(Minghui.org) My name is Ms. Li Hua. I am 57 years old, and I am a new practitioner, as I started practicing Falun Dafa four months ago.

I began to practice Dafa when I was suffering from a serious illness that no medicine could cure, and I was in desperation. Master saved my life, for which I thank Master.

Hospitals Gave up on Me

My husband passed away a long time ago. My daughter is 18 years old and she’s still in high school. I was a grumpy person and headstrong.

My legs were unbearably painful in May 2018. The local hospital couldn’t provide a diagnoses. I stayed in bed crying due to the pain. My younger sister took me to seven large hospitals. When one hospital couldn’t treat me, we hurried to another one. However, none of the hospitals could figure out what was ailing me. They only gave me painkillers.

Peptide is a medicine that causes strong irritation and is harmful to inner organs. The doctor said I could only take two pills a day. I did not care about the side effects however, so I took between 10 and 20 pills per day to ease the pain. I thought I was going die from taking so many pills.. If I didn’t have my daughter, I would have ended my life.

When I thought about my daughter, my heart felt as if being stabbed by a knife. I felt so helpless.

Because of taking too many painkillers, my stomach and kidneys were affected. I was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, which is another deadly disease. I threw up everything I ate, lost a lot of weight, and my protein levels dropped significantly. I often passed out, and no hospital would accept me.

Live Ebbing Away

They told me that my life was in danger and I could die at any moment. My sister couldn’t find any hospital that would accept me, so she lied, saying, “We stayed for too long at the hospital, and it is time to stay at home for a few days.” I had stayed in the hospital for over six months, and spent over 90,000 yuan.

My health was worsening, yet I could not understand why the hospital released me.I asked her, “Was it because the hospital wouldn’t take me?” She cried, saying, “Yes, sister. No hospital would let you stay. Otherwise, I would not have taken you home.”

I still didn’t know what illness I had. My legs were not red, but they just ached. I asked my sister, “Just tell me. What cancer do I have?” My sister was certain that it was not cancer. The hospitals couldn’t diagnose it, and just called it neuralgia.

I was desperate. I knew I didn’t have much time left, so I asked my sister to buy funeral clothes, which when I tried them on, we broke out into tears.

My family and friends believed that I only had a few days left, and came to see me for the last time. Everyone cried.

My daughter said, “Mom, don’t die. Please don’t die. Be strong and live. If you die, what will I do?” My heart broke hearing it, and I said, “Silly child. Mom doesn’t want to die, and I don’t want to leave you, but what can I do?”

Falun Dafa Entered my Life

The wife of my relative, whom I call brother San, practices Falun Dafa. Before brother San came, his wife told him, “The hospital can’t cure Hua’s illness. Tell her not to lose confidence. Ask her to practice Falun Dafa. It is the Buddha Fa.”

She went on to say, “Over 100 million people practice Dafa, and so many people who suffered from cancer and other deadly diseases have recovered. It is the only way to save her.”

Brother San didn’t believe it. However, when he saw me, he realized that there was no other way that they I could be saved. He persuaded me to give Dafa a try. He told me stories of people who recovered from cancer and deadly diseases after practicing Falun Dafa. He and I know some of the people he mentioned. So, I agreed to have brother San’s wife teach me the exercises.

San’s wife came with a lady from her village. This lady used to suffer from osteopenic necrosis and breast cancer. She recovered many years ago after she began to practice Dafa.

They taught me the exercises, and told me how many people benefited from practicing Falun Dafa, including those that were near death. They told me that if I want to recover, I needed to let go of all human attachments, including the attachment to my illness. I also needed to let go of any negative attitude towards people, and be serious about practicing Dafa.

Experiencing the Power of Dafa

At the beginning, I listened to Master’s lectures and did as many of the exercises as I could. By the third day, I stopped all medication, and let go of my attachment to death. Then, my pain stopped.

At that moment I knew Master was taking care of me. On day four and five, my head, face, hands, legs, and feet were all swollen. I was scared again. But, a fellow practitioner told me that it was a good thing, because Master was purifying my body, and it was normal.

By the evening, I started to urinate a lot, and all the swelling subsided. This went on for four or five days, after which I no longer had any illness symptoms.

I have practiced for about five months, and I haven’t taken a single pill. My stomach no longer hurts, I can eat normal food, and I even go shopping.

I experienced the power of Dafa. Master pulled me back from death, and Master freed me from pain and desperation.

Thank you Master. and I am thankful for the help from fellow practitioners. They are Master’s good disciples.

My sister and brother San were confused. They just could not believe that I was no longer in pain, and no longer needed any medicine. But since they witnessed this they no longer doubted Dafa.

I didn’t understand Falun Dafa in the past, and used to say, “Just go to the hospital when you are sick. The medicine is so developed nowadays. If just doing exercises can cure illnesses, why would we need hospitals? Wouldn’t they all shut down?”

I now realize how naive and ridiculous I was. My sister left, but brother San’s wife and the other practitioner stayed for four months, studying the Fa and practicing the exercises with me.

Living by the Principles of and Having Faith in Dafa

I understand that there are tests in cultivation, and I should not be deceived. When going through tribulations, we should always have faith in Dafa and look inward. When I try to improve my temper, I am determined to first think of others’ needs.

A person borrowed 20,000 yuan from me and has not repaid me for three years. Since I’ve spent 90,000 yuan on treating my illnesses, and my daughter also needs money for school, I wanted to ask her for my money during the Chinese New Year, and I was planning on fighting with her if she didn't return it.

Fellow practitioners discussed this with me and said, “Without practicing Dafa, your life would have ended. Then, what use would money have? “ “Master said,

‘If something is yours, you will not lose it. If something is not yours, you will not have it even if you fight for it.’ (Lecture Seven, Zhuan Falun)

They continued, “Maybe she really doesn’t have the money. Also, it’s been three years. Why did you never think about it before you practiced Dafa, but now you remember it and want it back? Maintain your xinxing and don’t be deceived. Use this opportunity to cultivate and improve yourself.”

“When your body recovers, you can earn more money. Maybe by that time, she will have the money to pay you back. Looking inward, didn’t you have the desire to earn some interest when you lent her money?” I agreed with it and let go of this attachment.

This New Year I visited my mother-in-law, with whom I did not keep up communication. She was moved to tears, because she thought I would never see her again.

I realized that cultivation was not just reading the Fa and doing exercises. I had to truly cultivate my heart, strictly follow the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and let go of my bad temper.

Clarifying the Truth About Dafa

I went to my home town. Everyone was so surprised to see me. They were surprised to see me walk, and asked how I recovered. I told them I recovered because I practice Falun Dafa.

They all thank Master for me. They all say that Dafa is so amazing and encourage me to cultivate well.

Aunty Guo cried when she saw me. Her daughter died from brain cancer.

She said, “My daughter was just like you, suffering from a deadly disease, but she died. We knew no one who practiced Falun Dafa, and we didn’t know that Falun Dafa was so good. We believed the slander by the communist regime. Otherwise, my daughter could have practiced it, and she may not have died at such a young age!”

I am so fortunate to know Master and to cultivate Dafa. I must tell my experience to people and let others benefit too.