(Minghui.org) We all know that we should be considerate of others and that there are no small things in cultivation. Last year, there was a local incident that caused a huge loss. The arrested practitioners still have not been released.

At first, we did not realize the root cause. It was not until the lawyers got involved that we understood the situation. It turned out that many practitioners went to the same store, owned by a practitioner, to buy supplies to make truth-clarification materials. Then the authorities started paying attention to the owner, whom I'll call Aiyin. They installed a video camera at the entrance of the store. Aiyin noticed the camera but did not realize its significance so she never mentioned it to anyone. The practitioners who went to her store were then all recorded and followed.

From a certain angle, this incident was due to us not being considerate enough of others. There have been articles on the Minghui website that reminded us not to buy too many things from one place just for convenience. Many of the practitioners involved never thought about this when it came to Aiyin and her store.

For example, when some practitioners went to buy things, they often sat behind the counter and talked to Aiyin for a bit, and when other people came in, they even encouraged the newcomers to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from behind the counter. So people spread the word that there were Falun Gong people in that store, which put pressure on Aiyin and her family. Later, some practitioners reminded everybody to pay attention to safety, but the arrests still took place.

We would like to remind fellow practitioners that new practitioners often do not fully understand just how evil the CCP is. They are very excited to have obtained the Fa. When they meet fellow practitioners, they feel very close. However, as veteran practitioners, we should remind them of the safety issues and discuss things from the standpoint of xinxing improvement.

Regarding other questions, such as who wrote which articles, who installed the computers, who made the materials, etc., unless there is a “need to know,” we should not discuss that information or spread rumors about things. If we do not watch what we say, we may bring pressure to bear on other practitioners.

One local practitioner once expressed such concerns to the group. She used to be a coordinator and her family, who knew Dafa was good, overall supported her. However, many practitioners went to her house asking for different things without cultivating their words. Some did not even give a heads up when they brought new practitioners. When the authorities went to search their house, they already knew many things in detail. The family went through the persecution and felt significant pressure. Now they do not support her anymore or allow her to interact with other practitioners.

Due to the persecution, nowadays, not many places are available for Fa-study groups to meet. Those practitioners who do provide places for Fa study have to, on the one hand, protect the location and, on the other hand, try their best to reassure their family.

In another example, Wang missed Fa study at Xiao's home twice. Xiao went to Wang’s home because she was worried—why hadn't Wang come? Xiao was concerned about protecting the Fa-study location since so many practitioners depended on it. It turned out that Wang missed Fa study merely because she had some things to take care of at home.

For practitioners who go to a Fa-study group, we should all treasure the host practitioner’s contribution and be careful to protect the location. We should pay attention to how loudly we speak. We should not all come together and all leave together. If we want to bring other practitioners, we should give it serious thought and ask for permission in advance. After Fa-study is over, we should not talk about everyday things. When we go to Fa study, we should not bring our cell phones.

We should try our best to be considerate of others and cultivate ourselves solidly. This is my personal understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.