(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Ma Yongju from Liupanshui City in Guizhou Province, was arrested by police in August 2018. She was released after being detained for about a week. Unknown drugs were added to her meals during her detention.

Ms. Ma was arrested on August 21. She was interrogated at the Zhongshan Police Station until 11 p.m. Officer Hu Yi from the Liupanshui City Domestic Security Division and a female officer whose name is unknown participated in the interrogation.

They tried to take Ms. Ma's picture and a blood sample as well as have her get a physical checkup. Ms. Ma refused to cooperate. She was taken to the city detention center that night.

Ms. Ma was jailed separately at the detention center. A police officer and an official in a white gown delivered her meals to her. The warden, surnamed Long, ordered that drugs be added to her food. She developed low body temperature and chills, numbness, nervousness, and heart palpitations after the meals. She also heard a continual buzzing in her ears.

Ms. Ma was released on August 29.