitor the progress.

The allergic symptoms made me think about rejecting the transfusion. So I decided to leave the hospital. The doctor warned that because I had too much bleeding, I might faint if I was discharged, and the allergy symptoms would appear even more severely. He wanted me to sign a document saying I understood the risks if I insisted to be discharged.

Without any hesitation, I signed the paper and went home. I felt that Master would not give up on me. I wanted to go home and return to cultivation again. I would not be like how I used to be – only practicing Dafa when I didn't feel well.

I went home and rested for several days. Every day I listened to Master's lectures. Gradually, I recovered. There were no allergies and fainting like the doctor said. I persisted in Fa study and doing the exercises.

Two months later, the hospital called me and said the results of the pathological exam showed that there was no molar pregnancy, and it was only a miscarriage. They said if I recovered well, I would be able to get pregnant again. I understood that Master was taking care of me. Before their call, I was repeatedly told that it was a partial molar pregnancy by the most authoritative hospital in my area. They also said it would take at least one or two years before I could get pregnant again. Moreover, they said I needed to take blood tests every week to ensure that there was no continued proliferation. Now, it looked like there was no need to worry anymore.

Having gone through all these experiences, I decided to genuinely practice cultivation. I should not let the opportunity slip by anymore.

Two months after returning to cultivation, I found that the strong game addition no longer manifested, and I didn't want to touch it at all. I watched my husband continue to indulge in it, but I had no more desire to. Now that I think of it, it was because of curiosity and the pursuit of stimulation that I was after. The game promoted violence and made me think of my own benefits when killing people. It filled my brain with selfishness, violence, and evil thoughts. It took up a lot of valuable time and made my life a mess. I should have never played it in the first place!

Gradually, I used my smartphone less and less. I used to carry it and check it all the time, whether I was eating, going to the bathroom, checking messages on WeChat, watching video clips or TV series. When I got rid of the bad habits, I felt that they were meaningless and I should not let them control my life. Also, the desire that I used to have to watch pornography from time to time did not appear anymore; I stopped thinking about it. I felt sick whenever I thought about it.

When I was in high school, there was something hard on my chest, and whenever I had my period, it became harder and painful. It disappeared after I started practicing cultivation. I knew that Master cleansed my body.

From primary school to my pregnancy, I have gone through a long detour. Now that I've returned to cultivation, I appreciate and cherish this wonderful practice. I want to tell the whole world its beauty. If I didn't practice it, I would still be like many young adults, buried and lost in smartphones, computer games, violence and pornography, not knowing what the true meaning of life is about. What would the future be like?

I hope my personal experience will benefit others. I also hope more people will get to know that Falun Dafa is good, that they don't get deceived by the lies spread by the Chinese Communist Party. May people choose a better future for themselves!