(Minghui.org) On the day of my school's commencement ceremony, the school planned to raise the flag of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I informed several other practitioners of the exact time for the flag raising, and asked them to send forth righteous thoughts to stop this from happening, and therefore keep away the CCP presence.

The vice-principal announced: everybody stand, we will now raise the flag. The entire school lost electrical power at that moment. Many hurried to fix it, but the power could not be restored. The flag was never raised that day.

A practitioner told me later that several practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts for half an hour to prevent the flag from being raised. Thus, we can see that the power of sending forth righteous thoughts is exceptional.

A Strong Wind

Another day, the school put up a board by the front entrance that slandered Dafa. The board was facing a busy street. Many vehicles and pedestrians passing by could see it. The CCP was trying to poison the minds of more people. I sent forth righteous thoughts, and said: “A strong wind will blow down the board so that no one will see it.”

Late that night there was a powerful wind. I went to school the next day, and was delighted to see the board was down. It was unusual to get strong winds during that season of the year. I thanked Master for bringing in that weather to eliminate a board that could negatively influence many people.

The power of sending forth righteous thoughts is mighty!