(Minghui.org) I attended the first lecture session Master held at the No. 5 Middle School in Changchun on May 13, 1992.

The head of my department told us that Master Li Hongzhi would hold a lecture and exercise session at the school from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. I asked my friend to buy a ticket for me.

On the first day, I sat in the middle of the fifth row. As soon as I sat down, I saw a tall, handsome young man come in with a smile on his face. Somebody said that Master Li had arrived. Everybody applauded.

Master walked on the stage and used his hands to signal that we should stop clapping. Master said that the first Falun Dafa lecture and exercise session had begun. He then said that we were there because we had a predestined relationship, and that he would bring students to greater spiritual heights.

I didn't remember much of what Master said because I was too happy, but I learned how wonderful Falun Dafa is.

Master talked about the inner eye on the second day. I felt my forehead become tight and uncomfortable, but I still felt happy; then my head started to ache. After the session, I told Master that I had a terrible headache. He told me to keep coming to the classes.

I first started having terrible headaches when I was six or seven. They started on the day that our neighbor's child, who was the same age as me, died from measles. His mother's cry startled me, and I leaned against a low wall looking at the family with tears rolling down my face. All of a sudden a gust of wind went by. I was hit by the cold and felt the wind enter my brain. After that, whenever it was windy, my head ached, my eyes teared, and my stomach ached. I also often felt an ache in my leg on such cold, windy days.

I was 43 when I attended the session, so this illness had tortured me for over 35 years.

After the third day I still had a headache, so I told Master that I could hardly bear the pain. Master saw my situation and patted my head three times. I then felt very comfortable and took a deep breath. He asked me if I was okay now. I told him yes.

I haven't had a headache since then. The headaches that I had suffered my whole life had disappeared.

Before the lecture on the fifth day, Master spent time curing illnesses for practitioners. He asked everyone to stand up and said that he would cure us as a group. He told us to think of the illnesses we had and to think our illnesses could be cured through practicing the Falun Dafa exercises. Then he said that if we thought about our family members or parents who had illnesses he would cure their illnesses as well.

My husband had been diagnosed with a brain tumor, so I thought about his illness. I opened my eyes and saw Master standing sideways on the stage, with what looked like three fire balls in another dimension coming out of his right hand and into the lecture theater. Twenty minutes later, Master said, “Stop.” I asked Master about the three fire balls. He said he sent out three “palm mines” to clear the field, because the field in the theater wasn't clean.

Master taught us an exercise after each lecture. When doing the second exercise, I couldn't lift my arms to where they were supposed to be, because of my poor health. Master soon came to me and told me not to move. He gently pushed my arms higher. Before I could even thank him, he was already five or six people away. I realized at that point, even more intensely, that Master is not an ordinary person. I realized that a God had come to this world, which reinforced my determination to cultivate in Falun Dafa, which hasn't wavered since.

Master's first lecture session, which lasted ten days, was completed successfully. Over 200 students attended, and my graduation certificate was number 137. Master personally handed us the certificates and Falun pins.

Miracles I Experienced While Practicing Falun Dafa

Two other practitioners and I set up a Fa-study group following Master's advice that we should study the Fa together.

One day, on my way back home from work, I rode my bicycle across an intersection against a green light and became sandwiched between two cars. They pushed against my bike, bending the fenders. Both drivers swore at me, but I wasn't injured at all. I asked my son to fix the fenders when I got home.

On another occasion, I was riding my bicycle to work when I was hit by a truck and pushed into a ditch. Thanks to Master's protection, other than a scratch on my face, I was completely unhurt.

We were distributing DVDs of the Shen Yun show in 2009. Every practitioner was required to make their own copies of the DVDs to distribute. I didn't know how to burn a DVD. One day after studying the Fa, however, I began to fret about making copies of the Shen Yun DVDs. I then saw one of Master's spiritual bodies on a lotus flower hover over me, which reinforced my confidence in being able to make the DVDs.

Several other practitioners and I later chipped in to buy a computer and a printer, but we didn't know how to use them. Master soon arranged for someone to teach us how to use the equipment and to burn DVDs. So we set up a material production site and made the materials that we needed.

Many practitioners' families were broken apart after the persecution began in 1999. My family tried to prevent me from practicing due to the pressure they faced from all around us—at work, from their local communities, and from the police department, for example.

One day my family and I had a big argument. They said that I was selfish and didn't consider their needs. Although I was unable to convince them otherwise, my determination to continue practicing Dafa never wavered. I wouldn't have survived to this day without Dafa. I could give up everything I had in this world, but would never give up Falun Dafa. Finally, I said that I would leave the family and not take anything so that I wouldn't inconvenience them.

My husband thought for a while and said to our children, “Let your mother practice if she insists.” Our children stopped arguing with me. My husband had finally positioned himself correctly. He knew that Master had saved his life when I thought about his illness at Master's lecture session, and how Master had removed the tumor in his head. He remained healthy all these years. If Master hadn't cured him, would he still be here?

Now my family supports me, even though I have gone through so much over the years. They genuinely acknowledge that Falun Dafa is good.

Thank you, Master, for your saving grace.