(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa cultivation includes sending righteous thoughts at appointed times throughout the day by practitioners around the world. October 1 heralds the annual National Day of the People’s Republic of China. As the holiday approached, practitioners increased their efforts to send righteous thoughts. The scenes below summarize what practitioners saw in other dimensions during this time:

Scene No. 1:

An enormous creature emerged from the water, appearing similar to a dinosaur or a crocodile. It was grayish green, had scabs all over its body, and had a disgusting appearance. The creature had a small head; large, wild eyes; a big gaping mouth; and a protruding tongue.

When this creature showed itself, practitioners asked Master to reinforce the power of their righteous thoughts. They summoned the heavenly beings in their respective heavenly kingdoms and worked together to destroy the monster.

About twenty minutes later, a big net raised the monster from the water and hung it on a boat. After it was removed from the water, the monster panted a few times and died quickly.

Scene No. 2:

A creature in the shape of three cylindrical columns opened its mouth, spewing swarms of maggot-like insects. They piled up quickly over a large area. Practitioners summoned heavenly beings to get rid of the insects. Two large hands appeared after the practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts for twenty minutes. The hands poured piles of sand into the monster's mouth. Eventually the monster was buried deep under the pile of sand.

Scene No. 3:

A mushroom-shaped creature had many holes in its body. Millions of insects came out of the holes and formed large swarms. The practitioners who saw this maintained their righteous thoughts. Soon all the insects were smashed and turned into a jelly-like substance that proved to be powerless.

Scene No. 4:

Many snake-like creatures emerged from a hole. They all twisted and intertwined into a big ball. In addition, crab and octopus-like creatures crawled out of dirty mud. A pipe dripped water while three milky white, squid-like creatures twisted their bodies together inside. With practitioners sending forth righteous thoughts, the creatures all dried up in half an hour.

Scene No. 5:

Greenish colored piglet-like creatures packed together on top of two conveyor belts. Practitioners issued orders to cut the belts up. As soon as the belts were cut, the piglets all fell and died.

A short time later, a big truck with layers of steel racks on the truck bed became visible. The racks were many feet high. Each layer was packed with little creatures. Practitioners sent forth strong righteous thoughts. A while later, the racks collapsed, and all the creatures were crushed to death.

Scene No. 6:

Two snakes lay parallel and apart on the water with wooden boards laid over them to form a bridge. People walking on the “bridge” all fell into the water when the snakes tilted it.

Practitioners saw evidence of old-force beings, a mechanism comprising a big disk rotating around an axis. All sorts of rotten stuff were on the disk. Practitioners sent forth strong righteous thoughts and dissolved and annihilated the mechanism completely. The old forces themselves were destroyed, and so was their influence on each province, city, neighborhood, and, finally, individual Dafa practitioners themselves.

Teacher said:

“If every Dafa disciple could manage to treat sending righteous thoughts correctly, and routinely have strong righteous thoughts, then all evil spirits throughout the entire world could be quickly dissolved. If all Dafa disciples could grasp this, and all sincerely achieve a state of having their righteous thoughts be at their most powerful point, then one day would be enough to resolve things.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the Epoch Times Meeting,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. X)

Why did practitioners still see such a large amount of malicious spirits in other dimensions at this point in the Fa-rectification process? I think one reason is that depraved beings see that their end is near, so they rounded up all they had to fight a last battle. Another reason might be that some practitioners do not appreciate the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts, and they have not put in strong efforts to do so.

All Dafa disciples know that they need to take responsibility for doing the three things well. My suggestion to fellow practitioners is that we should redouble our efforts to send forth righteous thoughts until all malicious elements are eliminated.