(Minghui.org) I have a big family encompassing four generations that include two daughters and a son. My older daughter gave birth to a boy. Since her mother-in-law was sick and couldn’t take care of her, I invited them to move into my house. My son also lives with us. He married two years ago, and his wife had a son last year. Our household is very lively.

I have practiced Falun Dafa for over 20 years and follow Master Li Hongzhi's requirement to be a good person. I often teach my children and grandchildren with Dafa's principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance. The children are tolerant and get along well. Our whole family lives harmoniously.

People who don’t know our situation think that we are happy because we are financially well-off. However, they don’t know that we are in debt because my husband was cheated by his business partner. Without practicing Dafa, our family would have a different atmosphere. We would likely feel worried and sad.

My husband is a businessman. He’s a very nice person and earned a lot of money. He used to drive a BMW, and I drove a Mercedes. We had two villas, several houses, and a large plot of land. We hired people to do household chores. I lived a life of luxury, and my children lived a carefree life. They could get almost whatever they wanted.

However, four years ago, my husband’s friend, who is in the business of usury (exploitative loans), wanted to work with my husband. They had a good relationship. My husband is a very loyal and honest person, and he trusted this man.

The friend wanted to raise funds using my husband’s business network, but they didn’t trust him. So he asked my husband to provide collateral for a loan he wanted to secure. My husband agreed without thinking too much. The loan amount was surprisingly high. As far as I know, it was over 100 million yuan. Soon, the friend was in jail, and overnight my husband owed a huge debt.

Fortunately, I have Dafa to guide me, so my heart remained calm. My husband was under extreme pressure. I told him, “Never transfer your property. We will pay as much of the debt as we can. Don't worry, I won't blame you.”

We no longer own the house we lived in. The villas and land were also used to pay the creditors.

The incident happened very suddenly, which caused our family to incur a lot of daily expenses. Our friends and relatives were worried about us.

Thanks to Master’s mercy, however, we didn’t suffer much. We don’t have to search for jobs. I still have time to do the three things asked of practitioners. Since my husband has always been nice to others, the creditors were lenient with him.

My husband had bought a three-story building in a rural area in Shenzhen with a friend 26 years ago. It was hard to rent out initially due to the remote location. Fortunately, a few years later, a large road was built behind the building and a recreation center was built nearby. The building turned into a prime location. We get over a hundred thousand yuan of income from it. We now live off this income. I believe it is benevolent Master protecting us, and this is a blessing to our family because they understand the truth of Dafa and support my practicing it.

Because of practicing Dafa, I can be calm in the face of adversity, which makes my children feel better as well. My younger daughter said, “Why doesn't our family look like it is in debt? It’s like nothing happened. We live a peaceful life as usual.”

Even when we were wealthy, I followed Dafa’s principles. I never wasted food or money. Now I do the household chores, buy groceries, cook, and often eat leftovers.

My son-in-law once remarked, “If half of the people in the world were like (Falun) Dafa practitioners, it would be wonderful.”