(Minghui.org) My wife and I were in our 70s when we started practicing Falun Dafa in Xinjiang on May 5, 1998. A few months later, my son also started cultivating while he was in college.

Able to Read Dafa Books

My wife and I were illiterate. She had gone to school for only two months and I had never attended school. After we started cultivation, fellow practitioners helped us read the Fa by reading aloud as we listened. If there were characters that we could not recognize we asked the practitioner. Within two months, my wife could read the Fa by herself and I could read Zhuan Falun within a year.

Our Illnesses Disappear

I suffered various illnesses and back injuries before I became a Falun Dafa practitioner; I was unable to do anything and eventually couldn't even walk. Living in such a hopeless situation, I stopped working two years before my retirement age.

My wife was in worse condition. At one point she was hospitalized for nine months and suffered heart disease, diabetes, inflammation of the kidneys and gall bladder.

She was incontinent and often soiled her pants. The kidney disease caused generalized edema and when she walked, she had to hold onto the wall with one hand while holding a cane with the other.

She tried all kinds of medical treatments and several types of qigong by the year 2000, but none of them helped.

After we started cultivating Dafa, our physical condition became better and better and all our illnesses disappeared. We had no problem climbing five flights of stairs nor any difficulty riding a bicycle. We also experienced many other miracles.

Son Tortured to Death, Wife Became Bedridden and Blind

After the Chinese Communist Party started persecuting Dafa practitioners in 1999, they arrested my son three times and locked him in forced labor camps for a total of six years.

One year, I went to visit my son in a labor camp and saw that many young people were also detained there for cultivating Dafa. Initially, these young practitioners were not fed. Whenever I went to see my son, I brought 50 to 60 pounds of food for these young practitioners.

My son suffered beatings, electric shocking, forced feeding, hanging by handcuffs, and other inhuman tortures while detained. When he was released in 2009, he had suffered a mental breakdown because of the torture and couldn't recognize my wife or me. He died three months later at age 33.

With the trauma of losing our son, my wife’s physical condition worsened and she became bedridden. She also became blind from crying.

Miracles Happened to My Wife

After going blind, my wife couldn't read Dafa books anymore. However, she wanted to read the teachings and begged Master: “Master, please help me so that I can see the Dafa characters. I don’t have to see anything else. Master, please let me read the Fa.”

A miracle happened and although she was not able to see anything else, she could read the Dafa books. My wife and I started reading the Fa together again.

One time, my wife pleaded with Master: “How are you, Master? Can I see you, even if just a glance? I miss you very much.”

Since my wife could not see (other than the text in the Dafa books), we never watched TV at home. She went to a fellow practitioner’s home and sat in front of the TV that was showing NTDTV programming. My wife then saw Master appear on the screen. She told me, “Master didn't say anything to me. He was wearing the suit he wore when giving Fa lectures, and then He left.” My wife was so excited that she was crying.

Once, before she lost her sight, my wife went to a practitioner’s home to watch a Dafa video. While riding her bike on the way home, she encountered a strong gust of wind, which broke a large-sized tree that then fell on her head and slid down her back. However, she wasn't injured.

The wind broke many trees during her ride home but she had no problems along the way. When she was close to home, the wind broke a huge branch from a tree, which also fell on her; but again, she was not hurt.

Miracles I Experienced

About one month after I started cultivating Dafa, while I was doing the sitting meditation with my eyes closed, I suddenly saw an incense burner in front of me. There were 6 pieces of incense-like sticks and each of them pointed to the space between my eyebrows.

I experienced headaches since I was young, which often caused unbearable pain. With each of the incenses pointed at my head, I had a very comfortable, warm feeling that lasted for about a minute. Then my headache disappeared.

The winters are very cold in Xinjiang. I often traveled over 20 miles to visit my son while he was in the labor camp, and I never wore a hat no matter how low the temperature. However, I didn't have any headaches from the cold.

I experienced karma elimination one year. I had herpes zoster near my left ribs with pustules that spread from the front to the back that caused unbearable pain.

The flesh at the festered area looked like rotten apples and was dark in color. When my wife washed the area, pieces of the rotten flesh fell into the washbasin, scaring her.

She picked up a piece of flesh from the washbasin and put it back on my body. She then applied some incense ash and covered the area with gauze.

I recalled Master’s teaching,

“If he is able to let go of life and death, he is a god; if he isn’t able to let go of life and death, he is human.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference in Australia”)

I let go of life and death and felt unafraid. I worked at enduring the severe pain. Before long, the festered area healed without even a scar⸺it was miraculous.

After doing the sitting meditation one day, I found that I was more than a yard from the cushion I sat on before I started meditating, and I realized I had levitated.

I also experienced the celestial eye opening process as described in Zhuan Falun: “...the flowers blossom in a second” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun) and then I started seeing scenes in another dimension. The words in the Dafa book are true—every word is true.

I often dreamed about eliminating evil using a six foot long (including the handle) broadsword. I looked mighty and powerful, slashing the evil with the sword.

One time, I felt that I was about 1000 yards tall and all the evil was squabbling at my feet. They were using broadswords, spears, swords, and other weapons, and looked inordinately arrogant. I easily caught them in my hands and crushed them all.

Another time, a seemingly dead evil dragon suddenly got up, flew into the air, and then plummeted toward me. However, as it got closer it became smaller. Finally, it was chopstick-sized and clung to my finger. I crushed it and threw it away.

Master Is Always Guiding Us

The persecution in Xinjiang was unrelenting and many Dafa practitioners were arrested. My wife and I lost contact with other practitioners which made us anxious about them. We begged Master: “Master, we lost contact with other Dafa practitioners. Please don’t forget us.”

Later, while my wife was reading “The Divine will not forsake us” in Hong Yin III the poem “Searching” caught her eye. We realized that Master was giving us a hint and we felt very excited.

Now, my wife and I have met other practitioners. We are healthy and our complexions are ruddy. Together with our fellow practitioners, we read the Fa, send righteous thoughts, cultivate ourselves, and save lives.

We firmly believe in the Fa and walk on the path to return to our home following Master.