(Minghui.org) Until recently, I was not clear about the old forces' goal of reckless interference during the Fa-rectification.

For example, my niece has talked about divorce many times. Quite a few people tried to stop her, but she did not listen. She said, “I don't care what the divorce brings —I just know I have to win.”

Her remark made me realize that her attitude was similar to the old forces' rationale, namely achieving one's own agenda. On the surface, she wanted her husband to change himself in all aspects, even at the price of destroying the family. She appears to act on behalf of her husband, but in reality, it serves as her own agenda—having a “perfect” husband who meets her expectation in terms of fame, material interests, and sentimentality.

My niece complained about her husband's problems. Thus, I thought that divorce may not be a bad idea in this situation; at least it gives the husband a lesson to recognize the consequences of his actions.

However, after thinking deeper about this issue, I realized the correct solution comes from changes within ourselves, instead of punishing the other person.

On the other hand, if anyone has such a mentality towards Dafa disciples, he or she could cause interference for the Fa-rectification. When such a rationale persists, it will create the mindset of “helping” others while in reality causing a real loss.

Master said,

“As I mentioned earlier, the reason some people were made to lose their lives was to have others see it—it was meant for their cultivation. That was how the old forces arranged it.” (“2018 Fa Teaching Given in Washington, D.C.”)

In order to correct others, the old forces would rather see Dafa practitioners die. In fact, I also have this mindset towards other practitioners and everyday people at times. It lacks the compassion and tolerance a Dafa practitioner should have. Adhering to this rationale by the old forces, how can I assist Master with the Fa-rectification?

Occasionally I have one thought, “Such and such a practitioner has not done well and always refuses to change. It may lead to persecution.” I even thought this is what Master wants.

If vicious elements at lower levels see this thought, they may have more excuses to persecute Dafa practitioners. If I and other practitioners have a similar understanding, we could unwittingly cause trouble for the Fa-rectification. If this continues until the Fa-rectification finishes, it would disintegrate with the old cosmos.

When seeing other practitioners not doing well, we need to think of how to improve our ownxinxing.