(Minghui.org) I had a career of being in charge of the government propaganda department of my city. After narrowly escaping death from two brain hemorrhages, I started to practice Falun Dafa in 2017. I would like to share some experiences that led to my becoming a cultivator.

Poisoned by the Chinese Communist Party

I graduated from the politics program at a university in China. By the time I got my degree, my brain was filled with Marxist-Leninist, Communist thought. I was taught that the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) leadership was based on the truth of the world.

After graduation, I became an instructor at my university and taught courses in politics based on what I had learned. After teaching for a few years, I was transferred to a government department in my city. I was passionate about the CCP and proud of the work I did for it.

I officially joined the CCP in 1989, right before the student-led Democracy Movement in Beijing. After the June 4th Tiananmen Square Massacre, I started to question everything the CCP did to promote its claim that it was great, glorious, and correct. Deep inside, I knew that it was evil and lied to remain in power, but I didn’t dare reveal my true feelings about it.

A year after I started working for the CCP, I was put in charge of the propaganda department. My job was to make up lies that praised the CCP and to fool the people into trusting it. At first, I disliked the job and resented my superiors’ telling me what to lie about. But over time, I got used to it and no longer felt uneasy when composing lies that made them look good. Strangely, I even began to believe the lies I concocted. My mind became unstable; I started to smoke and drink habitually, and my temper got ever worse.

In the early 1990s, I visited Hong Kong and Macau. Upon seeing how Chinese people outside of the mainland lived, I realized that Chinese Communist thought was pure evil and that I had been hoodwinked into believing that the CCP was good. I had no words to express my uneasiness when I realized this.

A Precious Opportunity

In 1997, my wife started to practice Falun Dafa. She told me that the practice could heal one's illnesses and that it helps people to become truly good. She bought me a copy of Zhuan Falun, and I read the whole book in one night. I knew that every word was true, and I was enlightened by what I learned. But I couldn’t get past the feeling that as an employee of the CCP, I couldn't follow the principles in the book because it was the opposite of the atheism that the CCP led people to believe. Thus, the chance to practice Dafa passed me by!

On July 20, 1999, the CCP launched its persecution of Falun Dafa. Because of the lies on TV, especially the Tiananmen Square self-immolation hoax, I became hostile toward Dafa and actively participated in the propaganda that slandered and framed the practice.

My wife wouldn’t give up Dafa no matter what I said. She often went out to let people know that Dafa was good and the persecution was wrong. I wasn’t really aware of what she did, but I wasn’t worried. I thought that if she got arrested, I could get her out since I was close to many people who worked in the public security department.

One day, I listened to people at work talk about my wife. They wondered how I could effectively suppress Dafa with her being a practitioner. I got very upset, went home, and started a big fight with her. We went as far as talking about divorce. Fortunately, we didn’t divorce, and soon the whole thing blew over.

A Scrape with Death

In 2016, I had a brain hemorrhage. I was rushed to the hospital and they opened up the left side of my skull. The next day, the right side of my brain hemorrhaged. After two craniotomies, I was in critical condition.

On my third day in the hospital, my wife came to the ICU. Though I was unconscious, she spoke into my ear: “Please sincerely repeat, ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.’” She put a Falun Dafa pin on my gown and asked the founder of Dafa (Master Li Hongzhi) to save me. My coworkers thought I was going to die, and they all came to bid farewell. But my wife had faith in Dafa and knew that my life was in divine hands.

After nine days, I was transferred to the general ward, and my wife played Master Li’s lecture recordings for me. My condition rapidly improved, and soon I was able to open my eyes and sit up.

I improved every day and was discharged. My wife got a job to support us and hired a Falun Dafa practitioner to help me during the day. The practitioner played Dafa-related videos for me, and soon I was able to get up and move around.

I steadily improved, and after about a month, my wife asked me to repeat with her “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” one hundred times. We then walked to a restaurant over two miles away. After dinner, my wife suggested we take a cab home. I said, “I’m not tired! Let's walk home.” Even after the two-mile walk back home, I still didn’t feel tired. I was truly amazed! I started to recite the two phrases often.

Pressured by my friends and relatives, my wife took me back to the hospital for follow-up exams and physical therapy. I started on medication, but a few days later I had a convulsion and passed out on the street. My wife pleaded for Master to help me. A few minutes later, I woke up and felt fine.

I had never had a convulsion before, but I experienced five more in quick succession. My wife told me to stop the medication and said, “Only Master can save you. We need to have faith in Master and Dafa.” We started reading a banned publication called the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, and right away my condition improved and my body felt light, as if it were floating.

Taking Up Cultivation

One day, I accompanied my wife to another Dafa practitioner’s home to study Zhuan Falun. After that, I studied the book every day. A few months later, I started to do the five Falun Dafa exercises. I slowly became a Dafa practitioner, and all of my health issues disappeared without any medical treatment. Through studying the Fa, I stopped feeling confused and started to feel optimistic about life.

I had a violent temper before I started to cultivate, and my wife didn’t dare to irritate me. Now that I’m a practitioner, the situation has reversed. If my wife gets upset with me, I just stay quiet since I know it’s an opportunity for me to improve my xinxing.

Loss and Gain

About a year before I had the cerebral hemorrhages, I had lent a coworker several hundred thousand yuan for a development project. She promised to pay the money back in two years, so I transferred the money to her without a contract or promissory note. Whenever I called her, however, she didn’t pick up the phone. I couldn’t find her and worried that I would never see the money again.

My wife and I then ran into her on the street one day, and we asked her about the money. She denied that she had borrowed that much and couldn’t return it. It’s been more than two years now, and I have no way to find her. Falun Dafa helped me to get over the loss and let go of my worries over money.

Master Li wrote,

“The ancients said, 'Money is something external to this physical body.'” (“Wealth with Virtue”, Essentials For Further Advancement)

“If something is yours, you will not lose it. If something is not yours, you will not have it even if you fight for it.” (Lecture Seven, Zhuan Falun, 2000 translation)

The Heart to Cultivate

My wife and I often go out to let people know the facts about Dafa and the persecution. We hang messages on walls, write “Falun Dafa is good” where people can read it, and talk to people face to face. I tell them that I recovered from severe illness soon after I started practicing and that I’m completely healthy now. My personal experience is very convincing.

I am truly fortunate to be a Dafa practitioner. All the uneasiness in my heart has been dissolved through studying the Fa. Dafa gives me true peace of mind. I am grateful for Master’s benevolence, and I am grateful for Dafa!