(Minghui.org) At the final stage of Fa-rectification, while practitioners are urgently saving people, they have been interfered with in many situations. The interference manifests as some practitioners being arrested, suffering sickness karma, or passing away, difficulties obtaining cellphone cards, or being monitored by government security with data collection and security cameras. Many practitioners feel powerless and helpless in the face of these situations and their righteous thoughts are not as powerful as before.

A large number of practitioners suffered persecution after filing lawsuits against former Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin in 2015. It was heard that some police officers believed that the persecution would be useless after witnessing practitioners' strong righteous behavior right after the persecution began in July 1999. In fact, these practitioners' recent lack of righteous thoughts surprised the police. It was an easy job for the police this time, since some practitioners gave in immediately after being threatened.

One reason for some practitioners' lack of righteous thoughts was because they needed to improve themselves based on the Fa. But the main reason was that some practitioners did not position themselves properly with the Fa-rectification. They were unable to tell that their depressed thoughts were arranged by the old forces and were creating a negative impact on them.

For example, some practitioners found that they did not do well after the persecution happened, so they simply accepted the persecution. Some practitioners did not have righteous thoughts when they heard that a certain practitioner had been persecuted; they believed that the practitioner had a loophole in his/her cultivation and needed to improve. These depressed thoughts were based on the logic arranged by the old forces, which caused them to accept and acknowledge the persecution.

In this historical play of the Fa rectifying the cosmos, Master cast us in the lead roles and has negated the old forces completely. The evil elements should not exist. Master chose practitioners to save sentient beings and does not allow any other beings to interfere.

The true value of Dafa practitioners' existence is to assist Master in Fa-rectification and save people, which is the main component of Fa-rectification disciples' cultivation. When we encounter any trouble or interference, we should first consider its impact on Fa-rectification and saving people. In the meantime, we should correct ourselves based on the Fa so as to completely negate the old forces' plans. The old forces used the loophole of practitioners not balancing well the relationship of self-cultivation and Fa-rectification.

At the beginning of the persecution, practitioners were full of righteous thoughts in assisting Master in Fa-rectification and negating the old forces. Dafa bestowed practitioners' righteous thoughts with full power.

On the road of Fa-rectification, there are always two paths: one arranged by Master and one by the old forces. When we look at everything without the mindset of the old-cosmos lives and outside the context of the old forces' arrangements, we are able to truly assist Master in Fa-rectification.

Master wants to save all sentient beings through the Fa-rectification, but the old forces arranged to eliminate the beings they don't want by having them commit sins against Dafa and practitioners. We must solve the puzzle based on compassion and on the requirement of Master's Fa-rectification.

All sentient beings have a predestined relationship with Dafa. The true relationship between practitioners and sentient beings is savers vs. saved people, instead of persecuted people vs. persecutors. In order to play the lead roles well, we practitioners should not put ourselves in the persecuted roles. We should actively counter the persecution to eliminate the evil and save people.

Many practitioners do not know how to solidly cultivate themselves. When they run into problems, they look at others. They cultivate themselves based on their personal point of view and do not step out of the old cosmos' selfishness. The old forces control those negative thoughts and reflect them into practitioners' minds. These thoughts are so subtle and concealed that we easily ignore them and quietly let them stay. Thus our cultivation can slide down rapidly while we are not paying much attention.

As Dafa practitioners, we should step out of the constraints of the old force mindset and look at things with righteous thoughts. Our cultivation is based mainly on character refinement, searching for our own shortcomings and positioning ourselves in the group. We should remind ourselves constantly that we are Fa-rectification Dafa disciples. While eliminating the evil, we should also cleanse ourselves by getting rid of things in us that are not in line with Dafa, measure our actions with thoughts based on the Fa so as to keep up our righteous thoughts under any circumstance, and walk every step well.

With Fa-rectification at the final stage, the massive persecution and sickness karma are anomalies. The government's data collection and video camera monitoring originate from the old forces and must be gotten rid of. Only when practitioners completely eliminate all the old forces' arrangements, can we play the lead roles well in this final historical play. Rooting out the evil is to help the Fa-rectification and to save people. We should actively eliminate the evil by increasing the frequency and extending the time of sending righteous thoughts when conditions allow.

Let's all cooperate well as one body and completely wipe out all the beings and factors that are interfering with the Fa-rectification with our powerful righteous thoughts, encompassing everything and leaving out nothing in any dimension, until they are all gone.

I would like to recall Master's teaching to guide us in walking well this final Fa-rectification path.

“Fa-Rectification and Cultivation” Essentials for Further Advancement II

“The article discusses with much clarity the question of how to handle Fa-rectification and cultivation. During the Fa-rectification, Dafa disciples have a different situation from when personal cultivation was done in the past. In the face of the groundless harming, in the face of the persecution of Dafa, and in the face of the injustice forced upon us, we cannot handle things or categorically accept things as before in personal cultivation, because Dafa disciples are now in the Fa-rectification period. If a problem isn’t caused by our own attachments or mistakes, then it must be that the evil is interfering or doing bad things.

Yet we are still cultivating and still have some last ordinary human attachments. When a problem arises, we have to examine ourselves first to see whether things are right or wrong on our part. If we determine that it is interference or damaging, when we deal with the specific problem we should try our best to be calm and kind to those people who are at the surface, because when the evil uses people, they usually aren’t aware of it themselves (although the people who are used are usually either people whose thoughts are bad or people who have bad thoughts arising). As for the interference by evil in other dimensions, we must seriously eradicate it with righteous thoughts.”