(Minghui.org) With the Mid-Autumn Festival right around the corner, many Falun Dafa practitioners in China have sent in their greetings to wish Master Li Hongzhi a happy holiday.

The practitioners thanked Master Li for introducing Falun Dafa to the world and for enabling them to follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to be a better person.

Many of the practitioners credit Falun Dafa for returning them to health and bringing hope to their lives. Having had firsthand experiences with Falun Dafa, they have held firm in their faith despite the Chinese communist regime's persecution of the spiritual discipline during the past 19 years.

A group of practitioners in Gansu Province wrote, “We are so fortunate to have been given the chance to practice Falun Dafa. We thank Master Li for His compassionate salvation. The tumultuous world cannot move our heart. We are going against the tide as people are losing their moral compass.”

An elderly farmer in Sichuan Province thanked Master Li for turning him from an invalid to a healthy man who now does farm work without any trouble. A 82-year-old woman recounted how she recovered from arthritis, stomach problems, and other ailments by practicing Falun Dafa. Despite being illiterate before, she is now able to read all of Master Li's teachings.

Many of the well wishers are from the same Fa-study groups or families. They have been practicing Falun Dafa for many years and they vow to be more diligent in their cultivation.

The greetings came from the following regions:

BeijingGutian City and Pucheng County of Fujian ProvinceQionghai City of Hainan ProvinceBaoding City, Pingshan County and Shijiangzhuang City of Hebei ProvinceTianshui City of Gansu ProvinceHeyuan Region and Zijin County of Guangdong ProvinceAnda City, Fuyu County, Jiamusi City of Heilongjiang ProvinceYichang City of Hubei ProvinceNanjing City, Xuzhou City and Yancheng City of Jiangsu ProvinceFushun City of Liaoning ProvinceGolmud and Huzhu County of Qinghai ProvinceLinqing City, Zhaoyuan City and Zibo City of Shandong ProvinceShanghaiChengdu City, Deyang City, Xichang City, Liangshan City and Nanchong City of Sichuan ProvinceKunming City of Yunnan ProvinceHangzhou City and Ningbo City of Zhejiang Province