(Minghui.org) A practitioner downloaded and used the new exercise music, and then recommended that I do the same.

“The new music is very good,” she said. “It has great penetrative power. I didn't feel tired after I did the second exercise for an hour. My mind was clear when I practiced the sitting meditation, and I sat for one and a half hours.”

Another practitioner also said that her mind was clear while practicing the exercises with the new music. She also found that she could focus better when studying the Fa.

When I practiced the exercises with the new music for the first time, I saw a lot of scenes in other dimensions. During the first exercise, I found that the new music was clear and transparent and deeply penetrating. I saw Master sitting on a lotus flower giving the exercise instructions with compassion and serenity. His voice penetrated layers upon layers of the universe.

Soon after, I saw thousands upon thousands of Dafa practitioners doing the exercises with Master's law bodies next to each of the practitioners. Some practitioners had five of Master's law bodies around them. Two of Master's law bodies were with me.

Third Eye Reminds of Karma from Prior Life

While doing the second exercise, the “Standing Stance,” I saw Master clip a glittering hairpin in my hair. The golden color of the hairpin was transparent and bright. Soon after, a golden ear pick appeared by my left ear and stayed there. “There must be bad stuff in my ear,” I thought. And then thought, “Please remove the bad stuff for me.” Then I heard Master saying, “Don't rush.” Five minutes later the golden ear pick entered into my ear. It seemed like my ear was vast and winding, like a cave. The ear pick went further into the ear where there was a pile of blackish papers. The ear pick removed them.

During the process, I saw cartoon pictures on one of the papers. It illustrated my past life. I was a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) soldier at one stage in that lifetime. The CCP damaged the Tibetan culture and robbed the Tibetan sutras and removed Buddha statues. When removing a two-meter-high Buddha statue, I grabbed the statue's ears. When putting it into a truck, I stepped hard on the statue's ear and scratched the statue's eyes with the back of my heel. I was evil and wicked at that time. All of my evil deeds were recorded by the Gods. Another paper recorded that I fought with others and hit one of them so hard that he became deaf. I had committed huge karma. The papers seemed to have included all my offenses and the karma I accumulated.

In my current lifetime, I have problems with my hearing and eyesight. Sometimes I have misunderstood people because of my poor hearing, and people laughed at me. I found that when I could not hear well in my left ear, my right ear had no problem, and vice versa. This way it hasn't brought much inconvenience to my life. My eyesight decreased dramatically when I was at the university. I feared that I would lose my eyesight and cried a lot. After I started to practice Falun Dafa, my eyesight recovered a bit. Now I realize that my problems with my hearing and eyesight have something to do with the karma I accumulated.

The golden ear pick removed my old karmic debts. I saw that there was an old God on every paper. When I looked further down, I found that it was an old machine that was running with old settings. A righteous God put those old papers into a rubbish bag and sent it to another dimension for destruction.

Master's Law Bodies Remove Bad Substances

I saw Master smiling and watching me compassionately. My heart felt warm, and I thanked Master sincerely. I realized that when I am practicing the exercises, I am with Master, and it is indeed to be highly treasured.

I saw that Master's law bodies were at my back and on my left side when I was doing the fourth set of exercises. When my hands were circling around my feet, I saw Master's law body adjusting my lumbar vertebrae and removing the black substances there for me. My lumbar vertebrae became transparent instantly.

I felt very calm while doing the sitting meditation with the new music. The music went directly into the microscopic level of my body. I experienced the state of emptiness and nothingness. I saw my own golden body and a glittering joint at my shoulder. Then I saw the black substance of notions enter into my body. Several righteous Gods appeared instantly and destroyed it. For the whole hour of the sitting meditation, I experienced a serenity that I never had before. I saw the golden hairpin glittering. I saw Master compassionately looking at our practitioners and saying: “I am lifting you up!”

My cultivation state was very good after I finished doing the exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts. I saw a golden being come out of the golden hairpin. He stood on the left-hand side of the hairpin and went back after I finished sending forth righteous thoughts. When I was memorizing the book Zhuan Falun, he came out again. I asked him with my mind intent if he also studied the Fa. He said: “I am different from you. I am a being born in the Fa. Master has asked me to help you.”

Sometimes I can see him and know his thoughts. He can see a lot of things. He was surprised that so many bad things were interfering with practitioners and how hard it was to cultivate in Dafa. He saw what my vows were.

One day I had a conversation with him. I asked him if he had anything to say to me.

He said: “Cultivation is not easy because the environment is evil. You'd better watch your every thought. You don't know what tribulations and troubles you will come across. Actually, you bear only the minimum. Master bears most of them for you. Master has opened a new era for you. I have reviewed your cultivation journey and found that nobody could succeed in cultivation or cultivate if Master didn't strengthen them. Master's boundless compassion and omnipotent divine power protects you so that you can cultivate and have a golden path.”

He continued, “The vows you made when you descended layer after layer were in the thousands, and Master helped you complete them. The debts you owed during this process were huge, and Master helped you repay them. Master has solved the unsolvable problems for you since the three realms were established. If you are in the Fa, Master can solve any problem for you. You have left your footprints in this great era. What you have achieved is a manifestation of Master's power and his sacrifice. Your cultivation path was arranged by Master. Master completed what you have owed now and in the past.”

While practicing the third exercise, I saw a frame on the wall facing me. Inside was the book Zhuan Falun. The pages were turned one by one. Then other Dafa books appeared one by one, and the frames outside dropped one by one. The frames became thinner and thinner. I saw that a golden being was about to come out. As I understand it, Dafa practitioners are being purified in their cultivation and breaking through those “frames” that trapped them. Practitioners are getting more and more close to their original nature.

While doing the second exercise, I felt that my arms were surrounded by clusters of flowers. I saw beautiful fairies dancing around my arms. On another occasion, I saw spiral drills working on my ears and then two drills twisted together and worked on my throat. I knew it was a good thing. I knew that I will see other scenes in the future. What I have seen so far is only a tiny fraction of what Master has given to us.