(Minghui.org) I am a traditional farmer who has been practicing Falun Dafa for 21 years. “Dafa grand disciple” is what others in my village call me. They respect me and admire me because when I was seriously ill and dying, Master Li, founder of Falun Dafa, gave me a new life. Folks around me agree that “Falun Dafa is good.”

Dafa Completely Healed My Illnesses

For a man, it is said that the best age for starting a career is when he's in his 40s. But at that age, I had to lay in bed all day due to my illnesses. A man is also considered the backbone of his family. My home life was already difficult, but now that I was collapsing, one can imagine what my family life became.

Although I was very ill, I didn't fear death and decided that I would no longer see any doctors. My brothers pleaded with me: “Please go to see the doctor. Even if he says you are incurable and no treatment is available for you, we will then take it easy and no longer spend money.”

They persuaded me to go to a hospital. I was diagnosed with tuberculosis and heart disease, both in very serious stages. We heard that the government reimbursed whoever went to the local TB control center for treatment, so I went there. The doctor said that I had permanent lung damage and the condition was incurable. I took home some prescribed medication and waited to die.

I could barely walk at that time, and I had to take a few breaks just to get from the gate to the front door, after which I had to lie down. Looking at my teenage children, I felt bitter. Other villagers said, “This man is done for.”

Just when my life was on the verge of extinction, I saw a glimmer of light. By 1998, Falun Dafa had spread to my hometown. My third youngest sister was one of those who had started practicing Dafa.

She told me, “Brother, you are really sick. Please read this book, Zhuan Falun. It is very good.”

I said, “I can’t even sit up. How can I read a book? I can’t.”

She said she would go home and get a tape recording of the Dafa lectures for me. The next day she gave me the recordings. I couldn’t sit up, so I listened lying down. While listening to the first lecture, I felt something like a hand enter my chest and grab hold. The grabbing sensation made it harder to breathe, so I had to sit up. At that time, my sister was washing clothes outside the room.

I told her, “There is something wrong. I felt a hand grabbing my lungs.”

“That is a good thing, and Master is taking care of you,” she said. “This practice can heal sickness, so it is best for you to just keep listening to the lectures.”

The longer I listened, the better I felt. When listening to the seventh talk, where Master mentioned the harmful effects of smoking and drinking, I felt as if he was talking about me. I used to have three bad habits: smoking, drinking alcohol, and gambling, for which I was especially well-known in my village. Without alcohol to accompany each meal, I could not hold my rice bowl. Every day I had to drink a liter of alcohol.

After listening to all nine of the lectures, I came to understand how human beings should be: People are here to return to their origins and their true selves, to be considerate of others everywhere, and to conduct themselves based on the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. That is a person at the highest level.

Dafa swept through the fog in my mind to let me see the light from my darkness. I had hope for my future.

I was determined to learn Dafa, and I had no doubt that I would do it. I hastened to buy a Dafa book and started to learn the exercises. My home was full of medication, visible to anyone who came there. After studying Dafa, however, I threw away some medicine, gave away the rest, and began to practice Dafa formally.

After more than 20 days, walking no longer made me out of breath. My diseases were completely healed two months later. The folks in my village wondered how such a serious illness could be healed without medication.

Striving to Be a True Practitioner

Falun Dafa requires followers to take Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance as their standard. It is a Buddha school cultivation practice in which one has to truly uplift his moral standard; only then can one achieve the effect of healing sicknesses and staying fit. In other words, Master would purify one's body to remove the illness.

After practicing Dafa, I had a brighter outlook and became more positive. I lived like a completely different person. I no longer gambled and quit my stubborn addictions to smoking and drinking. I listened to Master and behaved as a good person everywhere I went, in accordance with Dafa’s requirements. After I regained my health, I could not only do field work but also help my wife with housework.

Cultivation is about believing in Master and the Fa and treating oneself as a practitioner when encountering tribulations. One spring, after I began practicing Dafa, I was raking the paddy field in preparation for planting seeds when I accidentally cut my foot with the rake.

My younger brother was helping. “Your foot is bleeding through your boot,” he said. “The fields are full of dirty water and fertilizer. Don’t let the cut get infected. You’d better stop working and go home.”

“It's all right,” I said. “I am already a practitioner, so nothing bad will happen.”

Back home, when I took off my boots, I saw that my socks were soaked with blood and stuck to my feet. I could not remove them. I was only able to remove my sock after my brother helped me to soak my foot. My lungs were hurting, but I didn't think I had an illness. I knew that a practitioner has to repay karma.

The next evening, I had a dream. Master visited me dressed in a doctor’s white coat and wearing a hat and face mask. He circled once around my bed, pointed to my lungs and said, “This part will be healed in a few days. Your foot will be good by tomorrow.” He then left.

The next day, my foot was truly healed, and my lungs were no longer painful a few days later.

One day, I was extremely uncomfortable. I couldn't lie down because it made it difficult to breathe. I had to lean on something while sitting. I could not close my eyes without feeling like I was losing consciousness. I sat up for a day and a night and expectorated mouthfuls of yellow phlegm. Some village folks said, “This time he is doomed. He will die.”

I told myself that I had come to this world to validate Dafa and that my body was in the hands of Master. Meanwhile, I asked Master to help me overcome this tribulation, to give me strength, and to eliminate the evil elements attacking my body.

With Master’s protection, I regained my health and went back to work in the field.

The villagers who saw me said, “You are healthy again. You are so awesome.” Actually, they were not saying that I was good; they were saying that Dafa is good.

Resisting the Persecution, Persisting in Cultivation

Practicing Falun Dafa brought me back to life. I became famous in my village but also the target of persecution. As soon as a political date approached, local policemen would “visit” my home to check on me.

Once, the police in my county came to my home to harass me. One said, “Our country has forbidden the practice of Falun Dafa, so you can’t keep practicing.”

“Dafa teaches people to cultivate their minds and to be good people in line with Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance,” I said. “What is wrong with that? Which part is wrong? I have to practice even if you say not to.”

An officer said they wouldn’t allow me to practice. One officer said, “But, I’ve just come here to check on you.”

That day, many other villagers gathered around when they saw the police arrive. They wanted to prove a point to the officers about my practicing Falun Dafa.

One person said, “In the past, he would lay in bed and do nothing else. His family had no money to treat his illnesses. He would be long gone by now if he had not practiced Dafa. It is Dafa that saved him.”

Another said, “Yes, Falun Dafa saved him.”

Having no response, the police left.

Spreading the Goodness of Dafa to My Village

Since Master saved my life, I had to tell folks in my village about the goodness of Dafa.

One day, I heard that Mr. Zhou, who lived in Laoshantou Village, had become seriously ill with bone cancer. He was lying in bed waiting to die like I had. I felt I had to hurry to tell him about Dafa.

When I arrived at his home, I saw his son standing beside his bed. Mr. Zhou had a big growth protruding from his right thigh. He couldn't get up. He had already asked his son to prepare for his funeral.

His son could not find a coffin to buy, so he bought a big armoire from his neighbor to use instead. Since Mr. Zhou was tall and wouldn't fit in the armoire, his son opened one side of it and made it longer.

I knew this was my chance to talk to him about Dafa. “I was just like you before,” I said. “I was so sick that I couldn't sit up, and I could only lay in bed. Master Li saved me when I became a practitioner. Master came to save people; as long as you can believe, Master will take care of you.”

Since he was interested, the next day, I brought a Dafa book to him and told him more about it. I also asked him to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organizations he had joined.

I also told him to recite “Falun Dafa is good” with his truest heart.

After I left, he began to sincerely recite the phrase, and after saying the words for four or five days, the growth on the end of his right thigh broke up and oozed pus and bloody liquid that filled half of a washbasin. The growth soon disappeared.

Before that, he couldn’t even take off his trousers because the growth was so large. In less than ten days, he was able to walk. His bone cancer was healed without medication or surgery.

More than ten years later, Mr. Zhou, known at one time as “the dead person,” is still working in the field, happy and healthy. This is a miracle that medicine cannot explain.

Wherever I went, my fellow villagers would say, “Dafa grand disciple is coming.” Even the village chief would say so after he saw me. Even during the worst times of persecution, no matter what officials were around, the villagers would fearlessly apply the title of “Dafa grand disciple” to me.

Under the high pressure of the CCP persecution of Dafa disciples, no matter what kind of slanderous propaganda it used, the righteous thoughts generated deep down by the villagers were impossible to shake because they saw that Dafa’s mighty power had healed me and saved others.

Since I gained health and wisdom through practicing Dafa, I haven't needed any medication. Master granted me health, and I used my healthy body to show the goodness of Dafa. My neighbors are my witnesses.

My life was renewed by Master, and my personal experiences are more than enough to bear witness to how great he is. In honor of Master’s birthday, this disciple sends congratulations and extends his gratitude to Master for his merciful salvation.