(Minghui.org) Many elderly practitioners face family-related issues. Some of them have grown, married children, who don't practice Falun Gong, thus these ordinary people don't understand the importance of maintaining a good cultivation environment.

They ask their parents (who practice Falun Gong) to take care of their kids, instead of sending them to a daycare center, or they ask their parents for ongoing financial support.

As a result, these elderly practitioners spend less and less time studying the Fa. Some of them have even developed physical ailments, which are getting progressively worse. They truly feel helpless.

However, these practitioners are in this situation precisely because they're too attached to family, and thus are being interfered with by the old forces.

It seems natural that parents would want their children and grandchildren to live a happy life. However, as practitioners, we shouldn't get too attached. A child's fate is determined by divine beings, not by their earthly parents.

Some practitioners seem to live just for their children. When their children are going through a tribulation, the parents can’t eat or sleep. If they don't get rid of these human sentiments, the old forces will definitely take advantage of these loopholes.

As practitioners, we should realize that our home environment is the best place to get rid of our various human attachments. Children serve as a mirror for our cultivation, reflecting back to us all of our incorrect mentalities.

For example, when a child behaves well, the parents are usually happy. Why are they happy? Because their children are treating them well. Could this happiness be a test?

When a child doesn't behave well, do the parents react with anger, grievance, or tears? Isn't their child's behavior meant to expose their parents' various human attachments? As parents, shouldn't they be grateful for these tribulations?