(Minghui.org) I saw a spectacular scene when I was sending forth righteous thoughts last night – Different kinds of evil entities from the cosmos arrived at the surface of the human world. Those evil beings were the warped and corrupted elements at the various levels of the cosmos, which had related evil beings behind each of them, displaying different images. All of them appeared black. Due to their levels, some appeared fully black, some were black-headed, while others had small black dots on their clothes, and so on.

Evils: Distracting from the Fa

From what I saw, the majority of the evil factors in the cosmos have been destroyed after so many years of Fa-rectification. Although the remaining evil elements are tiny in proportion, they are still of a huge quantity. For example, compared to numerous billions of evil factors, one hundred million evils is tiny. But in the three realms, they are of a huge quantity. They are related to the cosmos' structure that Fa-rectification hasn't reached. They have the elements from the cosmos' systems yet to be rectified by the Fa, including the remaining evil elements in the time-space of the cosmos corresponding to the parts where Dafa disciples haven't cultivated well.

The manifestation of the evil elements in this world are strange creatures, such as different kinds of worms and snakes. They irrationally control and bite people, and intend to drag more people to their burials. Nowadays people are controlled by unrighteous thoughts and actions, mobile phones, money and possessions, desire for power, lust, drugs and homosexuality. These are some of the ways they interfere with people.

They interfere with practitioners by distracting them, stopping them from being a particle of the Fa, and making them irrational due to attachments.

The evils and many elements of the old cosmos often take advantage of the loopholes of the practitioners who are dishonest, have no will of their own, shift responsibilities and don’t look within. As a result, they are persecuted, come down with sickness karma, and have tribulations within family or at work.

Everything has come to the final stage. Whether a being can let go of self, determines if it becomes a divider of old beings and new beings. I saw many practitioners have a lot of selfish elements. They do cultivation for their own eternity. This is very selfish and a big shortcoming. Some practitioners just find excuses so as to comfort their psychological imbalance. These are the loopholes that the evil forces take advantage of and create space for them to have a rest and to harm people.

Divine Powers and Wisdom

I’d like to share what I have seen when Dafa practitioners send forth righteous thoughts as one body. It is extremely powerful.

When practitioners are sending forth righteous thoughts as one body, the righteous thoughts are very powerful, shining in all directions, brighten numerous cosmoses and the Gods and Buddhas of the whole universe are amazed. When the divine sides of Dafa practitioners play their roles, it looks as though thousands upon thousands of enlightened beings are destroying the evil factors. The righteousness of the cosmos is displayed magnificently.

Clearing the evil factors doesn't happen just in one dimension, but in many dimensions. Mainland China is the main battlefield in the lowest dimension. It is divided into many war zones of various sizes. Dafa practitioners and many gods with different capabilities and different characters are in charge of destroying the evil forces. Practitioners and righteous gods in one area cooperate with those in other war zones and fight as one body.

Dafa practitioners come from different spaces, bringing with them different divine powers and supernormal abilities. The righteous thoughts of Dafa practitioners as a whole are extremely powerful. Practitioners display all sorts of divine powers. When their true character is demonstrated, they look exquisite and splendid, because they come from different areas of the cosmos, wearing different clothes, have different Fa instruments, and head pieces of different colors. They look sacred and great and are beings created by the creator. In this critical moment, they show their divine powers and wisdom.

I saw that those practitioners who were persecuted to death had become gods. They were not just waiting in their dimensions, doing nothing. They were doing what they could do. For example, they died because of the evil’s persecution, and those factors behind the evils will face the consequences of their actions. The righteous gods in the cosmos launched a final war against the remaining evil beings. This itself was a demonstration of the solemness and greatness of Dafa, and also indicated that Dafa could not be tarnished.

This final battle was omni-directional and covered all areas, making it impossible for the evil to escape. More righteous elements in this world would appear. Those gods who previously stood by would join in to eliminate evil. Those beings who control the world would gradually play a positive role. Many evil beings didn’t want to play a bad role and loosened their control on the evil factors. Those were the demonstrations under the massive force of Master’s Fa-rectification.

When I saw the scene of Dafa practitioners and righteous gods cooperating completely and seamlessly, I broke into tears. Although we have different things to do in this human world, our willingness to cooperate cannot change. Our heart to cooperate and harmonize with Dafa cannot change. Only then can we truly demonstrate the non-omission state, and validate the boundless virtue and wisdom of Dafa. This is the situation practitioners have to face when they are cultivating away the “selfishness” of the old cosmos.

True Gods Have No Omission

At the end of the scene I saw a gigantic clock. Countless sentient beings below were looking at the clock. It seemed that everything was ready and waiting for the final time to arrive. This page in the history would soon turn completely.

After I had witnessed this scene, I wanted to say to those practitioners who didn’t cultivate diligently: now it is time to set your mind right in cultivation, and do not linger outside cultivation, as the the opportunity will never come back once it is lost.

I wanted to say to those diligent practitioners that we should think of cooperating and doing more for others, and let go of the heart of selfishness. Do what Master requires us to do and don’t pursue anything. Don’t even consider what we will get in the future or when the Fa-rectification will end. Don’t imagine how glorious it would be when the persecution ends. If we think too much, the evil might take advantage of our loopholes.

As practitioners we should not change our determination in our belief in Dafa, and should cultivate ourselves diligently. We should let go of all our attachments and shouldn’t become relaxed, make excuses. Even when the persecution ended, the tests might be in other forms. We, however, shouldn’t become relaxed in cultivation or attach to something due to our demonic nature or human notions. It will be very dangerous. True gods have no omission!

What we should think about is how we can meet the requirements of Dafa.

At this critical historical moment, let’s do everything with divine thoughts. Let’s display our true cultivation state when helping Master rectify the Fa, harmonize what Master wants and fulfill our historic mission of saving sentient beings.