(Minghui.org) I am 59 years old, and have been practicing Falun Dafa since 1997, but I haven’t been diligent. I recently experienced symptoms of an illness that made me realized the seriousness of cultivation.

Suffering Sudden Stomach Pain

I started to feel stomach pain on the afternoon of September 22, 2019, while taking care of my granddaughter. The pain intensified in the evening after my granddaughter went home with her mother. I was going to send forth righteous thoughts, and then visit another practitioner to study the Fa, but the pain increased in severity, and I couldn’t sit up.

I debated on what to do. I didn’t want to call my children, worrying that they would take me to a hospital. What should I do?

At this critical moment, I recalled what one practitioner said: “Remember the following Fa when facing difficulties.”

Master Li said,

“Whatever you experience during your cultivation—whether good or bad—is good, for it comes about only because you are cultivating.” (“To the Chicago Fa Conference,” The Essentials of Diligent Progress Vol. III)

Since the pain is a good thing, so be it. I decided to send forth righteous thoughts until the pain stopped. I held onto a small pillow to help me sit up as much as I could. After three hours of continuous sending righteous thoughts, I noticed the pain went away!

I sat up straighter and continued to send righteous thoughts. As time passed, I felt more and more comfortable and relaxed, as if the pain had never happened. My mind remained clear and empty with only one thought, to eliminate the evil. I continued sending righteous thoughts for two more hours and joined the global sending forth righteous thoughts around midnight. When I was done, I could not help crying from the overwhelming experience.

The five hour experience was a trial of life and death for me. I couldn’t have passed it without Master’s mercy and protection. I am extremely thankful for Master.

I wanted to share my experience, as well as to remind practitioners who aren’t cultivating diligently. I overcame the obstacle only because of Master’s enormous blessing and practitioners’ encouragement. Master is giving so much to all of us. Only by solidly and diligently cultivating well will we be able to repay Master’s compassionate salvation.

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!