(Minghui.org) My business has been slow for the past half year, and I’ve had to tighten my budget. I knew this was interference and persecution by the old forces.I looked within to find my attachments and sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference, but my situation didn’t improve.

I realized I still had attachments to lust, fame, self-interest, competitiveness and jealousy. I also had an attachment to the business itself. So, what was my fundamental attachment? I've been asking myself this question for a long time.

I finally got a hint one day while studying Zhuan Falun. I suddenly had a thought—resist hardship. I realized that all the efforts I had put in, including looking inward and denying the old force's arrangement, were for the purpose of resisting hardships. I didn't want to endure any financial loss or psychological suffering. I wanted to live comfortably. I wanted to shorten the duration of my hardship. I had been so accustomed to doing this, that the attachment became inconspicuous.

Everyday people want to pursue a comfortable life. They would do anything to prevent bad things from happening to them. They would not think that enduring hardship or having bad luck is a good thing.

But as a Dafa disciple, did I truly consider hardship a good thing? Or did I treat it as a bad thing? This is a fundamental issue that determines if I am truly a practitioner or not.

I have been avoiding hardship all this time. Since I didn't realize my problem, many tests were prolonged and I failed to meet the requirement of the Fa.

I should stop running away from difficulties. Every hardship, including my business slowing down, physical suffering, family issues, and all the problems happening in my life and social circles, is actually a good thing. It helps me eliminate karma, realize attachments, solve past problems, improve my xinxing, and elevate my level.

I should be happy to embrace and endure hardship. I should cultivate compassion. Only when I meet the requirements of the Fa, can I deny the arrangement of the old forces and eliminate interference. No one can harm a true Dafa disciple who is assimilated to the Fa.