(Minghui.org) Pride can arise for different reasons. Some people are proud of being admitted to a known university, some are proud of having parents who are high officials, and some are proud of living in a mansion – there are plenty of reasons for feeling proud. However, I am extremely proud to be a Falun Dafa practitioner in this life! Falun Dafa has benefited me physically and mentally, improved the quality of my life, and made me a healthier and noble person.

Gaining a Healthy Body

When I was 14 years old in 1979 and was in the third year of middle school, I suffered from insomnia. I had difficulty falling asleep and had a lot of dreams. In class I kept yawning until my eyes were filled with tears. I would cover or close my mouth when yawning to prevent teachers from seeing it. My temples felt swollen and my memory began to decline. My father took me to a Chinese medical doctor, and I was diagnosed with neurasthenia. After taking a lot of Chinese medicine, there was no obvious improvement. My psychological burden was very heavy. After I was admitted to a secondary school, my insomnia worsened.

While for three years in secondary school I roomed in a large dormitory with 20 students. After the lights were turned off at 10 p.m., I couldn’t sleep, and just heard the snoring of the others. Even if I fell asleep, it was a light sleep with many dreams, and the sound of a needle dropping to the ground could wake me up. During the day I felt groggy and had a severe headache. I was diagnosed with autonomic dysfunction by the city's most authoritative doctor of neurology. The prescribed western medicines were effective only for the first few days. Then, I was again in pain and had no energy.

After I started working, I went to a large municipal hospital, and a cerebral blood flow test was done. I was diagnosed with neurosis. What the medical doctors prescribed was only effective for a short time. Nothing I did was effective and as I studied medicine, I knew that these drugs were prone to drug resistance and addiction.

Practicing Falun Dafa

Then, in 1995, at the age of 30, I was introduced to Dafa, and I found hope that I would return to good health. I watched the video of Master Li Hongzhi's (the founder) lectures in Guangzhou. My sleep quality improved significantly after the first day of the lecture. I did not have a dream that night and felt refreshed the next morning. 

Master said in his lecture that he would purify those who wanted to practice Falun Dafa, which made me feel that this cultivation practice was great. I went to the Dafa practice site every night to participate in group exercises and group study. We read the book Zhuan Falun, and my physical condition gradually improved.

I studied medicine, but could not find anything that would change my health for the better. However, Dafa tells us that the root cause of illness is karma. I followed the teachings of Master Li and tried to follow the principles of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance. I wanted to be a good person who thought of others' needs first and took personal interests lightly.

From then on, when I bought eggs and fruits, I was no longer picky. I didn’t bargain anymore at the farmers market, and I would pay in full. At work, I took the initiative to find things to do, and never complained about others doing less. At home, I tried to do as much housework as possible to make my family feel at ease. Improving xinxing and enduring hardship, was always on my mind.

In addition, my child also benefited from Falun Dafa. My daughter, about five, was very weak. When she caught a cold and coughed, I would read Zhuan Falun or listen to Master Li's lectures with her. Her cough was gone by the next morning. 

She had chickenpox when she was in elementary school. She didn't take any medicine or see a doctor. After reading Zhuan Falun for a few days, she recovered. During her middle school years, when she had a fever and didn't have the energy to read Zhuan Falun, she would listen to Master Li's lecture. She recovered by the next morning. 

Giving Up and Returning to Cultivation

When Jiang Zemin, the former head of the communist regime, launched the persecution of Falun Dafa on July 20, 1999, I gave up my cultivation. I suffered severe insomnia again. My temples were swollen like never before, and I felt drowsy all the time. My temper also worsened. I was ill-mannered and impatient. My child said to me, "You changed into another person after you stopped practicing Falun Dafa.” The situation lasted for a year. I had to go to the hospital for surgery, but nothing improved. I was moaning and groaning and had no energy. A day passed like a year! I thought, “There is nothing wrong doing exercises, and nothing wrong with being a good person. Now only Falun Dafa can save me!” I resumed the cultivation practice.

Once again, I started reading Falun Dafa books and improved my xinxing based on the teachings in Zhuan Falun, looked inward when encountering conflicts and thought again first of the needs of others. When I was assigned too much work, I did not complain – it just did not matter. I didn’t complain when I didn’t get more of a bonus than others. 

I woke up one morning in 2002. I felt like I had never felt so good. I didn’t wake up even once at night and didn’t have any dreams. My eyes were very relaxed. 
Since then, I have bid farewell to the long sleep disorders of 23 years, to the headaches, dizziness, and neurosis of 23 years! I could finally enjoy the sleep of a normal person. The health history of my life had opened a new page. My family was also happy for me. It has been more than 10 years, and I no longer suffer from insomnia. All my illnesses disappeared.

Now, I look younger. I told my colleagues how I benefited from practicing Falun Dafa and all of them have witnessed the improvement in my health.

Improvement of Moral Standard

Once, several colleagues and I drank tea at a tea shop. The waiter put the water bottle on the table. A colleague accidentally kicked the water bottle and broke it. The waiter asked for compensation, but the colleague did not agree and left. I recalled that I had moved the water bottle and had a responsibility, so I paid for it.

I am a doctor working in a school clinic. I check for classroom hygiene and give rewards with a red flag for excellence once every two weeks. One day, a class teacher came to me and complained that his class was never given a red flag. I kept smiling and let him vent his anger. He and I became friendly with each other. I clarified the truth about Dafa to him, and he quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its associated youth organizations. 

When eating breakfast in the cafeteria in school, many teachers will pick up boiled eggs with their hands, and even put them back for re-selection if not satisfied. I would pick eggs randomly or directly pick the ones with broken shells. When having a meeting in the conference room, I always raise and lowered the chairs with care to avoid the sounds from affecting students downstairs.

I do not write false reports and am responsible for what I do. My workload is twice of that of others. During the year-end assessment, the school hygiene state rated our school as an advanced school for the prevention and control of infectious diseases. I don’t care about personal gains and losses. During lunchtime, while others are taking breaks, there are always students who are sick or injured who knock on my door and I always help them.

Falun Dafa Protects its Practitioners

Once, I went downstairs with a teacup in my hand and slipped. I fell down and the cup broke into pieces. My hands touched the ground that was debris-free. I felt pain in my body and had a hard time to get up. I thought, “I am a practitioner. Everything should be fine!” I stood up immediately after thinking that and walked back to my office as if nothing had happened, 

Master said, 

“... good or evil comes from a person’s spontaneous thought, and the thought at that moment can bring about different consequences." (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun).

Once, I twisted my right ankle. I felt that my ankle was broken and the pain was unbearable. Immediately the swelling and bruising appeared. I sat on the ground and was unable to move for a long time. Within less than a week, I had recovered.

Master teaches us not to follow society's current trend. For more than two decades, I have not taken medication or have gone to the hospital. My family and colleagues have witnessed my recovery. 

I get up very early in the morning to practice the five exercises and, at the same time, I eliminate bad thoughts and selfishness, improve my moral standard, and assimilate to Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance.