(Minghui.org) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner in China. My chronic ailments were completely cured after I started practicing Falun Dafa. Convinced of its miraculous powers, I recommended the practice to my wife. She responded adamantly, “I refuse to be constrained by any belief. I will not practice.”

I would like to share the story of how my wife, a staunch atheist unwilling to be bound by any belief or thinking, became a Dafa practitioner.

Before the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began the persecution of Falun Dafa, my wife neither opposed nor supported my decision to cultivate. However, this changed when the CCP intensified the persecution practitioners. Fearing for my safety, my family members encouraged my wife to do whatever she could to stop me from practicing.

During our frequent arguments, my wife would intentionally ram her head against the wall, saying, “I’ll kill myself if you continue to practice.” She would also sleep on the floor in a deliberate attempt to ignore me. 

Later, she started hiding my Falun Dafa books and even shredded the handwritten passages I had copied. I warned her, “Stop doing this foolish thing. You will incur retribution.” My wife angrily retorted, “Gods and Buddha do not exist. Even if there is such a thing as retribution, let it come. I am not afraid.”

My wife continued to ignore my advice for two years. The following year, our family met with a series of misfortunes. Both the front and rear tires on our family motorcycle blew out while we were traveling home to celebrate the New Year. Then, a number of breakdowns forced us to take the motorcycle in for major repairs four to five times a month. The water pipes under our house kept leaking and we lost a lot of water. My wife was plagued almost daily by nightmares and dreams of bad omens.

One afternoon, my wife was riding her motorcycle when she was hit by a large truck. I held her, bloodied and trembling, as she was rushed to the hospital and said, “Stop asking for retribution to fall on your head and repeat, ‘Falun Dafa is good.’ Falun Dafa’s Master will help you.” Whether out of fear or desperation, my wife recited the phrase three times.
She had broken a bone in her arm and needed a few stitches for the gash on her forehead. Even though the anesthesia wore off by nightfall, she felt no pain. I told her, “This is a miracle. How can you have no pain from such serious injuries? Falun Dafa’s Master is taking care of you.” My wife only mumbled in response. After she recovered, she started to wonder, “Do things we cannot see really exist?”

Eventually, my wife’s nightmares vanished and she stopped voicing her disbelief in the concept of retribution. I told her, “Those who commit bad deeds unknowingly pay for their sins with their lives. They die without knowing about the existence of Gods and retribution. You survived a major accident with your limbs intact and a minor scar on your face. You are now a step closer to believing, and that is a blessing.”

Unfortunately, as soon as her wounds healed, my wife forgot her lesson. She continued to believe that Falun Dafa was bad and often prevented me from mentioning the practice to anyone else. Her temper also grew worse. Once, because I was late in returning home from a fellow practitioner’s house, my wife burned my copy of Zhuan Falun to ashes. Soon after, she began to suffer symptoms of heart failure, which a visit to the hospital confirmed. I advised her to practice Falun Dafa, but she retorted, “I refuse to be constrained by any belief. Modern medicine is very advanced. How can I fail to recover?” She then went to consult my cousin, a renowned heart doctor.

Initially, my wife was able to get by with a dozen yuan worth of medicine a month. By the next year, however, her worsening heart disease crippled her to the point that she was not able to work or do any household chores. At her request, my cousin gave her stronger medication, which cost three or four hundred yuan a month. By the third year, my wife was unable to survive without the medication. Whenever she stopped taking it, her heart would start racing. The medication, however, also caused her severe gastric pain.

One night, my wife had so much difficulty catching her breath that she felt she was almost at the brink of death. This incident instilled so much fear in her that when family members, friends, and my fellow practitioners advised her to practice Falun Dafa, she finally gave in.

Initially, she only did three out of the five exercises. After three days, she reported that her heart was now beating normally, and she stopped taking her cardiac medication. I encouraged her to read Zhuan Falun, but she replied, “Let me practice the exercises first, before reading the book.”

One day, she woke up, all excited, and said, “In my dream, I clearly saw a shining, golden Buddha.” I replied, “You really do have a predestined relationship with Buddha.” I encouraged her again to read the book, but she again demurred and told me she would consider it later.

Half a month later, my wife reacted in anger to a perceived failing of mine. “I refuse to practice anymore. You do not cultivate well.” I replied, “If I made an error, I will correct myself. Remember that you were cured by practicing Dafa. You should not stop.” My wife rebuffed me: “My illness was not cured by Dafa. It was because the medication I took worked so well. Once its effects kicked in, I was cured.” Her words rendered me speechless.

A month later, my wife's heart condition relapsed and she decided to resume Dafa cultivation practice. But I told her, “This time around you should cultivate seriously. You have to read Zhuan Falun and practice all five exercises. If you remain so indecisive, Master may not take care of you.” My wife agreed.

That night, while we were doing the second exercise, my mind was consumed with worry. This exercise requires a certain level of stamina. What if her heart condition caused her to faint? I worriedly concluded the exercise, only to see my wife turn to me in amazement, “Now I truly believe in Falun Dafa! Just as I felt barely able to go on, a relaxed feeling suddenly enveloped me. I was able to hold my arms up with ease, and my thoughts were very peaceful. I have never experienced anything so wonderful!”

The following day, she began to read Zhuan Falun. Despite an initial difficulty in fully understanding the content, she committed the words to heart. After reading the book cover to cover three times, she wondered, “This book is so well written. Why didn’t you encourage me to read it earlier?” I was too surprised to reply!

From then on, my wife’s heart condition was completely cured and she has not taken any medication for the past six years. Her bad temper has also disappeared. Previously, our two children were reluctant to approach her. These days, they actively seek her out to chat. In the past when we ran our distribution business, she would constantly complain and pick fights. Now, her magnanimous behavior has earned her praise from those we interact with.

After going through this experience with my wife, I find I am better at clarifying the facts. In the past, whenever I encountered atheists who dared to blame the heavens and swear against the Gods, I would be shocked speechless. Nowadays, I tell them, “You sound exactly like my wife used to.” After hearing about her experiences, these people normally start rethinking their atheistic conviction.

Falun Dafa has brought health and happiness to our family. However, there are still many in China who believe the lies of the CCP and harbor much hatred for us. But as long as you are willing to try and change your mindset, Falun Dafa’s Master will be there to guide you away from misfortune into a blessed future.