(Minghui.org) My entire family is enjoying happiness and joy because of practicing Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong), after having been through hardships and tribulations. I have witnessed and experienced the power of Falun Dafa.

Facing and Living through a Major Tribulation

At the age of 30, which was 21 years ago, my mind was filled with aspirations, and I was looking forward to a wonderful life. I worked very hard and tried my best to improve our life and living conditions by pulling every string I could.

Then, my husband was transferred to a good workplace, and I was also preparing to transfer from the education sector to the more profitable Municipal Electric Power Bureau. Besides, we had an adorable son. People of my age group were quite envious of my family.

However, life is unpredictable and sorrow often happens when least expected.

My 29-year-old husband was diagnosed with a malignant tumor that year at the Beijing Union Medical College Hospital. This diagnosis caused great heartache, and I shed many tears.

When I went back to the ward to care for my husband, he noticed my red eyes. He asked, “Have you caught a cold, or are you missing our boy? You look as if you have been crying.” To hide my sadness, I said lightheartedly, “It's nothing. I'm having a bit of a cold.”

I was traumatized by fear of losing my loved one. My husband had an operation and was recovering from the ordeal. I didn't tell him the diagnosis, and kept it a secret from our parents. I worried that they could not bear the blow. But, I only told my younger sister, who shared the pain with me.

I called on God for help. It was rather surprising that I, being brought up an atheist, pinned my hope on God and begged God to help my husband survive.

We spent about five months in Beijing. I went to the Lama Temple early in the morning to burn incense and kowtow. I was always the first one to arrive, and waited patiently for the gate to open. After entering, I knelt down to kowtow to the Buddha statues.

After returning to Beijing, I rushed around to seek comfort from fortune tellers. However, all my efforts could not reduce the pain I was enduring. My husband's condition worsened.

The medical treatment for my husband required a lot of money. I tried to borrow money from relatives, but they worried about my ability to repay them, and did not lend me much. So I went to the bank and got a mortgage on our apartment. But the money was barely enough for one trip to Beijing for a post-operation examination and medication.

Coming back from Beijing, I ran out of money. I felt deep desperation, as I could not see any hope or way out. The fear that my husband would soon die in pain became more and more real. Friends and relatives comforted me by saying: “Don't borrow money for treatment any longer, and just use conservative treatments. You need to keep going for the sake of your son.”

However, I kept on looking for treatments that would help my husband. At the same time, I kept praying to God to help us.

Snatched from the Jaws of Death

My devout heart was answered and we received the gift from Heaven.

A student's mother visited me and said, “In the face of Falun Dafa, your husband's illness is nothing. Falun Dafa has miraculous healing effect.” She encouraged us to practice Falun Dafa. I wanted to give it go, but my husband didn't believe her and said, “Even famous hospitals and doctors could not cure my illness; I doubt if Falun Dafa can help me.”

The lady was very kind, and I was inclined to trust her, even though I also held some doubt. “Let's give it a try,” I said to my husband.

I started to read the book Zhuan Falun and learned the Dafa exercises. I was deeply attracted to the profound principles of Falun Dafa after reading only a few pages. As I continued, I began to understand why human beings suffer illnesses and tribulations, and how human beings should live their lives. All my feelings of pain and anxiety were gone when I understood the true meaning and purpose in life.

A few days after I started doing the exercises I could feel Falun rotating in certain parts of my body, such as my head, my palms and my abdomen, nine times clockwise and nine times counter-clockwise. When I was walking on the street at night, I could see dazzling Falun flying around me and heard beautiful music from other dimensions.

I experienced the preciousness and sacredness of Dafa, which helped me develop a firm belief in the practice. I decided to encourage my husband to take up the practice as well.

My husband was sitting on our bed one day, looking sad and worried. As he watched our son playing, tears ran down his face. He said, “You must take care of your health so that you can look after our son. I'm not afraid of death. You can marry someone else and form another family. It's only that our son is still so young. After I'm gone, he will be so pitiful.” He started sobbing.

With tears in my eyes I said, “Since you care so much about our son, for his sake, give it a try with Falun Dafa.” He agreed.

Within half a month after my husband started practicing Falun Dafa, all his reoccurring tumors disappeared! There was no need to go to Beijing for checkups.

I was filled with happiness. No book could explain the miraculous recovery of my husband. I felt extremely fortunate to have an affinity with Dafa.

My husband regained his health and could eat and drink like a healthy young man again. Soon he went back to work.

The news of my husband's miraculous recovery through practicing Falun Dafa was talked about at many places. Many people from government agencies, the local procuratorate, centers for disease prevention, and schools visited us to hear about how he was snatched from the jaws of death.

More and more people began to practice Falun Dafa, including my grandmother, my parents and sisters, my mother-in-law, my aunt, my sister-in-law and brother-in-law, as well as their children. Those who used to suffer serious illnesses also recovered. All of my family members and relatives felt extremely grateful to Master and Dafa.

My husband is still very healthy today, and has never taken any medication since he began practicing Falun Dafa. Everyone at his workplace knows that Falun Dafa saved him and gave him a new life!


It was not even 10 months after my husband started practicing Falun Gong, when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime launched its persecution against Dafa practitioners.

Soon I was fired by my employer for my belief and was later illegally imprisoned, leaving my little boy unattended at home.

Falun Dafa exposed the ridiculous atheist doctrines of the CCP, and the miracle that happened to my husband also helped people who knew his story see through the false excuses that [former Chinese leader] Jiang Zemin and his clique used to persecute Falun Gong.

The power of Dafa helped me become a staunch Dafa disciple, and I've never given up my faith in Dafa, although I suffered various forms of persecution by the CCP.

My son grew up in the shadow of the persecution. From kindergarten to elementary school, then to middle school, he lived in fear and confusion every day, enduring pain and suffering that no child of his age should be subjected to. Several times, he had to face the cruel police, and was twice unlawfully taken to the police station along with me.

Once, he saw the police hitting me hard, and he cried out in fear, “Please do not hit my mom.” The police showed no pity. One of them even pulled him into another room, demanding that he provide them with names of people I had contact with.

On another occasion, when a few relatives and I were preparing for his fifth birthday celebration, several police officers broke into my home and arrested me without saying anything. My little boy ran after the police car and cried helplessly.

The persecution severely harmed my little boy, causing irreparable damage to his studies and other aspects of his life. Once he said to me, “You all say that you have been persecuted, but I'm the one who has been truly persecuted! Everyone says that childhood is the happiest time in life, but for me, it is unbearable.”

I was heartbroken upon hearing these words. But the most distressing was that the CCP's lies also poisoned the minds of young children. My son became more and more distant, and as he grew up, he left Dafa cultivation and developed bad habits such as smoking and drinking, as well as a pursuit of money and leisure.

Helplessly I watched my son drifting farther and farther away from Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and sliding downhill.

A Joy to Share

My son got married last year. Everyone said that my daughter-in-law had the look of a model and my son looked like a film star.

However, my son developed an extremely narrow-minded temperament. He could not tolerate others and did not care much about others either. As a result, he often argued with my daughter-in-law, making life very hard for her. My husband and I both knew that only Dafa could help her and show her the true purpose in life. So we decided to encourage her to cultivate in Dafa.

One day, my son had an argument with my daughter-in-law again, making her feel very upset. My husband and I explained to her that Falun Dafa is the only high-moral Fa in the world, which can change people's destiny. We also told her how Dafa teaches people to become good people and that many broken families became reunited through practicing Falun Dafa.

Our daughter-in-law is a kindhearted person and we could see that she became much relaxed after learning the truth and she also wanted to practice Falun Dafa.

Thanks to Master, a young couple who were Dafa practitioners became friends with my son and my daughter-in-law. With the help of the young couple, my son quickly awakened, and he and his wife started Dafa cultivation.

No words are ever adequate enough to describe the joy I felt upon hearing the news. I could not hold back tears. Thank you Master for your boundless compassion and protection!

My son has changed a lot since he started cultivating in Dafa. He has become tolerant and calm and cares about us. We now communicate very well and share common topics.

My son and my daughter-in-law have learned to look within and they no longer argue. My daughter-in-law looks more beautiful and there is always a sweet smile on her face. She said to me, “I have learned such a wonderful practice, I want to tell more people about it.” My son also looks more handsome, and the happiness from his heart has long replaced the coldness he used to show people.

Now, our whole family lives by the high standards of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and are immersed in the joy of Master's boundless benevolence.