(Minghui.org) I was a premature baby. The Chinese Birth Control Office injected my mother with Oxytocin against her will to make her go into labor.

After I was born, the hospital staff threw me into a water bucket so that I would drown, but my family rescued me. I believe that everything has its arrangements, and Master was already taking care of me.

As I almost died when I came to this world, people in the village were saying that my wish to live was strong, and I would be blessed in the future. This saying became true, because I obtained the most precious thing – Falun Dafa.

Experiencing the Power of Dafa

I began to practice Dafa in 1997. I was still young and went to the practice site every morning at 5:00 a.m. with my mother. Although so young, I could do the exercise positions whether I was doing the standing stance, holding my arms up, or meditating. I firmly believed in Dafa and Master.

From an early age, I came down with a number of illnesses – including a cough, a cold, fever, and psoriasis. I had to get injections and take medicine frequently.

My legs itched from psoriasis, which resulted in swelling because of scratching. I used all kinds of treatments and ointments, but nothing made me feel better. The symptom worsened and the psoriasis invaded my stomach and arms, and then my whole body, except my face. There was nothing that alleviated the pain.

My mother could not watch me suffering any longer and decided to take me to Beijing to see a doctor. As soon as I found out, I said: “Mom, will you still let me cultivate? If you let me, I won’t go to a hospital.”

With this firm thought, my life changed – two days later I experienced the power of Dafa. When I got up in the morning, I found no more lesions from the psoriasis. I also recovered from all my other illnesses. I know that this recovery happened because of my faith in Master, Dafa, and my firm righteous thoughts – Master helped me eliminate my karma.

Firmly Believing in Dafa Despite the Persecution

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched its persecution of Dafa on July 20, 1999. My mom went to Tiananmen Square to petition for the right to practice Dafa. She was imprisoned in a detention center for a year.

I was a sixth-grade elementary student at that time. My second older sister went with my mom, and lost her college admission qualification. The police put out a warrant for her arrest. She walked the streets for many years despite her young age.

My family suffered much sadness and tribulation during that period. I missed my mom and my second older sister.

Sometimes the police came to my home looking for my father, but, he had escaped by jumping over the wall. The police tried to threaten my younger sister and me, so we would reveal where they could find him, but we just kept quiet.

Although I was young, I never questioned whether Dafa was true or not, no matter the difficulties. My younger sister and I kept on studying the Fa with my father every night.

When I ran for the president of the student council in elementary school, I did well during the campaign. My teachers were very happy with my performance. However, the school principal told me that I had to give up practicing Falun Dafa in order to be elected. I told him that I won’t give up Dafa, I would rather give up being elected as the student council president. The school principal was shocked by the choice of a sixth-grade student.

When I was in junior high school, the school demanded that we join the Communist Youth League. On the first day of school, the room teacher found out that I was the only one who hadn’t joined. She asked me why, and I said I just didn’t want to join it, as I dislike it. She just smiled and didn't force me.

Creating a Cultivation Environment

When I attended a technical school out of town, the persecution of Dafa was still rampant. I continued to practice Dafa. Because I held no fear in my heart, along with my firm belief in Master and Dafa, I told my roommates that I practice Falun Dafa and clarified the truth to them.

They didn’t treat me differently, and instead, they listened carefully to what I told them. As a result, it created a very good environment to study the Fa.

After I graduated, I accepted a job. Whether I lived in a company dorm or rented an apartment with others, I would first clear my dimension, so I could have a good environment to study the Fa.

For that, Master has been taking care of me. Since I had the will to create my Fa-study environment, Master helped me!

Everywhere I’ve worked, I would quickly encourage my co-workers to quit the CCP. I felt proud when I told my co-workers and bosses that I practice Falun Dafa.

I didn’t hold any fear when I talked with my bosses, and I found that as long as I could let go of any attachment, I made a good impression. I didn't judge anyone based on their rank or wealth.

During these years, I felt that no matter which company I worked for, I would look for another job when everyone knew the truth about Dafa. Master has already arranged everything for me.

Suing Jiang Zemin

When I returned home in 2015, I heard about suing Jiang Zemin. The local practitioners had lived only in rural areas. Thus, they had little education, which made it difficult to prepare the documentation. I helped practitioners with everything necessary for submission, including editing, online submission, and reporting the submission to the Minghui website.

This was not difficult for me and I held no fear or selfishness, I was very focused on what I was doing and often sent righteous thoughts.

Some older practitioners could not state logically their persecution experiences, so I had to make many changes, but I did not complain. In the process I learned about their cultivation. I was touched by these Dafa cultivators, because they are very simple and pure.

Elevating in Dafa with Solid Cultivation

After returning home, my mom noticed that the time I spent on Fa study was way less than the time I spent on other ordinary people’s things. I also felt the same way.

When I was working, I still had time to study Master’s lectures at work. But I’ve been back home almost a year, and have barely studied Master’s lectures.

Realizing this, I put away anything unnecessary and spent most of my time studying the Fa. The more Fa I studied, the more infinite meaning I found. How can we obtain the Fa without studying the Fa? Master said: “Study the Fa and gain the Fa.” (“Solid Cultivation”, Hong Yin, Translation Version A)

Master said:

“You realize this Fa’s preciousness more and more, and that’s because you have come to know the principles of the Fa at different levels through your constant cultivation and improvement. That has allowed you to understand what it is. The more you study the Fa, the more precious you will find it. So what allows us to best advance is reading the book a lot. Reading the book a lot allows us to advance most rapidly.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Europe”)

Master's teachings have made me realize that Dafa practitioners must study the Fa. I look inward, treat cultivation seriously, and regard myself as a true cultivator.