(Minghui.org) I began practicing Falun Dafa when I was little, and I'm now eight years old.

Before I was born, my dad was imprisoned by the Chinese Communist Party's police. Due to the pressure of the persecution, he stopped practicing.

Mom had to raise me by herself. She read Hong Yin to me and brought me to Fa study. I couldn't walk yet, but I remember listening to the adults read. I never fussed or cried while they read.

I started to read very early. In my dreams, Master held me in his arms and taught me how to read the words in Zhuan Falun and his other teachings. The words I saw had different colors. I also saw Master's law bodies and large lotus flowers inside the words. After I started elementary school, I had a lot of homework. I could only read half of a lecture each day, but I could read an entire lecture during the summer.

I also did the exercises with my mom. She would wake me up at 3:50 a.m. to do the first four exercises or the meditation. On the days I didn't have school, I would get up at 3:50 and do all five exercises.

The second exercise was always challenging for me, but now I'm able to do it for a half hour. When I started learning the meditation, I was able to sit with both legs crossed for only five minutes. My mom was worried that I would never be able to meditate for an hour. I tried doing it longer by myself. On the second day, I was able to sit for ten minutes. A couple of days later, I was able to sit for 20 minutes, and later for half an hour. Mom was happy to see my progress and said it was fine if I meditated for a half an hour, but I extended it to an entire hour. Mom was surprised and said I was great! Ever since then, I meditate for an hour. Sometimes my legs hurt and sometimes they don't. Even if they start hurting after half an hour, I still hold on until the end of the hour because the exercises would be in vain if I were to uncross my legs in the middle.

Mom wasn't very diligent in her cultivation when I was little. I could see in other dimensions that were some terrible creatures in our home. I was so scared that I cried, pointing at the bad things. Mom woke up. When she got up to study the Fa, the creatures fled through the window.

One day, I saw two beautiful houses in heaven, a big one and a small one. They were the houses for mom and me that Master created with Falun. My little house was covered with many pretty bows. Mom's big house changed colors and looked different every day. I later realized that the color change was because mom had cultivated diligently and improved. In her world, there were white clouds in the sky and fairies dancing on the clouds. There were pretty flowers everywhere.

During the time when Mom wasn't so diligent, I saw many demons trying to climb into her house. I reminded her to send forth righteous thoughts. Sometimes Mom doesn't want to go distribute flyers, but I invite her to come. I usually put up post-it notes, and the notes stay there for a long time. Mom said it was because my mind was pure. She was thankful that she had me, because I help her and encourage her.

I started clarifying the facts about Falun Dafa to my friends when I was in kindergarten. I told them, “Falun Dafa is great! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is great! I'm a Dafa practitioner.” They thanked me for telling them.

Now I'm in elementary school, and I have many friends. I wanted to tell them about Falun Dafa and the persecution but I was a little afraid. I told one of my friends that the Communist Party was terrible. She agreed with me. For a long time, however, I was too afraid to tell my friends to withdraw from the Young Pioneers. One day, I finally told a close friend that Falun Dafa was great and she should withdraw from the Young Pioneers. She agreed. We chose a nickname for her. One time I invited another friend to my home and played Falun Dafa truth clarification videos for her. She really enjoyed them. I realized that the videos were a good way to clarify the truth.

I wanted to talk to our teacher. Mom tried to tell her about Dafa, but she didn't want to listen and became agitated. She later got sick, and stayed in a hospital for a long time. I decided to visit her. I brought two apples and a card I made for her. I drew a pretty picture with a rainbow. I asked Mom to put a Falun Dafa symbol and the story about the symbol in the envelope. I also asked Mom to send forth righteous thoughts. My teacher was very touched when she saw me and what I brought her.

I often distribute truth-clarification brochures with my Mom. I usually tell people, “I have something special I'd like to give you.” Or, “This is a great book! I want to share it with you.” They usually take it. I read a Minghui article about a young practitioner who clarified facts as she distributed brochures. I decided to do the same thing. One day, I approached an elderly man and said, “Hello! I have some information for you. Remember Falun Dafa is great and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is great!” He was very happy to hear it.

I'm trying my best to be diligent. I don't play video games or cell phone games. I also stopped watching cartoons on TV. I enjoy reading the Minghui website and love listening to the radio programs for young practitioners. Mom downloaded them for me.

I have many things I need to improve on, such as my attachment to food and playing. I also have a strong attachment to my mom. Sometimes I lose my temper or leave my things in a mess. Because of my attachment to playing, I forced my Mom to take me to a park a few days ago. Mom twisted her ankle. I regretted it a lot, and I will never force Mom to take me out anymore. Mom couldn't walk for a few days so I went shopping for groceries. The workers in the store praised me for being capable. Another time, Mom ran a fever and I made porridge for her. Mom said my xinxing improved and I've become considerate. I know that I must eliminate my attachments in order to return to my home in heaven. I also know that every step on the ladder to heaven requires us to pass a test.

How I wish to return to my home in heaven! The ordinary world is so dirty. I recently read an article written by a young practitioner. She said, “Young practitioners, let's cultivate ourselves diligently and return to our homes!”