(Minghui.org) Over 340 million Chinese have quit their memberships in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. Elected officials in other parts of Asia have openly supported the movement, including legislator Wang Ding-yu in Taiwan, who called on Chinese people to join the wave of withdrawals from the CCP.

Wang said that the CCP’s violation of human rights is shown by its brutal persecution of Falun Gong since 1999, as well as the persecution of people in Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong in recent years. “In the eyes of the CCP, human life is worthless,” he observed, pointing to the state-sanctioned organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners. Because of the CCP’s evil nature, the regime will not last long, he reasoned.

Taiwanese legislator Wang Ding-yu

“The movement of quitting the CCP represents attention to human rights and resistance to totalitarianism,” said Wang. He noted that while the CCP bans withdrawals from the Party, the fact that over 340 million people have quit the CCP suggests that the regime is gradually losing control.

“We can expect that more people will withdraw from the Party. Liberal and democratic countries cannot pretend any longer that they have not seen it, so they can do business with China. I think it is the time that the world can no longer ignore this trend,” he said.

Wang also noted a worldwide trend of eliminating communism, adding that the disintegration of the former Soviet Union suggests that the Communist Party’s secret police, high walls, and new weapons cannot stop the people's pursuit of freedom and faith.

Legislator Lee Jun-yi said, “More and more people have quit the Party, even inside China. Despite the pressure by the CCP, this phenomenon is becoming clearer. The CCP faces a big challenge. It does not come from people challenging its political power but from the Party’s challenge to destroy basic human rights. People living in this world should have basic human rights.”

Nakagawa Bosho, a consultant of the Japan Innovation Party in Tokyo, said, “No matter how the CCP boasts its merit or strengthens regulations to control the people, I think this is a useless struggle. The CCP will disintegrate.”

Nakagawa (no relation to the above), a council member of the Edogawa district of Tokyo, said, “The number of people who quit the Party has increased significantly. The world will finally see the inhuman nature and threat the CCP poses.”

He continued, “The CCP’s censorship system will surely collapse because it is under the influence of the world's democracies. To destroy the CCP’s threat mechanism and to establish a truly new China, we hope to work with everyone through the service center for quitting the CCP.”

Mitsui Tatsuhiko, a former council member of Kashiwazaki, said, “Seeing that the CCP is now trying to influence the world's people, the number of Japanese who are resentful after witnessing the CCP’s tyranny is increasing.”

“The Japanese dislike the CCP but not the Chinese people. Only after the collapse of the CCP can China achieve a cultural revival and people achieve a happy life. I believe the world will become peaceful only when more Chinese people become aware of the CCP’s nature and withdraw from it. I support the movement of withdrawal from the Party.”

Taiwanese Legislators Commend Falun Gong Practitioners’ Courage

Legislator Wang Ding-yu said that under the CCP’s long-term persecution, Falun Gong practitioners have demonstrated courage and faith through their efforts to make both citizens and politicians around the world aware of the persecution, adding that he saw practitioners distribute fliers at Los Angeles Airport. He also highlighted Spain’s indictment of Jiang Zemin, the former CCP leader who initiated the persecution, for the crime of genocide.

He also mentioned that U.S. President Donald Trump had recently invited Taiwan to participate in a conference on religious freedom in Washington, D.C. These efforts serve to counteract the CCP’s oppression of religious freedom, he said.

Legislator Lee Jun-yi said of the CCP’s forced organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners, “This is something we cannot imagine and cannot accept. Falun Gong is peacefully fighting for freedom of belief, a basic human right. Why is there such a country where there is no freedom of belief?”