(Minghui.org) The annual Springwood Foundation Day festival was held on April 27, 2019 – a refreshing autumn day in Springwood, a town located in Australia's Blue Mountain region. Falun Dafa practitioners were invited to participate in this popular annual event. They introduced Falun Dafa, a traditional mind-body practice, and raised awareness of the persecution of the practice in China.

Festival-goers wished to learn more about Falun Dafa.

Big Interest in Falun Dafa

Dafa practitioners have been invited to participate in the festival every year, and many locals are already familiar with Falun Dafa. This year more people came to the practitioners' booth to ask where they could learn the exercises. Many children were attracted to the colorful folded paper lotus flowers that practitioners were making. Practitioners talked to the children and their parents about Falun Dafa.

Michael, a principal at a local private school, invited practitioners to demonstrate the exercises to his students. He said, “I'm very interested in the ancient Chinese way of living with one another harmoniously. I think practicing meditation will help the children calm down and experience inner peace. Through teaching them the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance, children learn how to handle their studies and have a positive attitude.” Michael was surprised when he learned that Falun Dafa is taught for free. He took several brochures and asked practitioners to contact him.

Representatives from several political parties had stalls near the Falun Dafa booth. The politicians greeted the practitioners and thanked them for their continued efforts to end the persecution so that people can freely practice Falun Dafa in China. They also expressed thanks for introducing the practice to people in the area.

John, who works in the government, said, “The relationships between people have become quite tense in today's society. The principles and exercises of Falun Dafa are excellent in helping one regain inner peace.” He said he wished to learn more about the practice.

Hopes Practitioners in China Can Soon Openly Practice Falun Dafa

Barbara Watson asked practitioners about the persecution in China. She explained that she learned about the persecution from her sisters who live in the U.S and Canada. Since then she has been paying attention to developments in the persecution. She said that practitioners are being treated unfairly and that what the Chinese Communist regime is doing is terrible. She hopes practitioners in China can practice Falun Dafa openly soon.

Mrs. Barbara Watson said she follows news about Falun Dafa and hopes that practitioners succeed in their appeal to end the persecution in China.

Mrs. Watson said she feels that the teachings of Falun Dafa can help people return to tradition and ultimately to heaven. She told the practitioners that she hopes they will succeed in their appeal to end the persecution in China.