Memorizing the Fa During Group Study

About two years ago I joined a Fa-study group that diligently recited a few paragraphs of the Fa before regular Fa study time began. Since then, I have also started to memorize the Fa with the group.

Many years ago I spent time reciting the Fa by myself after removing my fear that memorizing was difficult. I could only recite sentence by sentence or a few sentences at a time. I wasn't able to fluently recite a whole paragraph. Now we recite the Fa together from memory in the group, which makes me seize the time to memorize the Fa during my daily Fa-study.

I have benefited a great deal from reciting the Fa for the past two years. First, this helps me concentrate, because usually when studying the Fa together, we only read one sentence at a time. If you are absent-minded, you will miss that sentence; in fact, you haven’t learned this sentence. To recite the Fa, you have to repeat every sentence many times until you remember it.

Second, my attachments, such as laziness and not doing my best at work, have been exposed in the process of reciting the Fa. Because of my inability to be strict with myself, I sometimes lack diligence in my work. Since these attachments have been revealed, I will eliminate them as I continue to cultivate.

Memorizing the Fa has also taught me how to truly cultivate and led me to discover my shortcomings. I feel that Zhuan Falun tells us how to cultivate our character, and so it seems that my character should thus be improved.

Now in my daily work and life, whenever I encounter a problem, Master’s Fa will immediately appear in my mind, which guides me in genuine cultivation. I am gradually learning to examine my every thought.

When confronted with problems in daily life and work, I find that they are caused by my own attachments after quickly looking inward. I also feel that my understandings of Fa principles has improved. Master has said:

“[During a conflict, if you can remember:]“He’s right,And I’m wrong,””(“Who's Right, Who's Wrong” from Hong Yin III)

Clarifying the Truth with Fellow Practitioners

I have joined a truth-clarifying group. Every weekend, we go out to clarify the truth by making phone calls. We have experienced a great deal.

All of us are diligent both in studying the Fa and cultivating ourselves. Their diligence has helped me a lot. They have been clarifying the truth for many years using mobile phones. One of them (whom I call “Auntie”) lives alone. She devotes herself to cultivation. Every day she studies the Fa, clarifies the truth, and helps other practitioners download information from the Internet. She always feels that she doesn’t have enough time.

Along with other fellow practitioners, every time Auntie goes out, she is able to put herself in a state where she can save sentient beings wholeheartedly, and she can persuade many people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

We inevitably encounter inclement weather sometimes, but nothing can stop us from saving people. Even if it rains the day before and the ground is wet and damp or the surroundings are dirty and muddy, my fellow practitioners are not at all affected. I did have a fear of such filth. Fortunately, I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate this attachment. With the encouragement of my fellow practitioners, every time we go out, I gain something.

On several occasions, there were people passing by where we were making calls to clarify the truth. When this happened, I started to worry, fearing that others would hear my conversation. The attachment of fear surfaced and I couldn't continue. Then I looked at my fellow practitioners, who were concentrating on speaking. Compared to them, I was so far behind in my efforts to clarify the truth.

I have realized that it is a sacred thing to save people by clarifying the truth and it is closely related to the cultivation of our character. Only when our level is upgraded, can we speak with enough power to dispel the evil factors behind people so that they can be saved.

I wrote this sharing to discover any gaps between my fellow practitioners and me so that I can walk well on my cultivation path. Please kindly point out anything improper. Thank you, Master, for not giving up on me. I also thank my fellow practitioners for their unselfish help.