(Minghui.org) When I started to practice Falun Dafa and learned about the persecution happening in China, I knew I had to do something.

In the beginning, I participated in all kinds of activities and projects. I translated articles for the Epoch Times newspaper. Accompanied by other practitioners, we often went to places such as libraries to introduce the practice, show those who were interested in learning the exercises, and answer any questions they had about Dafa. Quite often practitioners would ask if I could help in a certain Dafa truth clarification project. I really wanted to be of assistance in all projects and tried to do as much as I could.

However, I found that if I worked on three or four projects at the same time, I did not do well on any of them. I realized I had to make a choice and focus on one thing only. I decided to be a member of Minghui.

I had been practicing cultivation for several years when I began to do translations for Minghui. I was not able to do a good job then as I had lost touch with my mother tongue. Furthermore, I had been living overseas for many years. Other than speaking to family members, I had no opportunity to use the language.

I became disheartened by the many red marks on the final edit of the article I had translated. I began to doubt if I could continue being involved with Minghui. Thanks to the help of several practitioners who encouraged me to work on my grammar and learn to use the appropriate words, I gradually brushed up on my mother tongue and improved on my translations. However, it was several years before my translation skills reached an acceptable level.

Initially, I worked on many persecution reports. I was often shocked by what practitioners in China went through. Sometimes I could not hold back my tears and for a long time I was occupied with the current situation in China. I kept trying to make myself focus on getting the job done and not getting emotional about the details described in the articles. Things got better slowly, and I was able to let go of my anger at the persecutors.

After working on Minghui all these years, I sometimes wonder if I have met Master's requirements. Am I saving sentient beings? Through sharing with other practitioners, I've come to understand that even if we are working for Minghui quietly in front of our computers, we are still able to save sentient beings. This understanding has helped me through the subsequent years and I'm quite content to be of service to the Minghui website.

Two years ago, I went out and began to tell people the truth about Dafa. I continue to translate articles for Minghui. But at times I find the loneliness that comes from working on Minghui almost unbearable. Master's teachings and sharing from practitioners have helped me a lot.

Just like our cultivation, not everything is smooth sailing. I have a strong competitive mentality. For instance, when I felt that the coordinator's request was not what I was willing to do, or I didn't like something, my rebellious nature and strong attachment to self came into play. Now and then it takes me a while before I realize I should get rid of these feelings and reactions.

Many years later, I came to realize that making progress in cultivation is only possible when I improve my xinxing. But I'm not able to do so every time.

Nowadays when a bad thought appears in my mind, I have to be really vigilant in order to get rid of it. This is a constant battle. I also pay attention to cultivating my speech. Due to my notions, I frequently react too quickly only to feel terrible or embarrassed afterward when I discover that I was not acting on the Fa and this is not how a cultivator should act.

If I didn't translate articles for Minghui, I don't think I would read most of what's published on the website because I would be distracted by other things. Therefore, I'm extremely grateful to Master for giving me this opportunity to be involved in Minghui. The Minghui website is a very important platform for helping people learn the truth about Dafa.

I hope Master will continue to help me get rid of my attachments and bad notions.

(Presented at the Minghui’s 20th Anniversary Fa Conference-selected and edited)