(Minghui.org) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner from Kolkata, India. I would like to share the changes that I experienced after I decided to begin practicing Falun Dafa three months ago.

A brief history about my life will throw some light on my reason to share a part of my ongoing journey towards finding my true self.

I was born in a middle class family in India, where people try to balance spirituality and luxury. During my school days I was a very angry person. I had no friends. Someone introduced me to healing and meditation back then. This was something new and extraordinary, and I started feeling special. I used to do dedicated healing, and meditate for hours. I felt that I was growing.

My grandfather passed away a few years later, which left me weak and frustrated. To overcome my depression, I started focusing more on my spiritual journey. I always wanted to walk the unknown path and explore new ways of living. I came across a mind training program and joined it. Again, it was all about healing, positivity, and meditation. I had by this time become quite popular because of my so-called “ability” to heal. But the methods did not work the same way every time.

I felt in my heart that I had still not found my true purpose, and I was not feeling the bliss even after being happy and positive. I started following Buddhist and Tao teachings, and I felt that I could understand things more clearly.

Almost 31 years of my life had passed. I stopped healing as I felt it did not solve the true purpose of human existence. I felt that I could do everything that people claim after learning mind training, but what I lacked was a Master who would guide me towards my true purpose in life.

One day I came across an article on Falun Dafa on my Facebook page. I was instantly attracted to it and read the article and searched the Internet. I explored the Falun Dafa webpage and found contact information for a local practitioner. He helped me by asking me to read the books Zhuan Falun and Falun Gong.

As I started reading I instantly felt connected to the book. I read both of the books in a very short span of time. I was not only able to read but also to feel a lot of things that were written in the books.

When I started with the exercises, I felt the circular motion below my abdomen, and I could climb stairs without losing my breath. I felt very light and could walk for a longer distance without feeling exhausted. At work, I could handle situations more calmly instead of getting angry, as I realized that these situations are all arranged for our cultivation. I also felt gratitude towards people who helped me cultivate by creating situations to challenge my tolerance.

I found it quite easy to relate to the secrets of the Fa that Master shared. These secrets were the answers to questions I had been asking for a long time.

Studying the Fa made me realize why I decided to give up healing and also why I had some supernormal abilities at different phases of my life.

Studying the Fa that Master has shared with us is truly a foundation on the road to our true selves.