(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. An elderly practitioner in my area was arrested in the first half of 2010 and illegally detained for a long time. The police were unsuccessful in producing evidence to frame her but planned to send her to a forced labor camp anyway.

There was a market near the detention center. Several other practitioners and I decided to go send righteous thoughts nearby so we could disintegrate all the evil factors that were persecuting this practitioner.

I will never forget the following day (June 6 of the Chinese lunar calendar). I rode my electric tricycle to seek out practitioners in several neighboring villages to assist with sending righteous thoughts.

As I was heading home that afternoon, I came to a steep downhill section of the road and saw an intersection at the lower end. A big truck hauling two trailers was moving towards the intersection. The truck seemed to be carrying a load of stones. Because I didn't know which direction the trailer was going to turn, I slowed down to let it go through the intersection.

At that moment, a thought popped into my head: “For Dafa and fellow practitioners, I have no regrets.” When I arrived at the crossroad, the big trailer was just starting to barrel through. If I didn't turn, I would collide with the truck. I swerved, and that was the last thing I remember.

I fell down a six-and-half-foot embankment. When I came to, I heard voices coming from up on the road. I learned later they were construction workers.

One of them said, “This is a really good tricycle. It still works even though it is a bit smashed up.” My tricycle had run into a row of trees next to the road and stayed put when I rolled down into the ditch.

Another onlooker chimed in, “It just needs some welding and it will be fine.”

None of them came to check on me. Maybe they thought I was dead.

Just then, I heard a voice in my head say very clearly and urgently, “Ask for Master. Hurry up and ask for Master!” I wasn't thinking clearly, so I failed to understand. I only thought, “I must move my head, even if only a little bit. This will prove that my head is obeying my mind.”

Another voice repeated, “Ask for Master. Hurry up and ask for Master.” I didn't obey this voice, either. I just thought, “I must move my head. If the first try fails, I will try two or three times.” Still the voice calmly reminded me, “Ask for Master. Hurry up and ask for Master.”

With repeated effort, I seemed to be able to move my head a bit. Master was helping me. I felt someone use a pointed object to scratch my body from my abdomen to my heart. I called out in my mind, “Master!”

The sides of my abdomen suddenly felt like they were being separated from the middle. I took a deep breath, called to Master, and sat up.

I sat for a while with my eyes closed. A construction worker said, “Yes, sit up for a while and then get up.” I slowly stretched my arms and said, “I will be fine.”

But I could feel that the right side of my face was badly injured, and my socks and pants were torn. I hadn't felt any pain all this time, however, so I knew that Master was protecting me.

I stood up and asked, “How can I get back up to the road?” A worker answered, “Go westward along the edge.” 

With my back toward the construction worker, I faced west, pointed to the right side of my face, and thought, “There should not be any marks on my face, because that would not be good for the image of Dafa.” Then I walked to my tricycle and thanked the workers for picking it up.

I turned the key in the ignition, and the light came on. I rode toward a fellow practitioner's home. The tricycle stopped and the light went out about 300 feet from her home. I knew Master had guided me there.

The house was full of steam when I entered, and the woman said, “Sit down, please. The rice is cooked, and we will eat dinner now.”

I then became aware of my whole body. I couldn't turn my head because my neck was swollen. All the bones and muscles of my body were misaligned, and my lumbar intervertebral disc was swollen, so I couldn't turn my body. My right hand had also swollen up like a steamed bun because it had hit a rock when I fell. 

I didn’t have any energy, and my wrists felt like rubber, which made it impossible for me to push my tricycle home. The couple pushed my tricycle over to their tractor and tied it on. They took me home on the tractor.

My husband wasn't home from work yet, so I thought about what I should cook. I decided to make porridge because it would be easy. I just needed to wash the rice quickly and let the pressure cooker do the rest. My husband came home and was stunned by my appearance. He asked me what had happened.

I said nonchalantly, “No big deal. I fell down a ditch by the side of the road to avoid being hit by a truck. I got a little scratched up.”

He scolded me, “I always tell you to ride more slowly; you just won’t listen.” He was no longer concerned after that.

I had a problem when I went to bed, however. Because my bones and muscles were misaligned, I couldn't get up onto the bed. When I tried to move my arms or legs, I felt searing pain throughout my whole body. What could I do? I thought, “Falun Dafa is omnipotent; a Dafa disciple is also omnipotent.”

I somehow figured how to use my right hand to grasp the big muscle at the back of my neck which, in turn, tightened the muscles all over my body, and I slowly climbed onto the bed. Then I slowly lay down. Only then did I remove my hand from my neck. Otherwise, the pain would have been unbearable.

I had strong faith in Master and the Fa, so I didn’t allow myself to feel frightened. I listened to Master's lectures, studied the teachings, sent righteous thoughts, and did the exercises, even though some of my movements weren't very accurate.

I believe that Master saw my firm resolve and miraculously healed my body very quickly.

Maybe because of the thought I had previously sent to my face, it stopped oozing by the next day. Three days later, the crusty scabs fell off. On the fourth and fifth days, the deeper scabs also fell away.

With injuries like I had, when scabs fall off, there are usually scars, and it takes a long time for the skin to return to normal, if ever. But after my scabs fell off, the skin on my face was exactly the same as it was before. The deeper wound seemed to have blood and fluid in it, but when I touched it, the scab just fell off. I was shocked.

I encountered another miracle on the fourth day. I went to the repair shop to get my tricycle fixed. I didn’t tell the repairman about my accident. When he opened the battery compartment, he asked, “Has your tricycle been turned over?” I said in amazement, “How did you know?”

I went over to examine it and saw that the three batteries were connected, but the wires were severed. The repairman just reconnected the wires, and my tricycle was fine. I did not spend a penny!

But on the day of the accident, I had driven the tricycle from the highway to a practitioner’s home, a distance of at least a mile. The bike had no electricity, so how could it have traveled so far?

It is truly as Master said, “Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master.” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun

I had paid off another debt. Once again, I thanked Master for saving my life.

If I didn't have faith in Master and the Fa, or if I had gotten scared and checked into the hospital, when would I have ever recovered? How much money would I have had to spend? I have no idea whether I would have healed or not. Master saved me because I held onto firm righteous thoughts.