(Minghui.org) Our whole family has had pleasant and happy days since my wife started practicing Falun Gong in 1997.

As the husband of a practitioner, I know first-hand that practicing Dafa only benefits people and does no harm, and I support my wife in her practice. I appreciate Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong, and Dafa deeply from my heart.

Prior to taking up the practice, my wife, 54, was arrogant and conceited. She looked down on others. She thought herself superior to other people. She bossed me and my son around at home. She would be furious if we did anything not up to her standards. The whole family was in a bad mood.

My wife has gradually changed since she began to practice Falun Gong more than 20 years ago. She no longer gossips about her colleagues at home. She quietly does the housework. If my son or I point out something she has done wrong, she responds politely and cheerfully.

She has become kinder and healthier. She has been highly praised in our family, in the neighborhood, and at work. Through her changes, people know that Falun Dafa is good. They do not believe the propaganda in the news and television media.

These examples illustrate the changes in my wife. My sisters and I had had bad habits. We never helped our mother do housework even though she was not healthy. We took her for granted. My wife also followed our example and did not help my mother at all.

After she became a practitioner, my wife started to help my mother cook meals and clean the house. She treated my mother as her own. After dinner, she washed dishes every day before she left for work.

My mother died three years ago. We hired someone to take care of my father. But we still felt that he was a bit lonely, so I went to his home to give him company in the evening. Every day I leave my wife at home alone and stay with my father until he falls asleep. She would not let me do so if she were not a practitioner.