(Minghui.org) I was born into a poor family of farmers and lived for the first half of my life in the countryside. My family moved to a nearby town when my husband took a job as a cement worker. There, I met a group of Falun Dafa practitioners at a factory and my life changed forever.

The Most Precious Gift

After working various odd jobs when we first moved, a friend got me a job as a factory worker. I worked hard and was offered a permanent position. It was at that factory where I first met Falun Dafa practitioners.

The practitioners I worked with were always kind. Through them, I saw how wonderful Dafa is even though all the media in China broadcast lies which slandered Dafa at that time.

There was a huge difference between the practitioners I personally knew and what the media depicted. When I heard someone say, “Those Falun Dafa practitioners, they would rather die than give up their practice,” I was touched in such a way that I wanted to become one of them.

I eventually received the book Zhuan Falun and as I held it in my hands, I cried. I had never seen the inside of a school and could not read. In order to study the Fa, I asked practitioners to study with me during our lunch break.

The party secretary of the factory saw me reading Zhuan Falun one day and told me to come to his office. He took my book and pressured me to tell him where I got it. I lied and told him someone gave it to me three years ago.

He told me if I wanted to keep my job, I would have to give up the practice. Without thinking, I told him, “I'd rather lose my job than give up the practice. You have to give my book back.”

I was let go as a result. The other practitioners at the factory went to the management and declared, “We are also practitioners of Falun Dafa. If you fire her, we will all quit as well.”

From Being Illiterate to Being Able to Read

Because I couldn't read, it was impossible for me to study the Fa alone. I sometimes cried because I didn't know what to do. I carefully asked around and looked for a local Fa-study-group.

I had a dream one night. I saw that all the characters in Zhuan Falun grew to the size of a ball. They were golden and shimmering and bounced up and down on the ground. I was so happy and excited, and I wanted all of them.

When I woke up I jumped out of bed and grabbed my Zhuan Falun. I opened the book and noticed that I could read most of the characters. Tears filled my eyes as I pressed my hands together to show my gratitude. Master Li (the founder) showed me the mighty power of Dafa.

With the help of fellow practitioners, I studied the Fa more and soon was able to read all of Master's lectures. I eagerly studied the Fa at home and also joined a local study group.

As someone who had never gone to school and did not know how to read and write, I could read all of Master's books and lectures. All my friends and relatives were amazed.

My Family Is Also Protected

I have gained so much cultivating in Dafa. Even my family is looked after by Master. All my children and grandchildren have witnessed the wonder of Dafa and believe in it.

One day, soon after I had started to practice, I got hit by a big truck and flew through the air. I knew at that moment that I was going to be fine. I quickly got up and walked over to the truck. The driver was so shaken up that he was pale and stammered. I said to him, “I am a Falun Dafa practitioner and I will be okay. Don't worry. Master Li is looking after me.”

The driver calmed down a little and replied, “Are you really okay?” “Yes, I am fine.” I extended my hands to show him that I was truly okay, “Look, I don't even have a scratch on my hands.” He smiled.

He offered, “Your bike is broken. I'll pay for it.” I assured him, “It's pretty old and not worth much, it's fine.” After the driver left, I picked up my bike. It was just slightly damaged and still worked. I thought of how much karma Master had endured for me and decided that I would not let him down.

My granddaughter was hit by an electric scooter while crossing the street in 2010. We had made plans to meet that day. I waited and waited but she didn't show up. I didn't bring my cellphone, so I asked a restaurant owner to call my son. That's when I found out that she was in an accident. I hurried to the scene.

I knew in my heart that my granddaughter was going to be fine, so when I got there I asked my son to let the driver go. But he didn't want to let him go so easily and insisted to take my granddaughter to the hospital. While I tried to talk him out of it, the driver left, leaving his old electric scooter.

My granddaughter was indeed fine, and my son knew it was Master who had protected her. Soon after that incident, my son's new scooter was stolen. I scolded him, “I told you not to keep the driver's scooter, now you paid for it with yours. Let this be a lesson to you.”

My daughter-in-law got hit by a car in 2014. It was very scary and she had a big lump on her head. My son, however, was calm this time. I told the driver that my daughter-in-law would be okay and I was right. She went home that very day.

The driver felt bad and insisted on paying us money but we refused. Later, he came to my son's store to apologize and tried to give him money again. My son said, “My wife is fine. I can't take your money.” The driver was so thankful and brought us gifts.

Improving Myself and Remaining Diligent with Cultivation

I have been studying the Fa and doing the exercises every day since I found Dafa. I also tell people about Falun Dafa and that the persecution is wrong. I want to awaken those who have a predestined relationship with me. It doesn't matter whether the person understands or not or what their attitude is, I stay calm.

In order to get Dafa fliers to those who are predestined, I deliver them door to door on foot, rain or shine. I send forth righteous thoughts and focus on one thought —everyone who gets a flyer will be able to read it, learn the truth about Dafa and cut all ties with the Communist Party. Oftentimes, when I'm done for the day, although I am soaked with sweat and rain I still feel happy.

Sometimes I have run into people who believed the Party's lies and they threaten to report me to the police. While sending forth righteous thoughts, I asked Master to strengthen me. With a pure and compassionate heart, I tell people the truth and let them know that I only wish that they be safe when disaster strikes.

I have always been able to turn the situation around and leave safely. I also have sent forth righteous thoughts for those who refused to listen and hoped that they would have another chance to learn the truth and change their mind.

In improving my xinxing, it is relatively easy with others but very challenging when it comes to my family members, especially my husband. I have always looked down on him and because of this, he has caused many xinxing tests for me since I started my cultivation in Dafa.

I often was not able to remain calm when conflicts arose between the two of us. Sometimes I was able to control myself a little because I knew as a practitioner that is what I should do, but not because I had compassion toward him.

I realized right away that Dafa is helping me to improve. I have since given up the notion that my husband is inferior and stopped treating him as such. He has not given me any more problems since then. Our relationship has become harmonious.

I will continue to cultivate with wisdom as long as my limited time allows. I am determined to strive forward vigorously and fulfill my vows.