(Minghui.org) Sending forth righteous thoughts is one of the three things that Master has asked practitioners to do. This is of the greatest importance as it impacts our cultivation, helps Master rectify the Fa, and disintegrates bad substances in our environment and other dimensions.

I have experienced several instances when sending righteous thoughts had a powerful effect.

When a material production site was ransacked in the winter of 2006, another practitioner and I were arrested. At the police station, I recited “On Dafa” to calm down and then sent righteous thoughts intensely.

A few hours later, I suddenly felt that I had become extremely tall; the policemen became docile and would do whatever I asked of them. I thought it was strange until I realized that my sending righteous thoughts allowed my higher abilities to emerge. I walked out of the police station that day.

However, such an outcome is possible only if one diligently studies Master's teachings and establishes a solid foundation of cultivation. In addition, I used all my spare time to memorize Zhuan Falun. I had just memorized the entire book when I was arrested.

Attachment to Lust

My attachment to lust was intensified by the old forces, as I lived in the same house as a male practitioner with whom I was in a relationship. I knelt before Master's image and asked for his help to let go of this attachment. In addition to memorizing Master's teachings and cultivating my xinxing, sending righteous thoughts at critical moments had a great impact on negating the old forces' arrangement.

I could pass most tests of lust in my dreams but realized the severity of the problem after failing once. As the two of us saw each other every day, one wrong thought could have ruined us. Living under the same roof before marriage is wrong and dangerous; the gap can easily be exploited.

Righteous Thoughts in Clarifying the Truth

The male practitioner's elder brother had a car accident and was admitted to a hospital. His family asked us to lend them some money. We couldn't say no, though we realized that the old forces were trying to close our material production site.

We decided to turn this incident into a good thing and used it to clarify the truth to help his family understand Dafa. We sent righteous thoughts intensely for the whole morning before visiting his brother. After half a day, we discovered that the surrounding dimensional field had become clearer, which opened the opportunity to clarify the truth to his family.

His family accepted Dafa and started reciting “Falun Dafa is good.” Within a few minutes, his brother's intestines, which were torn, healed. His family witnessed the recovery, and his sister-in-law even asked for a copy of Zhuan Falun.

Keeping a Pure Mind

I was very diligent during the 2008 Olympics Games and memorized Master's teachings whenever I had time throughout the day. I could feel a breakthrough in my cultivation level. I also cooperated with practitioners to clarify the truth at our company, and I delivered truth-clarification materials door to door.

During the Olympics Games, I sent righteous thoughts every hour. I once saw a bright white circle from my field of righteous thoughts covering the entire local district where I lived. The Minghui website reported that many practitioners were arrested during this period, but no one in my area was arrested. On the contrary, a policeman who was in charge of persecuting practitioners was transferred away. I am certain that the policeman couldn't stay in this field.

When I went to a plaza to clarify the truth, I saw that it was too crowded. I started sending righteous thoughts for half an hour before finding a person to clarify the truth to face-to-face. Almost everyone in the plaza came and surrounded me when I began to talk.

After listening to me, some asked questions, while others asked for Dafa materials. I knew that this was the power of sending righteous thoughts. After a while, I saw that there were too many people and began to worry: “Everyone is taller than me. I wonder if I can escape if someone reports me.”

I knew that this thought was wrong, but I couldn't suppress it. Immediately, someone began to argue with me, some refused to listen, and others gave back the materials.

Through this experience, I witnessed the power of righteous thoughts and also understood the importance of having a pure mind.

Negating the Old Forces’ Arrangements

I faced a tribulation from 2016 to 2017 that was arranged by the old forces. I felt as if I could be swallowed by a black whirlpool at any moment. I kept asking Master for help. After a while, I discovered that there was a serious problem in my cultivation.

I started to memorize Master's teachings, look within, and send righteous thoughts for three hours every day to eliminate the old forces. I finally overcame the tribulation.

I realized that it is insufficient only to study Master's teachings, look within, and clarify the truth; firmly negating the old forces and sending righteous thoughts are also important. Because I did not place importance on sending righteous thoughts, evil factors could accumulate in my dimensional field and exploit my human attachments.

Returning to the State of Cultivating With the Heart I Once Had

I understood how to cultivate after sending righteous thoughts continuously to eliminate the old forces. When a thought appeared in my mind, I could immediately see the hidden attachment and notion behind it and remove them promptly. My xinxing improved quickly, and I rediscovered the state of cultivating with the heart I once had.

In the past, I had always placed importance on studying Master's teachings, clarifying the truth, and sending righteous thoughts four times a day. I realized that I could find my shortcomings after I send righteous thoughts to eliminate interference. After cultivating for over 20 years, I finally discovered the relationship between sending righteous thoughts and cultivating xinxing.

Master said,

“So they can make you feel powerless, down, or make you lethargic and lazy; this thing tries to keep you from being energetic. Let me tell you that a lot of those bad, microscopic beings cover you and your thinking like dust, but they’re actually nothing, and when you send righteous thoughts you can eliminate those rotten things. A lot of people just go through the motions when they send righteous thoughts. If you don’t clean up those things in your body, your cultivation will be affected. But those things can be eliminated with one thought. When your righteous thoughts are not strong enough, when your righteous thoughts can’t come forth, they won’t work.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2014 San Francisco Fa Conference”)

When I read the above Fa, I remembered that Master had told us long ago that our cultivation would be affected if we do not place importance on sending righteous thoughts.

Master said,

“Then what sorts of things are doing that now? Things like worms, bugs, bacteria, and all kinds of foul things like that. Sending righteous thoughts is extremely effective in these cases! They are annihilated in large batches. But there are a lot of them, given how big this cosmos is; and the cosmos consists of many layers. So after you have wiped these things out, shortly after, before long, they might infiltrate again, and you need to eliminate them again. So you need to keep sending righteous thoughts like this, and persist with it for some time, before you will see obvious results. Don’t lose confidence just because, after feeling good following a while of sending righteous thoughts, things don’t seem to go well again. I can tell you that they are using this approach to wear you down—to whittle away at your strong sense of conviction. So you need to be alert to these things.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference”)

Disintegrating the Persecution

I often went out with practitioners to clarify the truth after my cultivation state stabilized. However, I suddenly had a thought that I would be arrested and sentenced to seven years in prison. It was clear that this thought was sent by the old forces.

I persisted in memorizing the Fa, negating the old forces' arrangements, and sending righteous thoughts for about two weeks. During that time, various thoughts cluttered my mind, such as “You didn't do well the previous time, so you are now given another chance to do well.” I told those thoughts in my mind, “Yes, I didn't do well the previous time, but I will do well this time. However, my master said that doing well means that I should not even acknowledge the existence of the old forces.”

After continuously negating the old forces and sending righteous thoughts, I recalled the incorrect thoughts that I had previously. I had agreed for the evil to sentence me to seven years when I was last arrested, as I didn't want to betray other practitioners.

As I continued to memorize the Fa, negate the old forces, and send righteous thoughts, I saw the old forces leaving my body. When they were about to be eliminated, I saw through my celestial eye that they had been trying to send the thought that I would be sentenced into my mind. This thought no longer appeared after they were eliminated, and I could continue to do the three things again.

With persistence over a long period of time, I saw that my righteous thoughts had cleansed the dimensions and environment where I was staying. Master also allowed me to see the evil of the entire province, and I could eliminate all that was unrighteous.

Why was the thought of being arrested so strong in my mind? It was because the old forces had entered my body. We must not take such ordinary thoughts lightly. Instead, we must negate the old forces and send righteous thoughts more to completely eliminate all evil. If we are numb and neglect to do this, the old forces will exploit our loopholes once they have accumulated in numbers.

Moreover, when I realized that I could detect the old forces and know how to negate them, I could differentiate which thoughts in my mind came from the old forces, which thoughts were from human attachments, and which ones were righteous thoughts. In the past, I would either acknowledge or negate all of my thoughts, so I could not improve my xinxing or disintegrate the persecution.

What It Means to Take the Lead Role

My xinxing improved quickly when I continued to look within while doing the three things. However, after the New Year, the scene that I would be persecuted appeared again. The persecutors were even monitoring and closing in on me at one time, but I managed to escape. Nevertheless, evil thoughts filled my mind, and it seemed as if my main consciousness had disappeared.

I managed to control myself: instead of hiding or asking other practitioners for help, I studied Master's teachings, negated the old forces, and sent righteous thoughts for a long time.

When I told a practitioner that my mind was in turmoil, she said, “there is order in chaos.”

I was shocked but knew that Master was giving me a hint. Later, I studied Master's teachings continuously and continued to send righteous thoughts while maintaining a firm thought: “I will not acknowledge any arrangement by the old forces. This turmoil in my mind is an illusion that I have to eliminate. It must be that Master wants me to enlighten to something so I can elevate. The old forces are not worthy of getting involved and can only be eliminated.”

After overcoming a few more rounds, the scene of being persecuted disappeared, and I felt that a large substance in my body had also disappeared. The fear of being persecuted also went away. I felt that I was in charge of my dimensional field and understood the meaning of the “lead role” that Master has talked about. I finally understood that there is indeed order in chaos. Master pushed my fear of persecution to the surface so that I could eliminate it and raise my xinxing.

After I understood that practitioners play the lead role, many of Master's Fa principles became clearer to me. I enlightened that we should send righteous thoughts from the lead's perspective—to eliminate evil, not to protect ourselves in a defensive role.

Under all circumstances, we should think of how to eliminate evil, save sentient beings, and elevate our xinxing. Negating the old forces means not allowing them to interfere and disintegrating them. We should not take negating the old forces as the most important or as the goal, as the old forces are actually nothing.

If we are the lead, how should we rectify the situation step by step in our local areas? How should we send righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil? How should we balance our time and energy and help practitioners in tribulations? As the lead, we should do things according to our own situations based on the Fa while cultivating ourselves, not blindly follow other practitioners as role models. We should walk our own paths and take charge of our own environments.

I now understand that many things that happen in cultivation are good things. When the illusion that I was about to be persecuted appeared, it truly seemed scary. However, if we calm down and hold firm to the thought of overcoming and disintegrating it, we can make a huge leap in our cultivation. That's how I leaped from the role of being persecuted to playing the lead role.

The same applies to negating the old forces: we should do it not from the perspective of fearing persecution but from that of the lead role. We must also believe in ourselves and realize that our negating the old forces and taking the lead role are in accordance with Master’s teachings, so the power of the Fa will manifest itself. When we negate the old forces and remove the attachment to fear, we will be able to walk out of the old forces’ arrangement.

Master said:

“The will as solid as diamondAll is brought under the rule of Great Law”(“The Fa Rectifies All,” Hong Yin Volume II, Translation Version A)

Master's teaching made me understand that it is important for a cultivator to have an unwavering will.

Battle Between Good and Evil

The interference we encounter when sending righteous thoughts is similar to the manifestation of thought karma when we study the Fa. The evil would not wait quietly for us to eliminate them, so they want to make us think that sending righteous thoughts is dispensable. Many practitioners have thus become indifferent.

When practitioners are reminded to pay attention to sending righteous thoughts, some say that “one should look within and not always send righteous thoughts.” In contrast, practitioners who are diligent would pay attention to both.

It is also possible that practitioners who are less diligent or who have an inflated sense of self have a lot of evil in their dimensional field. Sending righteous thoughts is a battle between good and evil. When it is interfered with and becomes ineffective, we have lost the battle.

If we have distracting thoughts or fall asleep while sending righteous thoughts, we must send more righteous thoughts beyond the designated times to eliminate the old forces or other evil elements in our dimensional field that interfere with us.

When I first started sending righteous thoughts for one hour, I had distracting thoughts for the first 45 minutes and was able to focus only in the last 15 minutes. However, as I increased the frequency of sending righteous thoughts, I understood that the initial portion was because there were too many bad substances in my field.

At times, I would doze off while sending righteous thoughts, become clearheaded instantly, and repeat the cycle. I understood that this was caused by the evil being cleaned out one batch at a time.

Sometimes I would feel that I should send righteous thoughts but would then just sit there, not wanting to do it. Or, I would do it for two minutes and put my palm down. In these cases, one must continue to send righteous thoughts. I realized afterward that it was an evil thought that made me not want to send righteous thoughts.

Cleaning One’s Own Dimensional Field First

When I first started sending righteous thoughts for others, I felt that my righteous thoughts could not reach the person. Instead, they always circled around me. I assumed that it was due to my selfishness but later realized that it was actually because there were too many bad substances in my own dimensional field. The righteous thoughts were automatically eliminating the evil in my field. We must clean out our own dimensional field first in order to help others.

After some time, I sent righteous thoughts without thinking of a specific target. They would first circle around in my surroundings. After some time, they would suddenly take off to eliminate the evil in my entire area. After that, they would go to all the evil dens in the province where practitioners are persecuted.

When I maintained my focus on “mie” without a specific target, a target suddenly appeared in my mind: “dark dens.” This made me think about why these places can continue to exist for so long. It is not that we have forgotten to send righteous thoughts to help imprisoned practitioners; it’s possible that if we don’t clean our own dimensional fields first, we naturally can’t think of disintegrating the prisons.

I later observed another phenomenon: the existence of these dark dens is rooted in our own fields. When I then sent righteous thoughts toward the dark dens, they eliminated the evil within those places and simultaneously disintegrated their roots within our own bodies.

Pay Attention to Sending Righteous Thoughts

I noticed that many practitioners in my area either do not know how to send righteous thoughts or do not pay attention to it, resulting in many problems.

Some practitioners study Master's teachings and clarify the truth well but would fall asleep when they start sending righteous thoughts. We tried to remind them, to no avail. Some encountered the illusion of sickness karma, and some even passed away. Another practitioner who could not grasp the importance of sending righteous thoughts and was often arrested.

Practitioners who do not know how to send righteous thoughts should study Master's teachings and talk to other practitioners who do. We must learn to send righteous thoughts.