(Minghui.org) My mother and I started to practice Falun Dafa, also called Falun Gong, in 1996. I was six years old and had been diagnosed with tuberculosis. I was very weak and missed about half of my school days, as well as an entire semester in third grade, due to the illness. My mother thought that I was too young to go through karma elimination, so she frequently took me to see doctors. I got so many shots that my hands were covered with puncture marks. Medicine did not cure me. 

When I was 11, I began to understand Dafa. I made the decision that I would no longer visit doctors and that I would only follow Master and Dafa. During the 18 years since, I’ve never taken any medicine. In return, Dafa gave me a new body, and I was blessed with perfect health.

Clarifying the Truth about Dafa Is My Duty

I have always known that it is my duty to clarify the truth about Dafa, so whenever I have had time, I go out to distribute information.

Bringing the Truth about Dafa to Villages

I was in elementary school when the persecution started. I tore pages out of my notebook and wrote my understanding of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and that Dafa teaches people to be good on each one. I folded each page and, in the night my mother and I threw them into people's backyards in our neighborhood.

My father passed away when I was in middle school. My mother and I moved to the countryside due to our financial situation. There was no Dafa material production site in the village. Occasionally a practitioner brought some brochures from somewhere else. We only got several copies each, definitely not enough to cover the village.

So I wrote by hand many copies of “A Letter to Destined People,” put each one into an envelope, and left one at each house in the village. At that time, not many villagers received letters.

One day a neighbor said, “I got a letter about Falun Dafa. It looks it was written by a middle school student” and looked at me. Perhaps she guessed it was my handwriting. I didn’t say anything. I was happy that people read the letter. The neighbor seemed to agree with what was in the letter. Later my mother advised this neighbor to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which she did.

Around each Chinese New Year, my mother and I bought colorful paper and wrote Dafa messages on them. The paper was thin and tore easily, so I glued another layer of paper from my school notebooks onto the backside. We put double-sided tape on the backs and glued them to the gates of the villagers’ homes in the night.

Later I discovered that chalk-writing was a good method, too. I collected the chalk-ends my teacher threw away. I used them to write messages on cement walls during the night. The pieces of chalk were very short, and my fingers got scraped on the cement, yet they never hurt.

One day my mother tried to clarify the truth to a villager. “I already knew that,” the person said. “It was on the poster glued to my gate!”

Also around each Chinese New Year, my mother and I walked several kilometers to another village to visit relatives. I made many posters and glued them to the gates in that village. I also made some bigger banners and glued them on electricity poles along the road so that people could see them while biking or driving.

I also used tree branches to write Dafa messages on the large smooth patches of snow. They usually could be seen until the next snow or sometimes the entire winter. My mother asked me how many people would see those messages. I answered, “Maybe people like us who walk on this road can see it. Even if no one passes here, the beings in other dimensions will see them!”

Talking about Dafa at School

In high school, my English teacher was a foreigner. He was very nice and often chose different topics for class discussion.

During one of the classes, I raised my hand. I asked in English if the teacher had heard of Falun Dafa. Since my English was very limited, I simply said that Falun Dafa was really good and that what the government said were lies. The teacher went quiet for a moment. Then he said that he had not heard of it and switched to another topic.

After class, the teacher gestured me to his desk. He asked about Falun Dafa. I explained basic things with my limited English and told him to look for other resources to learn more. He smiled and said he would. I understood that he did not want to talk about it in front of the class to protect me.

It was not difficult to assume that most of my classmates knew that I practiced Falun Dafa. One of them handed me a note saying that his grandmother was a practitioner, too. Another classmate said that his aunt practiced Dafa and that she was a very nice person. I advised several close friends to withdraw from the CCP organizations.

In college, I did not meet any other practitioner on campus. One evening while I was studying in a classroom, there was only one other student in the room. I thought that this was a great opportunity to clarify the truth.

I approached him and asked if we could talk. The second I mentioned Falun Dafa, he looked horrified. He gathered up his books at top speed and rushed out the door without a word. He’d been so indoctrinated by the CCP that he didn’t even dare to hear the words “Falun Dafa.”

After this experience, I knew that I had to let my schoolmates know the truth about Dafa. I began writing Dafa messages on desks in different classrooms. Because there was a surveillance camera in every classroom, I carried my books with me and pretended to be studying. Each time I finished writing, I sent righteous thoughts to let the messages stay there forever so that more people would see them. Over the four years at that college, I wrote on countless desks. Sometimes I would sit down to write, only to discover that I already had.

Once, I saw a giant anti-Falun Gong banner hanging next to the main road to the campus. Although my heart was beating fast, I decided I could not allow it to stay there and poison people. That night, I changed into black clothing and pocketed a pencil-sharpening knife. Seeing no one was around, I quickly cut the ropes. The banner lay on the ground for a few days and then disappeared.

One day, I found a Falun Dafa pin on the ground on campus. It was covered in dirt. I washed it clean. My mother had a pin before the persecution began, but I never got one. I thank Master for this gift.

College and Work: Master Has Arranged the Best for Me

In China, the most important things for students are college entrance exams and finding jobs after graduation.

I did not do particularly well on the college entrance exams and ended up in a less prestigious college, which I never thought I would attend.

I understood that my life is a life of cultivation and that everything is arranged by Master. I was not very upset, despite not being accepted into a better college.

After starting college, I heard that graduates from this college had a difficult time getting jobs. I did not think too much about this and just concentrated on my studies. At the end of the first year, I was told that I could transfer to the best major in the school since I had the top grades.

After switching my major, I continued to do what I normally did—study, read Dafa books whenever I had the chance, and write Dafa messages around campus.

Master opened my wisdom. I became the number one student in my new major. Many students asked me for help with their studies, and I was always happy to oblige.

I was told that one should be a Communist Party member to get a good job in China. Many students tried to bribe the school counselor in order to join the Party so that they could get good jobs. Because I was a top student, the counselor offered me a guaranteed approval to join the Party. Of course, I refused.

Before graduation, the department started to rank students by adding scores from their courses and activities. It would be a reference for assigning jobs. My course scores were excellent, but I thought my activity score would be very low since I was too busy to join clubs and school activities. When I saw the rankings, I was surprised to see I had 15 points in my activity score because I’d been given the title of “study committee leader.” Because I never spent time leading any activity, I thought I shouldn’t have been given those points. I went to the class leader, explained the situation, and asked for the points to be subtracted from my score. The class leader said, “You have the title, so you should have the points.” I knew it was Master who had given me the extra points!

Ultimately, I got a great job. I noticed that I was the only student who got such a job offer without having made “special arrangements” through outside contacts. Actually, I did have a special arrangement: Master had arranged everything for me!

Setting up a Material Production Site

My mother and I relocated to a new area close to my work. We noticed that there was no truth clarifying activity in that area, nor did we see another practitioner.

My mother and I wanted to set up a Dafa material production site. With the help of practitioners from our hometown, we installed the software and learned how to produce truth clarifying materials.

From knowing nothing, we learned how to make all sorts of materials, from leaflets to Dafa books. My mother can even print Dafa messages on money. Whenever we faced technical difficulties, Master guided us to solve the problems.

My mother and I distributed the materials in the neighborhood and surrounding areas. People in these areas now have a chance to know the truth!

I want to thank Master for his guidance and protection during the past 23 years. I am honored to be a Dafa practitioner during the Fa-rectification period. I will treasure the remaining time and do the three things well.