(Minghui.org) Greetings, Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

I have been involved in Minghui translation since early 2012. I would like to share how I came to know Minghui and how I began participating in translation for Minghui.

Importance of Minghui

I began to practice Falun Dafa in 2002 after a relative told me about it. The persecution was harsh in my area and several materials production sites had been damaged. Local practitioners had no access to truth-clarification materials as well as new lectures from Master Li Hongzhi (the founder).

At that time, my relative knew that Master Li had a new article one or two months ago, but she did not have it. “I am not afraid of anything—I am just worried about being unable to read Master’s new lectures,” she said to me eagerly with sadness. Seeing other practitioners were so anxious, I hoped to find a way to contact Minghui practitioners. With this thought, I found an overseas email address from material brought by a practitioner. I cautiously found a place where they had internet access and sent out a short email in English, hoping to receive new articles from Master. After one or two days, I checked the email and saw a reply with an attachment file. I was very happy. I downloaded the file, went back home and opened the file, and yes, it was the new lecture from Master. I still remember clearly that my relative was so joyful that she burst into tears. During the harsh persecution, that practitioner was forced to stay away from home. I never saw her cry except for this time when she received Master’s lecture.

It was the time that I came to know what Minghui was and how much it means for Falun Dafa practitioners.

I emailed Minghui again several days later asking if they could email me the daily single-page viewing files for the past several days. I did receive those files several days later. I was then able to read Minghui articles shortly after I began to practice in 2002.

The persecution was very rampant in those days. I had not practiced long and my understanding of the Fa was shallow, plus I did not have an environment of group practice. When reading those articles, I felt as if Master was pulling me upward to increase my level. In those days, I read all experience-sharing articles and hardly missed any of them. During this process, I learned the importance and the sacredness of Minghui.

Getting Involved in Minghui

Back when I was in China, many practitioners from the Korean ethnic group, including my grandma, could not read Chinese. Because of limited manpower, many good experience-sharing articles did not have a Korean version. Upon their request, I orally translated some experience-sharing articles for them. They kept saying what if there could be more such articles in Korean. And that was my dream too.

Before I left China for South Korea, one elderly practitioner reminded me over and over again, “After you get there, please do not forget about us.” My grandma was sad too. “You are leaving now—who will translate those articles for us,” she asked.

Those words were deeply rooted in my heart like nails. I promised myself that I shall never forget those practitioners.

When first arriving in South Korea in 2012, I thought of translating for Minghui, but did not know where to start. Realizing Minghui is sacred, I knew I could not get involved probably because my heart was not pure. So I did not push it and translated articles for the Epoch Times for a while.

During a group Fa study in early 2012, a practitioner who did not come often suddenly asked if I would like to translate articles for Minghui. “Of course!” I replied, without a second thought.

Starting from that time until now, I have been translating for Minghui. I felt somehow that it is my mission.

Being Responsible

I used to think translation was easy for me, but problems showed up shortly after that. Without formal knowledge or training on translation, plus lacking experience of the language in South Korea even though I worked very hard, another practitioner pointed out many problems. She said that the translation I did could be difficult for people in South Korea to understand.

In the past, I had only translated articles for the Korean ethnic practitioners who lived in China, and did not think it was a big deal. I then realized I am in South Korea, and I needed to relay messages correctly and clearly so that people here could understand and would be willing to read them. When encountering words or terms that I was not sure about, I would check websites in South Korea to see if there were such words and how they usually used them. The translation training was also a big help and many problems or errors in translation were corrected. This allowed me to contribute better to Korean Minghui and its readers.

Connection with Divinity

A practitioner’s path leads from a human being to the divine. The elevation and changes are made possible because of countless compassion and efforts from Master. In this process, there are many manifestations of pure and majestic divinity. What I need to do is to relay messages from these practitioners in various levels correctly and purely, without any input from me. This way, readers will be able to receive the original information from the author, with me working as a carrier.

When thinking this way, I felt as if I could sense the author’s mind at that moment. This includes the pain and loss when being manipulated by human notions, as well as the open-mindedness when breaking through the human notions during solid cultivation. From a selfish person, this practitioner is walking towards someone who is truly willing to let go of everything of oneself for Dafa and sentient beings and truly stepping forward. I was often moved to tears by them. When thinking of practitioners with such thoughts at these levels, I felt as if I was together with the divine.

Because of poor cultivation, I had many regrets. As a result, my translation sometimes was not pure. It was not what I intended to do, but it was caused by me, that is, I did not do well what Master wants.

What I can do and what I can think now is to fully let go of myself and translate each and every article with a pure heart. That way, we can truly assist Master with Fa-rectification, save sentient beings, and remain diligent for all of us on the platform of Minghui.

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!

(Presented at Minghui’s 20th Anniversary Fa Conference-selected and edited)