(Minghui.org) A Falun Dafa practitioner named Ann (Alias) called me one morning and asked me to go over to her house. When I got there, she said, “Bella (Alias) heard a voice that told her you and a few people close to you are going to have an accident.” My first reaction was: This wasn't true. It didn't happen.

The next day, I joined the Fa study group at Bella's house. She briefly told me what she had encountered lately.

Negating False Visions

For a long time now, she said that she could hear things from another dimension. She knew that it was interference, so she asked Teacher to take away that supernormal ability. But she began hearing things again over the last two months, and she also saw, through her third eye, an accident that would happen to three practitioners.

She didn't mention this to anyone. But as she saw that two of them had indeed been involved in an accident, just like how she saw it, she wondered if she should tell me. So, she called Ann and asked her to tell me.

I then recalled Teacher's words. Teacher said:

“Being told what’s in store for you would make it hard for you to carry out your practice, so others aren’t allowed to see any of that. And this goes for both your fellow practitioners as well as for those who do other practices. Whatever they might predict wouldn’t be accurate.” (The Sixth Talk, Zhuan Falun)

I was certain that what Bella saw wasn't something Teacher was alerting us to. Therefore, the old forces must be behind the vision she saw. It was something forced upon us, so we should deny it.

When Bella told Ann about her “vision,” it showed that she already acknowledged the old forces arrangement subconsciously. Otherwise, she wouldn't be worried. When she thought that the incident would happen, it showed that she recognized its validity, just like how practitioners accept illusions of illness so they can materially exist. She wanted it to happen, and her acknowledgment would in fact make it happen.

Therefore, when we encounter incidents like this, we must be clear that it is not a hint from Teacher. We must negate it and not let it happen. Then, Teacher will be able to help us and the interference won't occur.

When I looked deeper into my thinking, I questioned: Who let Bella foresee this incident? That being is testing Dafa disciples, which is not arranged by Teacher. Their involvement is interference to Teacher's Fa-rectification.

Since it is not something that Teacher acknowledges, should it remain? We need to negate this test and eliminate its existence, including the high-level being that arranged for it to happen. When we do that, we are eliminating the old forces from their roots.

After I shared my understanding, we sat down together and sent forth righteous thoughts.

Attachments to Fear

In the spring of 2018, during the time of one of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) key meetings, six local practitioners were illegally detained.

A practitioner said to me, “This time of year is not safe for us [practitioners]. Please make fewer booklets [about Falun Dafa]. You should also give out fewer booklets. We can always make up for it later.”

Soon another practitioner came to my house and said, “It's their [CCP's] key meeting time. Please give out the booklets with wisdom. Don't go through the stairwells one after another, and don't do it door to door.”

When I first heard their warnings, I didn't really know what to do. How about just wait and see?

Shall I wait around to save people? That didn't sound right. We can't stop saving people. I thought perhaps I could come up with a different way to clarify the facts? But how?

The more I thought, the more I felt uneasy about the practitioners' advise. When I became more rational, I found that there was an attachment of fear. The practitioners' suggestions were borne out of fear.

So where does the fear come from? Gradually, I saw that behind their advice was the acknowledgment of the tense atmosphere that accompanies the CCP's key meetings. There is also the acknowledgment of persecution when we go and give out informational materials.

When we accept the existence of the persecution we still haven't jumped out of the old forces trap. So of course, we're scared.

It is the same as asking to be sick, so then we get sick. Perhaps that is precisely why the old forces are able to remain. We are not using the wisdom given to us by Dafa.

I then negated the idea that the CCP's key meetings would foster a tense atmosphere. From the bottom of my heart, I didn't allow it to happen. I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all the evil beings that caused the tense atmosphere, based on my understanding of how to negate the old forces.

These experiences help me understand that when we negate the old forces from our thoughts, their arrangements would not be reflected in our dimension.

When we use the Fa as a guide to direct us, we will do things sensibly and with wisdom.